Villa Caridad Hotel

National Highway, Maddela, Quirino

Villa Caridad Hotel
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Marjorie G.
3.0 Stars

I looked through the glass wall and saw the non-operational swimming pool with water the color of moss, the water slides all dusty and in badly need of a paint job, ant the walkway covered with grime. The swimming pool, much like the rest of Villa Caridad Resort and Restaurant is suffering from great neglect. I imagined how it looked like during its heyday, and wondered about the circumstances that has led to its current state.

I had no other reason for choosing Villa Caridad for our Quirino accommodation other than the fact that a friend stayed there. He didn't exactly give the place a recommendation either. For the dorm room, it's only PHP 200/head a night. I say that's not a bad deal.

Given the fact that it's so cheap I managed my expectations. My reasoning is, we only needed a place to sleep in and we'd be out for the better part of our stay so we don't really need a first-class accommodation. Even so, I still wasn't prepared by the amount of inconveniences that we had. First, they put us in an outbuilding where the dorm rooms are. It wasn't anything like the hostels; in fact our room had one bunk bed and a double-bed. There is only one shared bathroom, no shower, just a small pail with a dipper that were so grimy I couldn't imagine myself using it to take a bath with. Our room had a defective lock too.

I asked the receptionist if there are any other bathrooms in which we could take a shower. Though he was smiling he flat out said that there's none. He said it without even trying if he could do anything about it. That got me frustrated and I couldn't accept it. Then one morning, while my friend and I were having breakfast, I overheard two people talking and they turned out to be the owners. When I saw one of them, a young woman, manning the reception just before we set out for the day's tour, I approached her and told her of our dilemma. I made the request nicely, just a decent shower area is all we were asking. She said that they would take care of it.

When we returned we'd been given a room in their apartelle at no additional cost. This room slightly looks better than the previous one and it has its own bathroom. Just like the previous room, it has a double-bed and a double-deck bed. There is a non-functional air-condition unit, but there's no electric fan either, so we had to request for it. The lady receptionist who replaced the guy from the morning shift is more eager to attend to our needs, which makes me realize that it's not that Villa Caridad has no means to make their guests comfortable, it's just that you have to ask the right people. Clearly, the morning shift guy could learn a thing or two from the night shifter lady.

As far as I'm concerned I had no problem sleeping. I also liked the peace and quiet, although there was a marriage reception in the main hall of the resort in one of the nights we were there, the event ended pretty early posing no trouble in our sleep.

I decided to create a review of this place because I would still recommend it for the following reasons:

Location - This can be found in Maddela, which is a good starting point to reach the other municipalities of Quirino.

Low rate - They have more expensive rooms, but since we didn't stay in one of those I cannot say for sure if they're any better than the one we had. For 200 pesos a night, I say that this is not a bad deal at all especially if you are on a budget.

But like I said, manage your expectations. This place is suffering from poor maintenance, though the signs of its former opulence can still be seen in the dusted decorations, rusty frames, and dilapidated infrastructure.

The swimming pool is no longer functioning due to an unrepairable leakage, according to one of the staff. The water coming from the shower and faucet smells of rust and becomes clouded in the morning. But if you are willing to ignore these things, you will be able a pretty convenient way to get around Quirino and you will also save a lot of money on accommodation.

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