Warung Kapitolyo

83 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Warung Kapitolyo
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

A number of friends are either owners or friends of the investors of this huge Indonesian restaurant. A rare cuisine here, it is definitely a welcome sight not just for Kapitolyo but to the entire growing food scene as a whole.

When I went it was still on soft opening thus a limited menu. The list mostly contains popular Indonesian favorites. Expect more by August they say. This large place also has separate functions rooms and could accommodate around 150.

Am a big fan of peanut butter and enjoyed the Gado Gado very much. The vegetables were standout fresh and its dip deliciously spiced and sweetened.

Beef Rendang is a must order with its tender beef and signature ingredients standing out. I love the lemon grass and ginger feel combined with sweet coconut.

The Catfish is a simple dish but it was surprisingly tasty without the need to dip in its accompanying salty spicy sauce. Not much fan of any deep fried variety but had loads of this.

My favorite was not even the entrees but their well made dessert, Es Teler. It’s like Halo Halo but the ice super fine and extra cold. The bitter presence of Avocado combined well with really sweet jackfruit, cocunut cream and condensed milk. You have to get this!

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Ofel L.
5.0 Stars

One of the best restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig! Nice ambiance, authentic Indonesian food and very affordable price. Beef Rendang is 10084

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I hardly frequent Kapitolyo these past months but when I do, I always notice the numerous cars parked in front of Warung, an Indonesian restaurant that opened a several months back. It sure made me curious as the place seemed to be packed every lunch and dinner. But I’m always hungry whenever I visit Kapitolyo and I lack the patience to wait for a table. Luckily, I passed by this place again around 2 pm on a weekday and my mom and I had the place all to ourselves!

Hello, Warung Kapitolyo!

This restaurant seems to be an old house converted into a spacious and well-designed restaurant. Upon entering the dining hall, I noticed the beautiful dangling lighting fixtures and wooden window panes that made the frustrated interior designer in me jump with glee.

I’m not exactly familiar with Indonesian cuisine but the overlap of Asian dishes made me feel comfortable with ordering Sate Ayam (PHP195), Ikan Pepes (PHP210), Nasi Goreng (PHP185) and Sato Ayam (PHP190). For drinks, I got Cucumer Shake (PHP95) while my mom ordered Coconut Shake (PHP95).

First served were our drinks which were perfect thirst quenchers! I loved that our drinks were not that sweet and were very refreshing to combat the intense afternoon heat.

Service was fast as all of our dishes were served in less than 15 minutes.

Sate Ayam is probably my favorite that day as its tender chicken bits were barbecued to perfection! I also loved the generous sauce coating that gave each bite a punch of peanut taste!

I wasn’t too crazy with Sato Ayam or the traditional Indonesian yellow spicy chicken soup as it tasted just like your usual chicken sotanghon with hard boiled egg, only it was a bit spiced. I did appreciate though that the chili sauce was served on the side. I find it a thoughtful touch for those who could not enjoy spicy food.

The Nasi Goreng was another story though as it was divine! I loved how well the rice was cooked and how it was beautifully complemented by the perfectly fried sunny side up egg and cracklings for texture.

Ikan Pepes was pretty good too. The steamed and grilled tilapia wrapped in banana leaf may not be as flavorful as the other dishes but it gave a bit of spicy curry kick which I liked.

We would have ordered desserts too but I was hoping to drop by this coffee shop along Sheridan so we decided to skip the sweet endings.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. I liked most of the dishes served and the ambiance was perfect for a nice catch up with family and friends. Warung Warung also has three function rooms for private events and spacious parking space to boot!

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Perhaps one of Kapitolyo's unique and delicious food experience is the "newish" place that has quickly grown popular for its authentic Indonesian Cuisine. This is Warung Kapitolyo.

The place stands at a lovely refurbished split-level old home. Nicely landscaped, with antique teak wood accents mixed into the airy white paneled clear -glass lined interiors. Intricate antique Indonesian wooden carvings and furnitures were tastefully incorporated to complete an updated Asian look.

Warung is run by two Filipino siblings who have lived in Indonesia for more than a decade. Hence, they have brought with them beloved Indonesian dishes and recipes to pleasure foodies. Prior to opening their restaurant , they joined those weekend food markets to launch this special cuisine to the local market.

The menu selection is quite comprehensive. The dish names, either tongue twisters or phonetically amusing to our local tongue. But I liked that their menu showed each dish's highlights and ingredients, thus giving diners a glimpse of what to expect. More so , on our visit, one of the owners, Ms. Lu, was so gracious enough to sit with our group and even chatted with us.

For starters, we nibbled on the huge Indonesian Kropek. Yummy with the pickled sauce and chili paste.

I washed this down with a bottle of the iconic bottled Indonesian tea: Teh Botol. Not as sweet as our local bottled teas, it had a nice mix of light floral and fruity flavors.

For our mains:

Sop Buntut: we loved this soup. Tender ox-tails simmered in a flavorful clear broth. Our server mixed Kechap Manis (Indonesian Sweet Soy-somewhat like a light hoisin sauce in flavor) and lime to further accentuate the soup's flavors. For those with a low tolerance for chili-heat (like me), do tell your server to hold mixing the minced chili paste. A dab of their fiery chili paste can literally fire up your taste buds.

Martabak Telur: we loved the savory Indonesian Crepe Pancakes. A huge rectangular sliced slab of pancake-omelet like dish, filled with minced beef and chopped veggies. The dish had a nice thin crispy crust yet it's omelet-y center was soft.

Beef Rendang: perhaps one of the popular Indo-Asian dishes. We loved their take. The beef was very tender and the Rendang sauce was sublimely creamy yet rich with the spices.

Ikan Pepes: we loved the steamed then grilled whole white fish wrapped in banana leaves. The curry-like sauce was rich in spices-- turmeric, sweet basil , coconut cream, lime -- and made quite a delicious rice condiment.

Bakmi Goreng: another popular stir fried noodle dish deliciously prepared by Warung. The home made noodles, nicely thick and chewy. The sauce was lightly spicy with sambal flavors , and a tinge of sweetness.

Sate Ayam: we loved their Satay chicken skewers. The chicken meat were nicely tender. The peanut sauce, deliciously subtle and creamy (unlike other places where the satay sauce has been drowned in peanut butter instead of crushed peanuts ).

For dessert, we got their Es Teler. An Indonesian shaved ice specialty which we also loved. The shaved ice seemed nicely infused with condensed milk with chopped sweetened Saba bananas, sweetened jackfruit, and young coconut strips. The dish was nicely refreshing with the yummy creaminess and right sweetness.

While admittedly Indonesian food fare isn't one of the popular South East Asian cuisines here in Manila, I must say that Warung will likely spark foodies' tastebuds with a good selection of quite flavorful Indonesian dishes. For foodies curious about Indonesian flavors, it is rich in spice (cloves, turmeric, etc). The best comparison I have in mind is this: Indonesian flavors are a mix of flavors reminiscent of Indian, Malay/Singaporean, and perhaps a bit of Thai. Pronounced yet not over-powering, rich yet not overwhelming.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
5.0 Stars

I enjoy exploring new restaurants and trying different cuisines. Indonesian cuisine is something that I am not too familiar with so I gamely agreed to have dinner at Warung when the parentals suggested it.

In true Kapitolyo fashion, this house was converted into a homey restaurant. It was decorated with different Asian elements and there were several function rooms that can accommodate varying group sizes. Unlike other neighboring food establishments, this place can probably seat more than a hundred guests.

On the table
🔹Beef Rendang - very tender, aromatic and flavorful. It doesn't look like much but it was so delicious.
🔹Ayam Goreng (Ibu Wiwiek) - aka fried chicken with special flakes. The Fried Chicken was corny as is but was bursting with flavor when eaten with the spicy paste and the flakes.
🔹Sate Ayam - the only dish that was not spicy (aside from the desserts). The chicken pieces were soft and the peanut sauce wasn't as strong.
🔹Nasi Goreng - a meal in itself. I could probably eat this all by myself.
🔹Es Teler - a shaved ice dessert with avocadoes, langka, coconut and condensed milk. A refreshing palate cleanser. I enjoyed this even if I am not a fruit fan.

They also gave us complimentary samples of a pancake like dessert with butter, sugar and something else. It was so yummy.

The owners were around and they chatted with us a bit. They shared with us that they lived in Indonesia for several years and they have an Indonesian chef on board. They even toured us around the restaurant and showed us the different function rooms. And as it turns out the family of my cousin's boyfriend lived in Indonesia years ago and know the owners as well.

Overall, it was a great dining experience. I'm sure my spice loving hubby and in laws will appreciate the food and the interiors. I'm coming back for the Beef Rendang and Nasi Goreng.

*visited last June 2016

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Antonio Lorenzo Q.
4.0 Stars

To those with not-so-experimental tastebuds, Indonesian cuisine might be an acquired taste. But those willing to take the plunge might want to try this resto in the Kapitolyo district of Pasig. Classics such as Beef Rendang, Chicken Satay, and their signature Ayam Goreng are a just a few to mention. Price is surprisingly inexpensive given the sophisticated charm of the place. However, if you're expecting for a more colorful "kaleidoscope" of Southeast Asian flavor, there may be better options.

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

Wait a minute, those two ladies roaming from table to table looked familiar.. Oh wait they're the two indonesians who owns warung indo booth during san lorenzo' sunday organic market 128515 wow kudos to their beautiful and very homey restaurant

At first you wouldn't dare to enter their restaurant, from the outside it looks like an expensive fine dining restaurant but fear not coz their prizes are pocket friendly 128077🏻

We ordered a few of their unique dishes, which are the foods we don't usually eat like their tahu isi which is tofu with vegetable stuffings, Pecel lele which is deep fried catfish with sambal sauce, and gado gado which is a warm salad with tofu, mixed veggies, prawn cracker, drizzled with peanut dressing, although tofu is one of our go-to protein source, the way it was cooked is new for us, the stuffed tofu was huge, you have to eat it in three big bites to finish one 128517 it's served with three types of sauces which i don't know what they're called, well except for the spicy sambal 🌶, the salad was also good, their peanut dressing is unique and very umami 128523, to take our foodventurous taste buds in a higher level we tried the catfish.. Yes we haven't tried catfish yet and it was an achievement we were able to debone and finish a whole catfish 128031 we enjoyed all our dishes, we also ordered the local indonesian tea which is the teh botol, it was like the c2 of indonesia, it was also good, cold jasmine tea with just the right amount of sweetness

Also one of the owners happened to pass by our table but she happeneed to pass by while we were both deboning our catfish while our both of our mouth was busy chewing haha talk about an awkward moment, too bad we weren't able to have a good conversation with her, she just asked if we were enjoyig the food, we just nodded 128563

Well i would like to go back and try more of their unique dishes

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Ro B.
4.0 Stars

Small menu, good satay, owner going around saying she's the cook (not in those flip flops, I'd say) good presentation on their fried chicken. Good value, nice homey feel, parking is still abundant (will soon disappear) get plain rice as the nasi goreng ain't worth it. Servings are sharing and ample. The fried appetizers could use some sauce other than sambal and sambal can be of varying degrees of spiciness.

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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

It would be an injustice not to write a comprehensive review to this restaurant because it is simply one of the best places I've been to to dine here in Manila. I hope whoever reads this takes time to check this review and of course, the restaurant (HAHAHA ANG SERIOUS KO GUYS CHAR LANG 128514)

I really love Indonesian food, there's no doubt about it. Last year, spent one whole month in the jungles of Java for research and when I returned here in Manila, I was always craving for their food. It's spicy, and sweet and really spicy but it's so addicting! As a predominantly Muslim country, there was no pork in their diet but they found ways to make their meals still scrumptious. Usually I go to Indonyaki in Maginhawa to get my Indonesian fix, but other than that I just cook at home using sambal and tempeh and Phiilippine sili. Imagine my happiness to find out that the lovely couple who put up a stall in Legaspi every Sunday decided to create an Indonesian restaurant!

Yesterday night, me and my two other friends braved the traffic and the rain to go to Kapitolyo to visit Warung which is still on their soft opening. We were greeted by Miss Lou herself, one of the coowners of the restaurant (together with her sister). Lou and her husband lived in Jakarta for 28 years before moving back in the Philippines. She translated her passion for food and experience in Indonesia in this soulful, homey place.

As you enter, Warung looks like your modern day restaurant with a tropical touch. Guys, I even posted a photo of their toilet because that's how good it looks! Parang The Spa sa interior! The place was really thought-of. It has an outside patio for customers coming in late at night (when the main dining hall is closed); three function rooms for private events, each with their own toilet; the kitchens (they have two separate kitchens!) you can look into if you are curious. You also see scattered minute details of Indonesian designs. And oh, they have a parking space inside the compound!

Upon seating, they will serve you krupuk or kropek for us or this deep-fried starch crackers which you can deep in their homemade sambal made from chilis. SOOOO GOOD. Then we ordered the following:

🌶 Gado-gado : Salad mix of lettuce, cucumber, boiled egg, krupuk, and peanut sauce. Very filling salad.

🌶 Sate Ayam : Chicken meat Barbecue in a puddle of peanut sauce. The taste of the peanut is not strong, it's very delicate that you want to put a lot of it on the chicken until you empty the plate of its sauce!

🌶 Beef Rendang : I was surprised that it is not spicy. The beef is tender and served with marble potatoes. It's like the Pinoy caldereta, except that they use coconut milk to add the subtle curdled milky texture to it. Not my favorite among what we ordered.

🌶 Nasi Goreng : Indonesian fried rice served topped with the classic fried egg, and again, surrounded by krupuk heaven. It's can serve up to three people, or two if you are hungry hehe.

🌶 Mie Jawa : stir-fried noodle; like our own pansit. It has bokchoy, shredded chicken, bakso (like fish balls), onion, garlic, fried egg and krupuk heaven too. In case you are wondering, yes we finished all the krupuk haha.

127848 Es Teler: shaved milky ice with langka, avocado, and coconut. THE ICE IS SO FINE it feels like putting snow on your mouth and I am not kidding about this. I like the fact that I cannot taste any sugar, and the faint sweetness of the dessert naturally comes from the fruits and the milk.

For the food, I would go back to this place again. The food took me back to Indonesia, and brought back memories of my solitude eating while enjoying tropical rain. This restaurant really prides itself to be authentic as all their ingredients come all the way from Indonesia. If you want something authentic, you go to this place, period.

But this review is not finished because as we Looloo peeps know, 10024 it's not so much as the quality of the food as the quality of the SERVICE that really makes a restaurant 5-Star. 10024 The owner would go in from table to table, chatting with customers about how the food is, answering queries, and really making people feel at home. While waiting for the rain to stop, we just stayed inside the restaurant and chatted with her about her experiences living in Jakarta, her decision to create a restaurant, and her husband who was in the airport at that time, waiting for their Indonesian chef consultant to arrive. She was very friendly, and it was not because she owns the place, but because it is her sunny disposition. It was so natural for Miss Lou to just sit around and chat like you are old friends. When we were about to leave, she even joined us outside and introduced us to the guests on the other tables as we were passing by. She told us that she employs 28 staff, which is a lot but at least the service is efficient.

Would definitely come back here again, and again as long as they retain their authentic food and excellent customer service. 1108811088110881108811088

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Butch G.
5.0 Stars

I discovered Warung at the Legaspi Market. The flavors are authentic and prices ard affordable. When I saw that they were opening a restaurant im Kapitolyo. i had to experience eating it there.

We hadvthe chicken satay ( tender and very good), the Urap which was steamed vegetables with coconut also very good, qnd Nasi goreng. Eaten with their fresh made sambal...very good. Their beef rendang is also very good. As well as the corn and vegetable fritters.

The kind owner Milton, graciously toured us arpund their newly opened restaurant. They have several function rooms available for small parties He let us try some Murtabak, which tasted like pancakes made of rice flour with a cheese filling. It was very very good.

I will definitely be back. They made the whole restauarant look Indonesian. Congratulations to the owners.

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