Villa Escudero

Pan Philippine Highway, Tiaong, Quezon

Villa Escudero
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Adnad S.
4.0 Stars

Our first out-of-town trip way back college days! 128522

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Jacky J.
5.0 Stars

Summer time means going home in our province. My childhood was basically spent in a small town in Quezon Province. I just moved here in Metro when I entered college way back n years. HAHA! So last Saturday, my family suddenly decided to go to Villa Escudero. (FYI. Haven’t been there even tho it was just 20-25 mins away from home. It was my first time). I travelled all the way from Manila and just met them on the entrance. So if you are coming from Manila (Cubao or Buendia area) ride a bus going to Lucena/Dalahican/Grand Terminal and tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Villa Escudero. My fair was about 153php (From Cubao) to be exact. Be cautious on crossing the highway. From the highway as the entrance, there were some tricycle going inside the Villa Escudero proper. Sorry, I wasn’t able to ask for the price. From the highway entrance, travel time is around 5-10 min. Upon arriving, there was a welcome drink-small cup of iced tea- not bad as a thirst quencher. My tito already paid for all the expenses, 1,600 per person, inclusive of food and tour in the whole place. Our lola tagged along so we had 20% senior citizen discount. Yay! 

We arrived at around 1:30 - quite late for a day tour - and since it was a spontaneous trip, I was not properly dressed!!! See pictures for details. Haha. So from reception area, we walked towards the park where the carabao cart was parked. Before riding the cart, we had some picture taking at DLTB, old mode of transportation in the area. Since there were a lot of tourists, our carabao cart ride was shared with them up until the cart was filled. Riding also with us was the staffs who serenaded us with old folk songs like Paruparong Bukid and another one which i can't recall haha. Alighting the cart, we directly went to waterfalls to have our late lunch. I travelled from Manila pa so I was freaking hungry. Hooray for buffet!! However, going down the falls was a struggle because of my lola. She can barely walk so I accompanied her to the nearest area from the waterfalls entrance.The falls was man-made so the current was relatively strong. We were lucky that our neighbor who worked there was on duty that day so she assisted us. I left nanay for a while to get her some food (food were prepared in the middle of the falls) and voila - came back with a lot of food! Didn't take indivudual photo of food too paranoid that my phone might fall haha. But the food were great -Sinigang na hipon, inihaw na liempo and tilapia, kalderetang baka, chicken inasal, ensaladang talong, kamote cue and lots of fruits. Having our late lunch, we proceeded with the cultural show. The show was amazing. There were great performances, showcasing different cultures from other parts of the country. Before every performance, the origin of the dance was explained. Show was about ~1 hour. There were also different stores such as the souvenir shops and coffee shop within the cultural show area. We didn't buy any souvenirs since we're also from the area. I think these shops were made for those tourists who plan to stay overnight. Moving on, Nearby was the man-made lake. My brother and I were able to try bamboo rafting. To be honest, the raft was hard to control. You have to really control the paddle along with your partner. Ang hirap besh. Kaloka but enjoy naman.
Again, Since I didn’t come prepared, wala akong dalang swimsuit (swimsuit talaga?? Or kahit rash guard if ayaw nyo umitim). The swimming pools were inviting. Super ganda ng pools. So to move our attention away from the pools, we went back near the reception area where we had to ride the carabao cart again. For our last stop before going home, we went to museum. The museum was full of relics of different saints. There were mostly old stuff - from clothes to guns- of the Escudero family. No picture taking inside the museum, sorry mga besh. It was almost 5 pm when we went there so it was closing already but we were able to see all things inside the museum. After that tiring day, we went home.

My verdict:

Price: Pricey for Php 1600.00/Day tour because maybe we were not able to maximize it since we came in late. That was inclusive of all the facilities and the highlight was lunch by the waterfall. Yung buffet yung nagdala besh!

Facilities: The place was amazing. From the reception area to lunch by the waterfall to museum. It is one with the nature. Very-Filipino yung dating nya. The place was so refreshing even when the temperature was high.  

Location: It was 3-4 hours away from Manila depends on the traffic if you are riding a bus. If you have your own car, it can take you around 2-3 hours but still depends on the traffic syempre. Our usual travel time from Marikina is 2-3 hours on a Sunday morning.

Staffs: They were very welcoming. Sobrang baet nila. They are very willing to assist you and answer your questions about the place. They were dressed in Filipiniana dresses and kamiso chino for men.

Super enjoy naman. I really enjoyed the rafting kahit sobrang struggle and ang init kasi that was 3—ish in the afternoon ata. Atleast na-experience ko yun. There were safety measures, life vest and some reminders during your rafting.

Please remember: Wear summer/comfortable clothes. Be early to maximize your stay. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

P.S. they also have overnight stay. Rate overnight depends on the room. They have peak off season so prices go down during these months. For further information, visit their page Please visit the place. it’s one of a kind. You’ll enjoy your stay.


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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

So happy to experience the allure of Philippine country life at Villa Escudero last October 28, 2017 with my fam and uncle and auntie .

If you want to experience the Filipino culture at its best visit this place . We avail their day tour and rented a van going here .Travel time is approximately 2 and half hour depends on traffic .

Day tour cost around 1,500 depends on the day you will visit. We were given a welcome drinks 127863 upon arrival . Then we had the museum tour. Carabao ride is an experience here I will never forget and the lunch buffet at the waterfalls 128166 loved the food served at the buffet area ;, very Filipino . It’s best to eat ng naka-kamay🖐 . You can also use some outdoor recreational activities . There is a swimming pool and we rented a bike there 128690: My family enjoyed the trip .

Also tried their Halo-Halo here and the Mais Con Yelo while waiting to watch for the cultural show:

Their is an official photographer and we avail all of the photos , bought also magnet , keychain, mug and tshirt at souvenir shop.

Too bad I wasn’t able to try the bamboo rafting .

Overall experience is 1108811088110881108811088

I think this is a place you must visit especially this summer 127774

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Karla R.
5.0 Stars

I absolutely enjoyed our overnight staycation in Villa Escudero. We learned how the place itself
promotes Filipino culture.

1. Folk Dance
We witnessed the different folk dance that showed Filipino dances from the spanish time and how it evolved through time.

2. Filipino Food from All Regions in the Philippines
Villa Escudero served a lot of dishes with coconut--- I even got to try coconut pancit and it was good. They also showed a lot of local delicacies from neighboring provinces.

3. The Heritage museum--- it was indeed interesting. The collection of things were just amazing! I feel like it holds more valuable things than other bigger museums but becuase we were given feedback of what the collection was about--- it was truly marvelous. My favorite was a painting that seemed simple at first, until you look through a magnifying glass and realize that it's the whole new testament. It was amazing.
4. Lunch at Labasin--- THis really reminds me of a typical Filipino family outing by the river where you eat in banana leaves and using your hands. I feel this just brings better conversations and family bonding sessions. The food is also good--- right by the waterfalls.

5. The Swimming pool--- They have 3 pools--- for kids and 2 for adults--- One with a jacuzzi. Of course, choose where you want to stay. It was quiet when we were there and we enjoyed just laying by the pool.

6. I experienced being picked up by an old BLTB van as well as riding a carabao driven carriage while moving around--- things that are truly Filipino.

7. The sorbet is soooooo GOOOD! I loved it.

I really enjoyed our stay in Villa Escudero. We stayed in the long house! IF I had the choice I would have extended another day. Oh wait, did I mention, the sunset here was amazing.

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Keisha R.
4.0 Stars

(swipe right for more pictures)

Villa escudero was an unforgettable experience! you get to explore the amazing hacienda escudero by riding their 24 hour e-jeep and carabao ride with serenade. you get to do stuff by the river like fishing and water rafting! you could also use their swimming pools and jacuzzi.
The museum was also an amazing experience! you would see preserved animals you have never seen ever in your life like the sarimanok, monkey eating eagle, etc... you could also see the works of rizal, and the clothes worn by the past presidents from emilio aguinaldo to erap estrada.
and Lastly, the highlight of the tour, unlimited lunch buffet by the waterfalls/hydraulic dam: the idea of it was pretty cool, and the view was also amazing! but frankly, the food wasn't really that good, despite that it was a buffet, i never came back to refill my plate. Dinner and breakfast by the pavillion was also not that good. the experience would've been more unforgettable for the tourists if the food was nice. but overall, i would give it a 4/5 for a fun and relaxing adventure!

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Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

Whenever I have balikbayan relatives and friends visiting our country. They always want to visit Villa Escudero. I had never visited this famous resort until last week. Although it’s a tourist spot that’s so easy to visit. 128517

We went on a sunday so there was a lot of people mostly foreigners. It’s best to arrive ‪at around ‬9am. A day trip entrance fee of 1,400PHP for weekends and 1,250PHP for weekdays (This does not include an overnight stay)
Upon arriving at the reception they gave us a welcome drink (gulaman) and then Hop on the carabao ride. It was a short ride but it was nice. (Manong at the back plays the guitar while singing a Filipino song.)

One-hour visit to the Memorial Museum was fun and interesting. No Photos inside the museum But this church turned Museum has quite a collection of floats used in religious processions, and many many religious statues. items such as Philippine currency/money,  local costumes, Spanish-inspired furniture, paintings, handwritten letters of the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal,  paintings,  stuffed animals, butterfly collections, etc. It’s both an educational and nostalgic trip for the young and adults. The statues to be found there may not look so appealing but they showcase many Filipino lifestyles and traditions.

Then we went to the Waterfall restaurant area for lunch. We ate on a banana leaf plate. *feeling the province vibes* Drinks was not included so we ordered fresh buko for 60PHP. They also have softdrinks and pineapple juice.

Dining with the sparkling man-made waterfall backdrop and refreshing spring water running over our feet made it even more interesting. Though it is common to see photos where the glittering waterfall is the setting for a photo shoot, we still did the same. Perhaps no one leaves this place without a photo where the waterfalls serve as a backdrop. I can no longer recall how many photos and videos *boomerang* we took at that spot.
After A lot of *Photo-Session* 128557 We just flop and bathe under the falls then went to the Cultural show‪.‬ It was a series of dance showcasing the Philippines’ rich culture and ethnicity. the performers wore Filipino inspired costumes. It was a well-performed dance accompanied by the resort’s own rondalla ensemble and musicians. I Enjoyed the show but My eyes however were already on the river. *excited for the bamboo rafting* 128514

Bamboo rafting was my favorite among all the activities. It was a very hot day but it was fun. We paddled our way through this lake under the direct but bearable sun’s rays. Me and my Mom never paddled a bamboo raft before, or even a canoe, yet somehow we enjoyed the experience. For 40minutes, I enjoyed the lake and the rich vegetation. The *Kuya* Employee told me that basin Lake is a narrow lake which was created by the Labasin hydroelectric dam.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming and again *eating&&drinking* at the cafe.

For Overnight : Each villa by the lake is made of bamboo, has a veranda, a room with 2 beds and an aircon for when you still feel the humidity despite of what the nature's air brings. They also have a non airconditioned room. Each villa also has a hammock and a small dining area and a pantry for the foods and drinks.

Directions: How to get to Villa Escudero is easy. One must take SLEX and exit to Lucena, Batangas exit. Then turn left to the Sto Tomas junction. Straight ahead by passing the towns of San Pablo and Alaminos. Slow down after crossing the Quezon boarder arch and the resort is just a few hundred meters on the left side.

It was okay in general for me. Foreigners/tourists will surely love this place.

All in all, Villa Escudero is a nice and great place to visit. Whether for a day tour or you plan on staying overnight, there’s lots of things to do.


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Dannix B.
4.0 Stars

All i can say is, this place is a paradise 127802

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

It has been quite a while since the last time I visited Villa Escudero. I still remember how insistent my grandmother was to visit that place. She couldn't travel far as she was very sick. But she wanted her birthday to be memorable and be exactly how she wanted it to be.

After almost 2.5 hours of driving, we finally managed to reach the place. My aunt already made the necessary arrangements and after taking a few photos, we rode the cart pulled by a carabao and headed to the falls for lunch.

It was slightly drizzling that day so we had to make sure that my grandmother was well covered before we head down. We were assisted by the guys at the resort/restaurant and carried my grandmother’s wheel chair with my frail grandmother on it.

We didn’t eat where our feet gets soak as my grandmother’s wheel chair is not meant or designed for that. But we experienced having water flow through our ankles when we got our food from the buffet tables located on the foot of the falls.

Food was simple but good. I think the ambiance also played a huge part. It was a really lovely lunch with the family.

After lunch, we took some family photos with the falls as our background and then headed to the cultural center to watch some performances. By this time, my grandmother was already becoming irritable so we had to head back to the parking lot for her to take a nap.

We just waited for the others in the car as they still went to the museum.

We left the place around 4 p.m. and that was my grandmother’s last birthday.

This place will forever be a special place for me.

(I wanted to post one with my grandmother but I want to remember her in her healthy state so, here's a healthy me instead.)

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Archieval M.
3.0 Stars

Went to Villa Escudero a couple of years ago with my former officemates. Day tour was enough to check the whole place. You will be riding in a carriage with a carabao pulling you joined by a guitarist and singer singing some pinoy folk songs. One of the highlights of the day tour is the Museum. Buffet lunch was served at the man-made falls. The flowing water in your feet while you are eating is so relaxing. I actuallt want to swim there already. Lol. There is also a small swimming pool in the vicinity near the cottages. We swam for a bit and they also have big changing rooms/cr. Before we end the day, we rented the bicycles and tried to check the other parts of Villa Escudero.

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Catherine C.
5.0 Stars

Another review for Villa Escudero.

One of the best attractions for me was the traditional Carabao cart ride which will lead you to the main spot of Villa Escudero. (Waterfalls). The staff will serenade you singing our traditional songs. And to complete the whole performance they're wearing baro't saya, making you feel you're in a different era. 128525128522128077

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Catherine C.
4.0 Stars

Rafting using native Bamboo rafts.

Villa escudero, San Pablo city, Laguna 128513

Don't mind the sun exposure. 9728️ #EnjoyKayaking!
Please be cautious.
The river is 30ft deep.
No swimming allowed! 1285139996

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Villa Escudero Part 2

We first visited this place last March 2014 and hubby enjoyed the provincial quiet life so we decided to come back here with our friends.

It was an hour and half drive from Alabang to Quezon – such a short ride for our sweet escape to the busy and crowded place of Manila.

We got to pay 2780 for each adult (6 adults), 1390 for the 8-year old kid and nothing for the 2-year old kid. We were assigned to their River unit and our overnight package includes a buffet lunch at the waterfalls, dinner and breakfast buffet, free access to the swimming pool, basketball, tennis court and other activities like rafting and bird watching. They have Cultural show for the guests every weekend after lunch too.

Upon reaching their place, we were welcomed by their staff dressed in traditional clothing with glasses of “gulaman” for refreshment. A Carabao ride on our way to our cottage was such a good experience too as they serenade us with some folk songs. LSS: Mahal kita, mahal kita… 128525

We all loved the simplicity of life here. Come and visit this place if you think you need relax. Nice for a weekend away from Manila. 128077128077128077

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Michelle M.
3.0 Stars's ok. It's no Disneyland but it was a good place to bring my cousin who finally came back to visit after 23 years! He on the other hand was like a kid in a candy store.

We went on a Thursday so there was no cultural show (shows are only on weekends). Hence the P1,200/person entrance fee versus the usual P1,400/person. Still pricey if you ask me. The price includes a welcome drink (gulaman), entrance to the museum, a carabao ride...well, a ride in a jeepney-ish thing drawn by a carabao, and a buffet lunch near a waterfall, while your feet are submerged in water.

The museum is well, interesting. You start off with religious statues/artifacts then suddenly your looking at taxidermied animals...then back to religious statues...then onto skulls and fossils, an astronaut's outfit, samurai's gear...then ending with a religious statue. Clearly the curator lacks organizational skills. While the items are interesting, there were no labels or dates on them. After the museum, a carabao ride takes you to the main area. It was a short ride but nice. Someone plays the guitar while another sings Filipino songs.

We decided to raft before eating. We were gushing at how nice it was to raft because we were the only ones out on the water! Then we quickly realized that we were the only idiots willing to raft in the 12 noon heat, hahah 128514! Rafting was fun and a great place for pics as long as you're careful not to drop your phone/camera! It's a 30ft "you're-never-getting that-back" drop.

After risking a heat stroke, we decided to cool down and eat lunch. The lunch tables and buffet are in ankle deep water and there's a waterfall backdrop so another place for beautiful photos! Onto the, unimpressive. There was a small selection and tons of flies. Drinks aren't included so be sure to bring cash.

There are other activities you can do like swimming, biking, etc. as well. On our way out, we passed by the chapel inside a residential area within the grounds. The carabao "driver" was telling us how the owners give the staff land and they are responsible for building their own house. He mentioned this has been passed on from generation to generation...which I though was kinda cool.

Overall, it was an "ok" experience. They've definitely improved the place in the last ten years but there's still much room for further improvement. However, still a great place for balikbayans, foreigners, or first timers!

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Cyrene C.
5.0 Stars

Beautiful place to hang out and eat! I enjoyed lunch. Good food, amazing view and the service was awesome!

I loved everything about this place especially when we visited the CARA PITBULL Center. Seeing those adorable rescued dogs was very heartwarming. That was the BEST part of my day! All those dogs were adorable and they're all up for adoption. Those guys deserved another chance. 128054

*I think it's not included in the usual Villa Escudero itinerary but if you guys want to visit the center, maybe email CARA Phils. first.


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Toni T.
5.0 Stars

This is a great place to spend with family. There's a museum for a touch of history, lots of green space to run around for kids, a wide playground that my son could not get enough of, a cultural show to reconnect w your roots, and best of all, the Waterfalls restaurant. As pictured above, tables are set on a flowing river. You eat with your feet submerged in the water. It's surprisingly relaxing! The staff is attentive. The place is well kept. And eating by the sound of the waterfalls is just one experience you won't forget. A lovely spot to bring Balikbayans too. :)

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Clarisse D.
5.0 Stars

Had a day tour here with the family. I'm convinced!!! This is a paradise.
Everything is worth the money.
Lunch buffet on the foot of a waterfall
Theatrical show
Museum(this is the thing you should not miss when you get to visit villa escudero!)
Carabao riding
Free sago gulaman as you visit the reception area
And of course, taking photos! Hahaha!
I love this place! Very maka-Pilipino!

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

Had a day tour here with my workmates a couple of weeks ago. We really enjoyed it 128522

For a P1,400 fee, you get to enjoy the following:

- sago gulaman welcome drink 128540
- entrance to the museum that looks like a pink church from the outside. The museum contains priceless collections of the escudero couple. Taking pictures inside the museum isn't allowed for security reasons. i did enjoy the museum tour--lots of interesting stuff.
- carabao ride going to the lunch area & other amenities
- buffet lunch near the waterfalls with ur feet drenched in water. They service decent filipino food & dessert
- cultural show which showcased various dances from different parts of the country
- use of amenities like pools & bamboo raft
- great service from very friendly & courteous staff128077

I might go back with my family one of these days 128522

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Kristian P.
3.0 Stars

at first i hesitated to take the carabao ride because i think it's against animal right but i consider the 1,400 entrance fee so i took it anyway, my mind says take the most out of the entrance fee so i did.

The staff will welcome you upon arrival with complimentary drinks, they served us "gulaman" which is too sweet. I wish they serve fruit juice because it's more refreshing.

The line for the carabao ride was long when i was there, it took 15-20 minutes of waiting also depends on the number of visitors. A group will serenade you while on the ride which is very entertaining.

Overall i enjoyed the tour, the highlight for me is the lunch at the falls, it's a different experience for me good thing it's not that hot when we are there, the food is ok! Ordinary but good. The souvenir photos is a bit pricey though!

One thing i like about this place is that it gives a lot of job and opportunity to others and i think that's really important.

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

Overnight stay with the family.128522

We were 14- 1 baby (free), 1 kid (half the price) and 12 adults (Php. 3,730/person). Availed 3 rooms all with air con.. The rate includes lunch, dinner and breakfast. Food was okay, nothing really special- loved the breakfast the most.

Place was really big and nice. I enjoyed the museum 'cause there were lots of stuffs and collections of the escudero's in there- enjoyed reading the love letter of Don arcenio Escudero to her wife.128513128149

Activities- two of our rooms were on the river side so fishing was the first activity we did. Bamboo rafting was free- you have to wear a life vest and if you're 200lbs. Up you have to go solo. 128522 Swimming- there were 4 pools- 3 for children and 1 for adult (4 ft.-5ft.). 127946

Attractions: Museum and waterfall reataurant. We had lunch at the waterfalls restau. And it was really really REALLY HOT!!128553

It was okay in general, tourists/foreigners will love this place.

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