Wasabi Warriors

Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Wasabi Warriors
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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Wasabi Warriors caught my interest when it first opened on the ground floor of the posh The Gramercy Residences. This Japanese sushi place exuded a cool vibe as I’ve seen the local “it” people raving about Wasabi Warriors’ rolls. And when it opened a branch in Serendra, I went to look at its menu and was surprised that its rolls are quite affordable. For a sushi place that started in a classy building, I had the impression that it would be pricey. I’m not complaining though as more affordable prices mean more food!

Hello, Wasabi Warriors!

This small well-lit Japanese joint was the first stop of our sponsored Good Food Tour and I literally ran towards this place right after work. Luckily, they were still serving miso soup when I got there.

We were treated to a platter of assorted makis including Fresh Salmon and Avocado (PHP150/roll), Inside Out Rolls (PHP150), and Panko Prawn (PHP150) as well as Seared Salmon Nigiri (PHP400, 6 pcs. | PHP250, 3 pcs. | PHP100, 1 pc.) and a handful of bento meals. I got to try Set D (PHP500) which includes beef teriyaki, two seared salmon nigiri, seaweed salad and miso soup. You could also replace beef teriyaki with chicken for the same price or ebi fry for an additional PHP50.

I sampled one of the Panko Prawn rolls topped with avocado slices and it was pretty good. I liked the contrast of textures and flavors.

I wanted to get the one with salmon on top as I love salmon. Sadly, someone not from our table asked for a piece of roll and took that one! *heartbroken*

At least I got to enjoy the seared salmon nigiri which was awesome! It was beautifully torched and it was packed with flavor! I loved the slight sweet taste of it. On the downside, it was quite steep at PHP100 per piece. You need to splurge PHP400 to get a better deal as you could get seared salmon elsewhere at PHP80-85.

Wasabi Warrior’s bento meals are also a bit on the expensive side but it offers quality dishes.

I loved the sweet and tender beef teriyaki and had a hard time controlling myself from getting more than I should as I was sharing it with other foodies. I also liked that one order comes with two scrumptious salmon nigiri. I just hope that they would add a few rolls too for more variety and to make the bento more value for money.

Overall, it was a good first stop for our Good Food Tour. We just struggled with moving around as the dining area was really small. If you hate squirming around just to get from one place to another, then it might be best for you to just order take out.

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Jhessa G.
4.0 Stars

Its yummy but sadly they don't have the spicy mayo(dip) that I love. I got the California roll and spicy chicken. 128513

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to try this at Gourmand Market - tbh Serendra is still too far a walk for me and a waste of time for a short lunch hour.

I loved this Seafood roll mix. Was a bit disappointed that the tuna came from a can, but the salmon nigiri and maki are tops. Loved the sauces too. If you're a sushi purist you might not appreciate this, but if you're up for a bit of change you will love their take on the maki.

Pricing is kinda ok, Php350 for the set isn't too bad.

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Rani Gayle R.
4.0 Stars

Very affordable! They have a variety of rolls to choose from and you can even choose which rice to use (white, brown or black). Definitely going back to try other variants 128077🏼

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Jennifer N.
3.0 Stars

Die-hard sushi fans may be a little disappointed here, as some of their sushi isn't really traditional - case in point: spicy tuna is made from what's probably canned tuna rather than raw tuna. Nevertheless, price point isn't too bad and I appreciate that they offer brown rice and black rice options for some of their sushi options.

I had the ocean warrior set which was pretty good value at Php350 with 4 pieces of spicy tuna sushi, 4 pieces of salmon avocado sushi, and 3 pieces of seared salmon bites. Lunch dilemma solved.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Day 4 of not eating rice.   I am still lucid but i feel like my vitals are weak and i am slowly drifting to oblivion. 

I am on a diet,  cousin is getting shackled,  i need to be skinny to fit the bridesmaid dress.  Concensus Terrorism consumes massive amounts of energy.  I did tell you that not eating a single grain of rice within 24 hours makes me gloomy,  cranky and homicidal.  No,  i didnt kill anyone today.  But i have a serious case of the munchies and i am this close to losing my mind.

While i was walking around High Street,  i had and epiphany,  why not eat sushi?  Wasabi Warriors it is.  I can eat rice only in smaller portions.  This is my first time to visit their Serendra branch.  The joint is small,  but well lit.  The sushi counter is filled with mouth-watering rolls of different variants.  I got a little sad that they don't sell their wasabi mayonnaise jar here,  apparently it is only available at the Gramercy branch.  The girl manning the counter was nice enough to offer an extra serving of the mayo.  Wasabi is now guaranteed to have one solid star in the review, ladies and gentleman.

Anyway,  i ordered spicy tuna roll and panko roll to go.  As i previously mentioned in my first review,  this joint will probably disappoint hardcore sushi lovers.  The rolls they make is not like the classic - no way near it.  But it would be a good starting point for someone who is just beginning to try Japanese flare.  You don't make them it raw fish the first time,  make 'em eat Wasabi Warriors first then you can gradually move on to the next level.

The spicy tuna roll is perfect with the wasabi mayonnaise.  Canned tuna,  cucumber slices,  white rice,  wrapped in Nori.  Panko roll comprises of breaded crabsticks wrapped in white rice.  This was just okay,  they went a lil cray-cray with the breading,  where is the crabmeat?  Wasabi mayonnaise saves the day! 

Anyway,   i still love WW,  affordable rolls that will satiate carbohydrates craving.  And yes,  my vitals are stable.

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Hazel G.
4.0 Stars

I love how affordable and delicious their rolls are. The place is a bit small but it's not always full so it's easy to find a seat. Love their wasabi mayo too.

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Anne Margaux M.
3.0 Stars

Brown and black rice in rolls at a very cheap price.

I just had to have a yum of it.

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

One of the stalls I tried during our Saturday Gourmand Market food crawl...

This is the Tuna & Avocado Roll with black rice 128070🏼(healthier daw128514) @120 - loved the combination, and the black rice surprisingly tasted yummy too! Will definitely pay them a visit soon 128522

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Gourmand Market made it possible for yours truly to try a couple of delectable items from different joints last Friday.  Think of an upscale version of Mercato - that's Gourmand.   Some of the stalls include but not limited to the following:

The Breadery
La Cabrera
Nawty Kitchen
Cupcakes by Sonja
Manila Creamery
LES Bagels
Wasabi Warriors

Some joints which names i cannot recall.  There's one who specializes in chili,  cookie sandwiches,  sangria,  pastries of different sorts,  upscale dimsum and the list goes on.

Wasabi Warriors.  I've read about this restaurant a couple of months back online.  I was planning to visit their first branch near Century  City but work and other stuff got in the way and my fear of eating alone at Japanese joints.  Yes,  i don't know how to use chopsticks. 

First,  the name is catchy.  It sounds like a group of samurai warriors who protect the ones in need in Feudal Japan.  And yes,  Ken Watanabe is their leader -  shameless fangirl alert!

The menu.  WW offers a couple of sushi rolls,  one can stick to the classic with white rice,  others can be a lil adventurous with black or brown rice.  And the price will not burn a hole in your pocket.  They carry a variety of flavor combinations too - from the traditional California roll and a dabble into the the experimental courtesy of fresh salmon and avocado roll.

I picked the spicy tuna roll for obvious reasons.  4 sushi rolls with spicy mayonnaise for php 100.  Canned tuna with a slice of cucumber and Japanese rice.   The soy sauce and wasabi is missing.  I got worried at first.  Sushi aint complete without 'em.  My worrisome self calmed down after the first bite. The taste is pretty good for the price and the spicy mayonnaise worked well with the sushi roll.   That was the best thing i bought this week.

WW is not for the hardcore Japanese cuisine aficionados,  their take on sushi rolls veers away from the classic and conventional.  Usage of mayo instead of soy sauce-wasabi combination is bold and innovative.  But if you're the type who digs eclectic flavors and has a knack for adventure,  go and grab a bite at Wasabi Warriors.

P. S.

I am coming back to try other variants and hoard a couple of jars of the signature spicy mayonnaise.

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Sneaked in a Monday sushi lunch date with my mom before going back to work. We tried the newly opened branch of Wasabi Warriors in Serendra Piazza.

I really don't eat sushi/ maki until I tried Ooma's maki few weeks ago. Since then, I'm slowly learning how to appreciate it. Masarap pala. 128514

Place was small. Dining area felt cramped, with about 4 tables and a bar area that can probably seat 5 people. Their rolls were displayed on the counter. Their staff were very patient in answering all our questions regarding their products. Good thing they also let us sample a couple of rolls before placing our orders.

My favorite was the Spicy Seared Salmon Nigiri. I had to get reassurance from their staff that it wasn't raw salmon that they put on top. A mini log of pressed rice topped with torched salmon, teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo. It tasted fresh and delicious! 128523 They offer a non-spicy variant too.

We also ordered three sushi rolls to share: Beef Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken Katsu and California Maki. You have an option to have your rolls made using white, brown or black rice. We chose black rice but since they only had ready-made white and brown rice rolls, they gladly made fresh black rice makis for us. All three were good but I enjoyed the Spicy Chicken Katsu the most. The rolls were served with Spicy Mayo and Wasabi Mayo. I liked the spicy one! 128513 I think they sell the mayo in bottles if you want to take some home.

Mom ordered Fried Gyoza which were surprisingly small. Didn't try it coz I prefer it steamed than fried. She said it was okay.

I'll be back to try their other sushi rolls next time. 128522

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