Villa Sofia Private Resort

158 Mutya St., Calamba, Laguna

Villa Sofia Private Resort
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Harold L.
4.0 Stars

Villa Sofia Private Resort was my block's place of choice for our Laguna outing. And to my surprise, it did not fail to amaze me.

The location itself was justifiable. There were establishments near enough for accommodation of necessities, like stores, buko pie shops, and a 7-11 The area was on the foot of a mountain, so it was a bit cool - and at least it made the whole "hot spring" thing legitimate. The road going inside was a bit challenging, though, because it wasn't as even as the main road.

The amenities itself were amazing as well. The rooms were super spacious and cool, and though only one room had their own bathroom, there were 3 bathrooms around the place, so it's alright as well. The sala area was super spacious and airy, since there were a few fans as well, and tables set up. They had a billiards table at one end of the sala, and that helped me learn how to play it. They also had a karaoke set with a loud stereo set.

Now, the pool was my personal favorite, preferably the jacuzzi pool. The water that comes from the mountains flow directly to the jacuzzi and the pool, so it is natural, but of course, they still have working filters. Swimming at night isn't as chilly to the feels since the water that flows from the jacuzzi keeps it from being a bit colder than tolerable. THE JACUZZI IS AMAZING ALONE, THOUGH. It feels scalding to the skin on your first dip, but as you let the natural heat of the underground water surround you for some time, it really feels rejuvenating. I recalled staying there for quite some time because it really did feel amazing to the soul. I swear, I would've stayed longer if I could.

The major issue, however, was that it was directly beside a school. So basically, in the morning, every student at that building next to us could see us swim and frolic by the pool in our swimwear, not to mention we couldn't play loud music so as not to distract them. They did have a roof by the pool, but it really wasn't enough to give us the privacy we would've wanted.

All in all, things went well. Besides, it's how you spend the moments that make the stay amazing.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Villa Sofia located at Pansol Calamba Laguna is one of my favorite private resort bakasyunan!

I have been to Pansol too many times I can't even remember how many resorts I have visited in the area. Every Christmas season since I was 15 y/o, my parents would book a resort in Pansol for a Christmas Reunion.

Discovered this resort when it was just newly opened. There are a lot of resorts in Pansol area and most of the facilities of the popular resorts are already overused. Yung iba ang dumi na and hindi na namamaintain ng maigi. Some are over crowded already.

When I discovered this place, I have been convinced not to look for other resorts anymore kasi it's already good enough for me.

Actually Villa Sofia has two separate private resort na magkatabi lang. One is for a bigger group which can gold around 30-40 pax. Usually for team building. Then this smaller one which can hold 20 pax.

Malinis talag. Siguro dahil bago. Halatang bago yung mga furnitures. Walang insects. Fresh!

Ang daming rooms. They have 3-4 rooms, and per room may 1-2 beds. Aside from that may mga pull outs pa na cuchon sa ilalim so if you're in groups talagang sulit. Maluwag din mismo yung holding area and sala so hindi siksikan.
The resort can hold up to 20 pax.

Ang lamig ng aircon! Cozy yung bed plus maraming pillows 128076🏻love it. May mga double deckers pa sila so no problem kung marami kayo.

-Bedrooms (3-4)
-Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
-Billiard Table
-Shower Area
-Parking Lot

It's around P14,000 for P15 pax. The price actually depends on the number of people kasi they base it on the rooms you are going to use. Mura na siya parang P1,000 nalang or less, not bad!

Check In Time: 7pm to 5pm (22 hrs)128076🏻 Not bad! Besides mas masarap mag night swimming pag hot spring since it's already too hot in the morning.

So if you're looking for a good and affordable resort in Pansol for reunions try this place!128525

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