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Vista Mall Taguig, Camella Taguig Rd., Tuktukan, Taguig, Metro Manila

Vista Cinemas
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Felina Katrina Kaye A.
4.0 Stars

The cinemas are great and the seats are comfortable. For those near Vista Mall, they don't have to go far to experience a great movie-watching experience!

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Carla Fenella A.
5.0 Stars

Went here to watch Jack Reacher. (Yup. Late review. Just saw that there's a movie buff badge. Haha)

Love the cinemas here. There's always a few people watching. I think there were only less than 15 people that time. So if the cinemas in bgc or makati are sold out, you can always find a seat here. 128514

Movie houses here at Vista just opened its doors last year so it's still new and as good as the others. Ticket ranges from 200-450php. From regular, 3D to atmos and the VIP seats! Who would've thought huh?

Also love that they have taters outside.

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Olive Y.
4.0 Stars

The whole cinema was all ours, except for quite an old lady who went there alone-imagine a lady in her 50s coming to watch Xmen Apocalypse all alone. Anyway, that's another side of the story. We were just 6 people in this cinema, it was 12noon of Wednesday. It should be visited more because honestly, it is a very nice cinema. I especially enjoyed the sound system, plus it has a good air-conditioning, quite nice seats, and it is relatively big. I enjoyed watching such an awesome movie. Thanks!

I also wanted to watch the midnight screening of Conjuring 2 right in this cinema - yup, at exactly 12 midnight, especially that only a few come to this cinema. How spooky it would have been!

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Jonathan Y.
3.0 Stars

Good sounds, clear picture and nice seats. My only problem is the screen aspect ratio...the projection should fit the screen like normal cinemas.

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Celina C.
3.0 Stars

The cinema's just new so there aren't much people who go there. My mom and I watched The Jungle Book during its first week of screening here in the country and we were only around 8 people who watched!

What I immediately noticed when I entered the theater was their aircondition units were REALLY LOUD. We couldn't even hear rhe dialogues of the characters in the movie anymore that we had to request the staff to put the volume up and to do something about the A/C.

Anyway, the leg room was really big and the experience was kind of okay. I hope they do something about the A/C and the sound system. And I also hope that they add a soap dispenser in their restrooms.

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Sun M.
3.0 Stars

Suggested this place to be added. Haha. My boyfriend was so excited to watch Batman vs Superman so we went to the mall nearest to his place a day or two after the premiere. Waited for this to be added in LooLoo's data base so I could post my review. Thanks to Gwen!!!

I actually didn't know Vista Mall exist. My boyfriend loves to bike around and he was the one to discover this mall adjacent to ALL HOME.

Vista Mall only has 4 cinemas, if I'm not mistaken. They have the VIP, the Atmos, one regular, and the 3D. Left with no choice, we chose the 3D (Php150) as other time slots were already full. I don't really like watching in 3D or 4D because I wear eye glasses. That means I have to wear 2 glasses. Haha.

The cinemas have both Snack Bar and Taters. Good thing for me because I love Taters' sour cream pop corn and fries and lemonade. Hihi. Taters' was only a pop up store since the mall is still under construction. So I guess the menu are also limited for now.

If I recall it correctly, 3D is the Cinema 3. The cinema is only small, that has robably around 120+ seats. The screen is big enough. One thing I liked is the fact it doesn't have the deluxe or premier seats like the old SM Cinemas have. So even if we were seated at letter D, the screen wasn't to near to watch. The armrest can be lifted too. The cinema is evidently new and clean. Hehe.

As the movie started, we noticed that it wasn't in 3D. So they open up the light and re-started it. Next thing I noticed was the sound of the aircon. There were times it was really loud that I couldnt understand what Clark Kent was saying. I'm hoping it's fixed now. The are restrooms inside, but I didn't take a peek.

I wished we went to UPTOWN MALL instead. :( The noise from the aircon somehow pissed me off. Of course my boyfriend was too busy to notice. He was busy waiting for Wonder Woman to show up. Haha.

Vista Cinemas will probably suffice when we are running out of time and we don't really feel like traveling just to catch a movie. Overall, experience was Okay. Not bad for something new. :)


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