Vitto's Wine Bar & Restaurant

114 Sct. Lozano St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Vitto's Wine Bar & Restaurant
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Reopens: 11:00a - 1:00a


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Most Recent Reviews

Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Hello, looloo! I miss you.

Just a fast review of one of the good new restaurant find I discovered when one of my friends invited me for a short break from all the transes and study in medical school. (Sad i’m not that updated with new stuff in the food scene anymore. Summer, come sooner!) This visit was the week after Valentines (L-A-T-E).

Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaruant speaks well for its name. From the outside, it looked pretty simple, a black square building with the signage on top. When I entered it was almost full on a weeknight, dim and relaxing vibe with wooden furnitures and basic gray-colored goals and what seemed like a wall graffiti design, to which the server led me to when I mentioned the table the reservations was under. 

Yes, it’s a “hidden bar” inside. Really dim lighting, with mirrors on almost every side of the room, one male server, and a display of the wines they serve. This room was composed of maybe around 5 tables for 3-4 pax each. Not too big area compared to the main dining area. I loved the ambiance here! Perfect for a romantic date, I must say. 

For our dinner we ordered Beef Salpicao, Salted Egg Pasta, and a kind of pizza (i forgot the name!). The first two dishes were good, tasty and tender salpicao served with a good amount of garlic (I love garlic!). The salted egg pasta was not too oily and tasted just right. The pizza though, I cannot recommend because I did not like the dough. :( Taste was so-so.

The serving size for the first two dishes is just for 1-2 persons. A bit pricey, imo, maybe we pay for the ambiance and taste. Haha.

For drinks, we got their Buy One Take One promo. I settled for the Zinfandel and Moscato, both really nice! They also have other promotions per day so better call them if you want to ask or book a table in advance!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Last night was their last day for unlimited wine in celebration of their anniversary. The place was small and can accommodate only a few people. Ambiance was cozy chic.

We ordered California unli wine (Php599) this one had options compared to Italy unli wine (Php499). With all the wines we tasted Moscato was the only one we liked and they ran out of it. 128529

The platters were disappointing small serving. Cheese and Sausage platter (Php595) and Cheese platter (Php290). Liked the Fish and Chips (Php190) and Pancetta (Php150).

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Isha S.
3.0 Stars

My friends and I have always been wanting to go to Vitto's but every time we attempt to do so, they tell us they're full. So I believe it's definitely a good idea to book in advance to ensure a table.

Last Wednesday, we finally managed to score a spot! 128588 Vitto's looks pretty small, but there's also an extra secret-ish area to the side. Still a pretty small space, though. Ambiance is warm and nice with chill tunes playing in the background.

We were seated and handed the menu. We ordered the salpicao, sausage pizza and salted egg pasta. They were all priced on the high side (around 300-400+ php). It took a long time for our orders to get to us and they were all served with significant amount of time in between each one. ☹️ Got a bit hangry waiting haha.

The salted egg pasta was good. The salted egg flavor was definitely there but not overwhelmingly so. However, portion size was too small! The salpicao was nice too. Flavorful and tender. Sausage pizza appeared undercooked. Overall, I think the food is overpriced for the serving amount and quality.

We also availed their every day 3 PM to 8 PM buy 1 take 1 promo on house wines and yasss girl haha. 127863127863 They also have a bunch of other promos on their alcohol, including the famous unli wine one which they offer Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays!

Overall, good place for chill intimate wine nights with yo amigasss.

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Nicole C.
2.0 Stars

The place is smaller than I thought, but it did exude a sort of homey ambiance which was nice. Service was alright, though really slow. We also asked if they had wifi, and the server said yes and that she'll come back with the password. Minutes passed by and she didn't come back, so we had to get her attention again - at least when we had access to their wifi, it wasn't dreadfully slow. Also, we had to follow-up my drink as the server, again, forgot about it - which was a tad bit annoying as we were, literally, their only customer at the time. ;;

Since we were still going to go to another restaurant, we only had a *light* meal. We ordered their beef quesadilla and sausage pizza. Both my mom and I liked their quesadilla - it was great, and more importantly, it wasn't oily. The sausage pizza took almost half an hour for them to serve it - we almost thought that maybe the server forgot to take it down too. Anyway, the pizza was just alright, nothing special. I liked it well enough - they didn't scrimp on the cheese, it was really cheesy. They also placed a lot of sausages too, but not so much that it would overwhelm you lol.

Bad photos are bad, sorry about that! Anyway, TL;DR: the food is overpriced and the quality doesn't even really match up to it (yeah, the quesadilla was yummy but for that price? No thanks.). The service was painstakingly slow too. Anyway, I guess the real star of this restaurant is their unlimited wine, but as I don't really drink, the appeal is lost to me.

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

A place for the wine lover of the North. Vittos pride themselves with the list of wine from around the world. The place is neat classy looking. I love that even though the place looks small they made it sossy. The rustic wood and leather tone is such a beauty. My sister reserved a table for our family. When we arrived we were directed to a speakeasy bar inside Vittos to accomodate our group. Didn't know this speakeasy bar. The place looks good and a perfect place to have a romantic dinner. 128521

Since I was with my family we tried mostly the food minus the wine. Here are some of the food that we tried out.
127863Lengua with garlic mushroom sauce - this was my order and I definitely love. I love delicious garlicky flavor of it and the lengua was cooked perfectly tender.
127863Scallop Linguini - the pasta noodle wasn't that al dente but the seafood scallop flavor was very good. I also like this one.
127863Beef Salpicao - the beef was tender but I find the sauce a bit on the salty end.
127863Seafood Pizza - thincrust pizza. A simple looking pizza tasted good but tasted better pizza than this.
127863Seafood Paella - this was also good but you got to wait a minimum of 40minutes. Ours was served after more than an hour. Also notice after the long wait the squid rings were under cook.

Overall I want to love this place but service was so slow. We were expecting the delay on the paella but everything took almost more than 30minutes to be served. Still giving this place a chance since food are good. 3 star for now. 128521

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Salpicao was flavorful. Tenderness was okay.

They have lunch plates available from 11am-3pm.

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Giovan T.
4.0 Stars

Another hangout place for wine enthusiasts and foodies. They're above average for food, but why whine, when you can wine.

Smoked Fish Spaghettini (280 PHP)
A decent plate of pasta that remained warm enough to enjoy even after 15 minutes of shooting. The overall seasoning is balanced and light in flavour, which fits the perfectly done pasta.

Mixed Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter (580 PHP)
This is the platter to pair with your wine night with friends. Oddly enough you don't save by getting this platter, individually the cheese (210 PHP) and Meat (380 PHP), but it's a pair to pair with wine.

Cheese Pesto Pizza (430 PHP)
There are 2 kinds of pizza lovers; the dough don't bother me feels so good or the top heavy toppings fanatic. I'm a dough lover and places that I get dough are Salvatore Cuomo and Motorino Pizzeria - I enjoy the thin and chewy kind that stretches and is lovingly soft. Vitto's pizzas are thin and have that feel good dough I seek, it's decent dough... As for the toppings it fairly average, cheese and pesto with some tomatoes.

Crispy Bacon (195 PHP)
Deep fired to a crisp and satisfying crunch that's ideal as bar chow (pulutan)

Chicken Ragu (250 PHP)
Chicken breast fillet stuffed with carrots, cheese, and mornay sauce, breaded, fried, and sliced.

Pasta Al Funghi (240 PHP)
Creamy good pasta with the right thickness of sauce. I enjoy the even coat and mix.

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Rei H.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Abby A.
3.0 Stars

Should have been a 5. Great food great place but one of the waitresses, with glasses was really RUDE. The bill took more than 30 minutes which was suspicious. So when we checked and asked about the wrong charges, the waitress practically told us not to check anymore. Watch out for this girl.

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Kat A.
4.0 Stars

Found this little gem near Tomas Morato. Loved their ambiance and they have a very nice staff. Appreciated that they asked us what kind of wine we preferred. They know their wines, can't argue with that. They also have everyday happy hour! Luckily, when we went there it was a buy one take one promo for wines. You can buy a glass of wine for about Php 190. They have different kinds of wine but mostly available only in bottles. I just wish they had more options that are available for purchase in glass too :( Not feeling wine? Don't fret for they also have beers, margaritas, etc. Want something to munch on while drinking? Yes they have a wide food selection from pastas to big heavy meals :) We got a small Cheese Platter and Fried Bacon and their food is quite good 128077🏻 If you're looking for a place for small private meetings or just a date with your loved one, this would be a very nice place.

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