Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Ria B.
5.0 Stars

Definitely love this place! It's chill and cozy. I know it's in a college kids neighborhood but I think yuppies would also appreciate this place. PLUS! Their drinks and food are really affordable. I definitely wanna go back!

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Kyle B.
5.0 Stars

Reminds me of my ~college days~ kahit na sa DLSU (GO LASALLE!!!! 128154128154) ako nagcollege pero gets yung vibes ganun. This bar is full of college youths (wow akala mo naman kung sinong matanda haha). Cheap drinks, cheap food! Especially love their mojos and chicken skin. Their beers are really cheap to compared to other bars in the area. The interiors are super nice too, love the stained glass windows!

One thing I don't like about Walrus is that it's not meant for talking, the music was SO LOUD. My friends and I met there so we could catch up but we ended up almost shouting at each other since it was hella loud... Like annoyingly loud. Haha. We asked the guy at the bar to turn it down a bit which he did, but after a couple of songs, ang lakas na naman besssss!! Oh well. Kung gusto mong malasing, dito ka. 127867

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Martin John D.
4.0 Stars

One of the cheapest beer,cocktails and liquor in katipunan. The place is not big so expect that it can be a little crowded from 7pm till 10pm. Last order is 12am. Pay as you order so you need to go to the bar to order and pay first. Chicken skin is one of my favorite and it is just for 60 pesos and the serving is not bad. Cocktails, tried strawberry field and coockoorochoo (not sure with the spelling) and tey good. 200 pesos per pitcher.yes 200 pesos for a big pitcher. And the one that i love most is their liquors. Try their cuba libre, the more shots they put the cheaper it gets. One shot of rhum is 70 pesos, two shots is 60 and three shots 50. Sometimes on saturdays they have people who do acoustic. Not a chill date place boys because it can get a little bit loud but if you are on a budget this one is perfectly fine.

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Roezel O.
4.0 Stars

Chicken skin - 5/5
Pink Panty Dropper - 5/5
Grape Escape - 5/5
Cuckoocachoo - 4/5
Beautiful Chocolate Man - 3/5
Strawberry Fields Forever - 3/5

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Raissa Francesca T.
4.0 Stars

Walrus katipunan is said to be the next cantina, and i can obviously see why.

We wanted to try the whole menu so we didn't order pitchers of their alcoholic drinks.

I tried Strawberry Fields Forever, an infusion of strawberry juice, basil and vodka. And also the Beautiful Chocolate Man, absolutely tastes like chocolate drink with a kick of rum.

2 glasses of alcoholic beverages and i was tipsyyyy. Probably my fault because i used a straw. Hehehe.

My bestfriend tried, Sun of Beach and Lost Gold. Sun of a beach tastes like a mojito, perfect for summer. And Lost Gold was toooooooo strong for me. The mixture of Tequila with mountain dew and a bit splash of beer was waaaaaaay strong.

Obviously when you drink you want to have pulutan, we tried the recommended "Bazooka Fries".

It has a special sauce, tomatoes and other mexican themed thing you can put in the fries.

For a first timer in walrus, it is not bad. Absolutely cheap

P70/ glass
P200/ pitcher
P120/ Bazooka Fries.

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