Villa Alfredo's Resort

Baliti Rd., San Fernando City, Pampanga

Villa Alfredo's Resort
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Jacqui T.
4.0 Stars

Ralph, my husband, was asked by his best friend and colleague if we can come to their Dental Clinic Outing. It will be on Pampanga and since I was so stressed and burned-out already at work, I filed a VL immediately and advised hubby that we’ll join the outing.

The Villa Alfredo resort is one of the public resorts in Pampanga. The place was very spacious, it has 90 rooms and 6 pools. They also have an aviary of exotic birds, botany gardens and marine aquariums. Their rooms were very spacious yet very affordable. We rented a room (almost a house) with 3 rooms - 2 floors with front garage and unlimited karaoke for only 7500.00 pesos. I can't believe that it can be that cheap. It was a good place to unwind without having to spend more.

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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

We're here in ngayon..
enjoying it now, specially the wave that was just finish a while ago.. were just in cottage base...
Cottage is ok,
Pool are clean and the water is ok nmn,.

And me, I got a stalker 128513128513128513 which is one of the lifeguard 128514128514 who even followed me when I showered ..good thing I am wearing a cloth..

200-entrance 3ft.and above
150 2.5 ft.below...

Pool 2.5 ft for kiddos and feeling kiddos haha

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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

I never thought that I would have fun with public resorts. 128516

Villa Alfredo's resort is located in San Fernando Pampanga. The resort is huge and covers wide lot area. They have 12 pools, from kids to adult, 2ft to 5.6ft. Each pool is situated within the resort equally and easy to reached. Every pool is surrounded with plants and trees. They have giant slide and wave pool too. 128077🏼 They have wide choices of cottages and rooms.

We stayed at the Family Villa, this is an exclusive place for family or group of friends. It was a 2-storey house-like accommodation that can shelter 16-20 persons. It has two toilets and 8 queen size beds. It had a dining area too, with refrigerator, sink and gas stove for cooking. There's a veranda where you and your family can stay and make tambay. 128516 Exclusive parking for villa occupants is provided too! I really enjoyed our villa, we all felt at home!

They have aviary! For a minimum addtional fee of Php30.00, you can enjoy and have pictures with gecko, snakes and lots of birds --- super colorful birds! 128522 it will be great for your kiddos!

They also have a mini zoo, where you can see the ostrich, beautiful peacocks and more birds! This is free for all! 128522128076🏽

Family Villa costs around Php8000.00 and entrance fee for overnight swimming is Php200.00. I think this is very affordable!

I never imagined that this beautiful place exist! I will be back! 12852510084

You should visit this place soon! 128516128513 you will not regret it! I promise OR your money back. Hahaha lol just kiddin 128516128514128516128514

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Jeric D.
1.0 Stars

Very bad service. Room service staff are very sarcastic and rude. Prices are quite expensive for such quality room and resort. Here's our P3,500 room smells like plywood,broken air con vents, full of mosquitos, cable tv not working and noisy crowd. Not our expected weekend province relaxation. I guess we just headed in the wrong place.

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Brandon B.
4.0 Stars

Villa Alfredo's is actually a very nice place for the money! The rooms are decent and of course the more you pay the nicer it is. It's a good place for family get together a or for friends to have fun. I think they are currently renovating some amenities so it should be better soon 128513

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Paula C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Karla L.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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