Virgin Beach Resort

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Virgin Beach Resort
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Most Recent Reviews

Kat Kat Y.
5.0 Stars

We went to Virgin Beach in Laiya, Batangas for an overnight getaway. It took us about four hours from Metro Manila to the resort but the place was worth our long drive and effort as it was soooo beautiful. Also, so far, it was one of the most peaceful beaches I had been to here in the Philippines.

The place was really, like I said, peaceful. I think the rooms do not house TVs on it and so if you are longing for some quiet time away from all the noise in the metro and you want to get in touch with nature, this is the place to go. There were people around, those who were also checked-in that day, but most of the time, it was only the sound of the waves that filled our ears :)

The rooms which looked like mini houses were about 5-10 meters apart from each other all facing the sea. You could literally see the beach when you are in your room's doorstep. There were trees and plants everywhere which gave shade in the afternoon. Aside from the rooms, there were also nipa huts/areas that were placed closer to the beach where you can eat, drink or just hangout with family or friends while enjoying the seaview. There were also hammocks hanging from trees. So just imagine yourself swinging in that hammock feeling the cool sea breeze and listening to the waves---that is life!

We rented a Cabana which was non-airconditioned. It was scorching hot that day so we thought we just made a big mistake taking it as it. But during the night to dawn, on which the temperature went down, the room cooled as well. It only had one stand fan but we ended waking up the next day with our "sarong" having them as blankets covering out bodies (lol).

In our Cabana, we only had one bed which can accommodate three persons, one stand fan, one bathroom which consists of a shower, sink, and toilet. There was also a cabinet, where you can place you things. And a safe, for your valuables.

Our overnight stay already consisted of a buffet lunch, dinner, and breakfast next day. The food was good, though there were only about 4-5 viands on which you could choose from, but yes, they were all delicious. By the way, did I mention that their buffet area was by the beach? 128513 oh yes, buffet by the beach!

You could also order drinks (beer) from the bar and have it in a cooler which you can bring in your nipa huts by the beach. Whuuuut?? Ice cold beer by the beach- perfection!

The beach- our most favorite, part was very beautiful and clean and clear. The sand was about almost fine and white. Just right if you want to walk barefoot along the shore.

During the night, when you just want to relax, why not have a the beach. Yes, literally at Virgin Beach, you can do pretty much everything by the beach! Haha! We only paid php300/person for the massage. It was good that we all fell asleep. But why not, relaxing massage plus the sound of the calm waves of the sea?- the best!!

Overall, we enjoyed our overnight stay at VIrgin Beach Resort. The place was beautiful and serene, the attendants were very nice to assist and our money was worth every cent. We would definitely come back!

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Kia S.
5.0 Stars

Spent a day at this beautiful place. Such a calm and relaxing place to unwind after a stressful week.

From Quezon City, it took us exactly 3 hours including a quick stopover. The place is waze friendly and even if you don't use/have waze you won't get lost cause there are a lot of signs on the way to the place.

We did a walk-in since we're not staying overnight anyway but I suggest that if you're going here around summer time you better book ahead to reserve a cottage although they have a lot, it's better to be sure anyway. The "picnickers" cottage is good for 15 people and it's priced at Php 1395. Day Trip entrance fee is 300/head. They also have "picnickers" cottages with mattresses priced at Php 1695 BUT that's only good for 5 people. So I suggest get the normal cottage if you're not choosy. It's clean anyway. There's parking fee as well.

Each cottage comes with a griller. So if you wanna grill food while you're enjoying the beach it's fine. They will provide the charcoal and start the flame/"baga" for you so all you need to do is grill. I also suggest that you buy rice on the way/bring your own rice cause they charge 40 pesos/rice and additional cost for the container of the rice if you don't eat at their restaurant. The cottage has 2 sockets as well so no problem charging your gadgets. They also provide 2 trash bags per cottage.

The area if the resort is big and it's pretty private. They don't allow outsiders from the nearby resorts to stay at their area. The water is cold but with the intense heat of the sun, you'll probably enjoy the cold water. The good thing is, "walang lumot". The water is so clear.

There are people who offer the fly fish and banana boat water activity. When we asked how much, each activity is 2,000/15 mins.

The Bathroom/Shower area is clean. I'm very meticulous about shower room and I must say that it's nice, spacious, clean and well lit. They have toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, lockers, dresser/mirror cubicles. They also have a policy that you have to rinse before you go in their shower rooms so there's an outdoor shower to rinse of all the sand.

The place is pretty safe cause they have security guards roaming around. Also, the cottages for people who stay overnight is separated from the picnickers area.

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Zobee A.
4.0 Stars

I went here with friends last October (haven't been on looloo for quite awhile thus this is a really late review), and the weather is a little bit gloomy. We experienced occasional drizzle but still worth it.

128077๐Ÿผ the water is cold and refreshing

128077๐Ÿผ the buffet meals included in the day trip package is good enough, but we also brought some food and drinks of our own

128077๐Ÿผ there is a massage service available which costs php 300 (if i remember it right)

128078๐Ÿผ the shower area is too small, only 1 person can literally fit in there. you get worried that your change clothes will get wet if you bring them inside

128077๐Ÿผ the cabana has power outlet so you can charge your electronics, it also has an electric fan | there are white cloths surrounding the cabana for a little privacy

128077๐Ÿผ the restrooms are clean and well-maintained

I would definitely go back here to explore some more and have some R&R. :)

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Albert T.
5.0 Stars

Ah the last days of summer! The family decided to close summer with a bang and spent the Independence Day weekend in Laiya, Batangas at the Virgin Beach Resort. We had a wonderful time last 2013 so I guess it was a no brainer.

We booked 2 nights in a comfortable air conditioned casita which had a view of the beach. All meals were included in the booking and all we had to worry about was how to spend 3 days of fun in the sun.

The resort offers a variety of water sports but we put off banana boating, para-gliding and jet skiing just because the little man AJ could not join us. With each night of stay though, we got 1 hour of kayaking, which the girls and AJ took advantage of.

The beach itself was "dirty" white, relatively smooth, and very well maintained. Life guards were stationed in strategic spots all day long and were very mindful of the swimmers. Loved the fact that the whole stretch of sand was well groomed and uncrowded. Easy snorkeling by the shore by not too many colorful fish other than the occasional clown fish and purple sea urchins.

Bathers are told to come in from the water by 6PM so as not to be caught in the receding tide and undertow. Strolling the beach at night is pleasant because of the breeze. AJ and the girls enjoyed crab catching and star gazing til midnight. (Those tiny little crabs will give you a run for your money!)

The staff are everywhere and easy to get along with. Seemingly they go out of their way to do little things for you but do not give you the impression that you are obliged to thank them.

All told, this was a very restful and pleasant 3 day weekend. Nice way to cap the summer break! :)

  • No. of Comments: 1
Kaye B.
1.0 Stars

Me and my friends visited this place thrice. Great beach place but the staff were so snobbish and super sungit. As in like super! We will never go back to this place and will not recommend this to our other friends.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Alisa B.
4.0 Stars

Was able to visit Virgin Beach Resort for free. So I'm not quite sure with the costs of this place! It's a big, quiet, and relaxing resort. If you're looking for a really good place for peace and quiet, this is a good place to be. The cottages are also nice and zen-like! They have a good pavillion where you can have your meals! Beach side is super clean! Sand isn't as fine as Boracay but it's white sand and a little fine! Down side? You cannot bring your own food but if you do, there's corkage. Also, it's super quiet and laid back so no night life for you, if that's what you're into

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Rona M.
3.0 Stars

A bit far but worth any cost! This place is not pricy, very affordable budget friendly as other tag. Away from poluted place(Manila). Clear, calm and beautiful water. :)

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Albert T.
5.0 Stars

... quiet, peaceful , idyllic! The overnight bamboo cabanas let the sea breeze through so much that you hardly notice the fact that there is no airconditioning! Staff are friendly, courteous and very attentive. For those who want to sleep to the sound of birds and crickets then wake up to the sound of the beach, this place is a must!

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Kirby G.
4.0 Stars

Last month, during Valentine's weekend, we had co-workers fly in from the US. They stayed for about 12 days here and anytime you have visitors staying over the weekend you have to have a.... 127881 COMPANY SPONSORED TRIP!!! 127881 Wooohooo!!

We decided to head over to Laiya as it was the most accessible and Virgin beach was one of our top choices. It is a bit pricier than other resorts in the area, but it was the most private too (well, the most private you can get in Laiya anyway). Not much noise at night except noise made by us. 128520 There were a bunch of couples celebrating Valentine's and Virgin was cool enough to arrange them dinner by the beach... Aaawwwww... While we were busy getting hammered and smashed while playing drinking games. Hopefully we didn't ruin their night that much.128517

Only catch is that they don't allow food or drinks to be brought inside, food is inclusive of the package/room. Drinks have corkage, pretty much water is the only thing you can bring in for free. They weren't too strict when we came in so you could probably sneak in a few bottles, but we didn't want to risk getting caught and everything was being paid for by our company anyway which was AWESOME!!!

Room was great I think it was around 7k per room with 2 double beds AC and meals for the day (lunch, dinner, breakfast). Although the price might vary, we could've gotten a better deal since we booked for 15 people. All in all a great place to relax after a hectic work week!

  • No. of Comments: 6