Victor's Barbeque & Lechon

McArthur Highway, Tarlac City, Tarlac

Victor's Barbeque & Lechon
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Mindy M.
3.0 Stars

On the Table:
Pork Barbeque on Stick P25
I like my pork barbeque with the gooey fat. This doesnt have any. It's pure meat. I find it boring. What's good though is that you get hints of the char grill. Makes the flavour rustic. 128077128077

Chicken Barbeque P50
The chicken barbeque is tad bland. Without the sweet peppery sauce poured over the chicken, I wouldnt have eaten the chicken at all. 128077

Pork Sisig P140
I like my pork sisig crunchy and creamy and Victor's version of sisig is totally opposite. 128532 The pork shoulders and ears was boiled and sauteed and chopped and then served. I wanted it double fried to have texture. My husband is saying that this is the authentic way of cooking sisig. It also has lots of onions. I didnt like it at all. 128077128077128077

What I appreciated in the resto is how quick the crew are to respond to customer needs. They are always ready to take orders and grant customer asks. I am also impressed with how our server was able to accurately take our orders even without having to read back the orders to us. He was also honest in informing us that the litson manok (different from chicken barbeque) will take 30 minutes before serving. Reason why we changed to Chicken Barbeque.

I know that Victor's have been in the industry for some time and I would love to see improvement in the food place.
- Chairs and tables need to be upgraded. The table covers have faded. The chairs' cushion has depleted. Doesnt have to be expensive furniture. A monoblock set would have answered the ask. The customers doesnt need to wonder how old these are.
The place has to get a makeover, please.

Overall verdict
I would recommend dining at Victor's if you are on a budget as the food is really affordable. It also has good location, a place where you can drop by if you are hungry and have no time to scout for food shops. The place is big enough to cater to groups as well.

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Kawaii T.
4.0 Stars

Still the best inihaw in town for me. Tenga and sisig are still my favorites!

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

Absolutely the best sisig that I have ever tried.
They make it in front of you!
You pick the parts of the pork that you want them to make a sisig of.
And they make it with absolutely nothing else but salt and pepper and garlic and onion and calamansi.
That's it!
No mayonnaise, no egg, not in a sizzling plate, none of that hullabaloo!

And it's so awesome! Aaaaahhhhhhh! I love it!
BTW, I've been coming here for 15 years too. 128525

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Mimi F.
5.0 Stars

D best ang sisig and lechon manok! And price is affordable.

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Ena S.
5.0 Stars

Ugh! So many Filipino Resto along the highway but THIS! Is the most famous of all. Even the celebrities would rather go at this restaurant. 128525128525128525

When you are about to leave the Tarlac City or if your tummy feels the hunger, I highly recommend this place. Sobrang sulit! Mura na Busog ka pa! :))

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Felice V.
3.0 Stars

Food is okay! BBQ with ketchup!

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Mito Branderburgh D.
4.0 Stars

Happy tummy. Must try the yummy grilled chicken

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Alex O.
2.0 Stars

On our way back from Baguio, my friend Jet C told me to make a pit stop at Victor's along McArthur Highway, before turning left for Hacienda Luisita towards SCTEX.

Victor's is a road side carinderia that has grown into a full fledged restaurant, now with an air-con room (plus P50 table charge). He mentioned this is a favorite foodie stop known for its sisig.

I ordered their recommended items, as per their menu:

128073 Lechon Manok (P200)- With Aida's in Bacolod as my peg, I would have to say this was mediocre. Dry and lacking in flavor and aroma that I was look for in an inasal.

128073 Sisig (P130)- With Aling Lucing in Angeles as my peg, this was also dry and lacking in flavor. It serves its sisig uniquely though. Instead of a sizzling plate, they boil the pork's cheeks, grill it, then chopped it together with onions. It wasn't oily, but not tasty too.

Well, the prices are cheap, and if your hungry, it still is tummy filling. But will I make the stop again, most likely not, sorry Jet C.

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Jet C.
4.0 Stars

For those traveling north this is a must stop over trip. We make it a point to eat here. Really good sisig, not fried, lots of onions. Love it. Also try their chicken and barbecue. It's a huge place with parking. No aircon no frills. HOT. pet friendly.
Just good ole food. For some reason their service has no system but orders are accurate and fast enough. Yummmmm

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