VinaTrang Cuisine

5/F Hotel Merlo, 8836 Sampaloc St. cor. Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati, Metro Manila

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VinaTrang Cuisine
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Most Recent Reviews

Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Me and my homies are having a Viet streak and decided to scout the area for the best tasting grub. Vina Trang is one dem joints.

If you are wondering what Vina Trang is pretty simple. It's the name of the owner/chef.

Interior. I like the high ceilings and the white walls as it makes the place inviting and spacious.

| Bún thịt nướng. This is a popular Vietnamese cold rice noodle dish. The noodles are topped with grilled pork, fresh herbs, salad and bean sprouts. Rice Vermicelli Noodles and Grilled Pork. The dish is dressed in fish sauce.

The noodles et al is okay but the dressing is not as flavorful as i want it to be. I dunno if my tastebuds are a bit off that day but it seems that the sauce lacks in the flavor department. I googled nuoc mam and it is a concoction of fish sauce, fresh lime juice, garlic, chillies and a lil bit of sugar. VT's sauce is not bland but it seems that there is something missing.

| Pho Dac Biet. Think of this as your Beef Pho on steroids. The bowl consists of flat rice noodles, meat-based broth, beef and sausage (i think). This falls under the just okay category as the broth is as flavorful as i want it to be. It lacks the "wow" factor. The rice noodles are cooked perfectly, same with the beef. I guess that would still count to something.

| Cơm tấm bụi Sài Gòn. Also known as Saigon Broken Rice. Why broken, you ask? Com tam is a dish made with fragmented rice grains. This is usually served with grilled pork, shredded pork, pork skin, fried egg, pork meatloaf, pickled carrot, and sliced cucumber.

VT's version covered all the basics. Unlike the others, this passed on the flavor department. I love the pickled carrot as it is has a lovely mixture of sweet x acidity. The grilled pork needs a lil tweaking though.

| Gỏi cuốn. Also known as Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Mediocre. Not enough shrimp.

Overall, my Vina Trang experience is neither good nor bad. I guess some of their dishes needs a lil tweaking. They are on the right path, a lil adjustment here and there will bring the "wow" factor.

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Charles G.
4.0 Stars

They now moved to the new building across on the 5th floor. Waay better place compared to the townhouse that they used to occupy.

Food is still pretty good and consistent. We ordered the Pork Banh Mi, Saigon Broken Rice, and Fried Spring rolls. Most of their viands are paired with the vinegar dip that is a huge favorite of the regular patrons (myself included).

The only qualm I have is the odd sliced ham sausage thing that's part of the broken rice meal - there's no option to trade or for more pork or spring rolls and the Banh Mi being served like a sad limp sliced log.

Other than that everything is as it is - Vietnamese awesomeness!

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Anna d.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mulan V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Preecess P.
3.0 Stars

I'm really not familiar yet about Vietnamese cuisine so I tried this place and I could say that my first experience was good. I had this beef noodles at Php 185, which was surprisingly served on a big bowl. It could actually serve 2-3pax. I successfully finished it. :)

The place is just small and gets full easily which I think is a good sign for a resto. Will be visiting again and will try their other dishes.

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

I'm not crazy about Vietnamese cuisine because it's too healthy, yeah I know my reason sucks. Maybe because I grew up eating greasy and fried food, which is mostly what the Filipino cuisine is about. But there is one food that I really loved when I went to Ho Chi Minh and that's banh mi. I also loved their iced coffee but there's no question about coffee, I love coffee. It's even in the name of my blog.

Anyway, I'm happy to find a newly opened Vietnamese resto in our neighborhood. They do serve my favorite, banh mi! It made me remember my adventures in Vietnam. The coffee they got down pat, the banh mi is good but not as delicious as those that I had in Vietnam, but they will do. They have satisfied my banh mi craving. The traditional banh mi is more flavorful than the chicken banh mi so that's what I recommend. And of course, thou shall not miss the iced coffee.

The place has free WiFi, so like Vietnam.

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Mark Anthony B.
5.0 Stars

The food was exquisitely delicious. Authentic taste and cozy place. Good staff.

  • No. of Comments: 5