Wasai Peanut Ice Cream Roll

G/F Phase 1A, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Wasai Peanut Ice Cream Roll
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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

After dinner, I wanted something sweet to wash away the strong flavor of the smoked meats, and chanced upon Wasai's stall. I have read a couple of reviews on Wasai before, and was intrigued on how this seemingly usual ice cream place differentiated its products from the offerings of various dessert parlors opening recently.

They serve their ice cream "lumpia" style. You may choose from two or three scoops, depending on the level of your craving. 128513 Since I was quite full becuase of our heavy dinner, I opted for the Two Scoops Wasai Peanut Ice Cream Roll (Php 60).

Their staff prepared the dessert by shaving the sweet peanut bar, placing the shavings on top of a lumpia wrapper, and placing two scoops of ice cream on top of it. There are around 6-8 flavors to choose from, and I picked Strawberry and Matcha. 10084128154 After this, the staff asked me if I wanted Wansoy (typically found in lumpia rolls) in my peanut ice cream roll. I was a bit surprised! 128559 Wansoy and ice cream? Now that's unique. 128521 Then, she wrapped this in usual lumpia fashion.

When I got my order, I took a bite, and I liked it! The peanuts gave the dessert its texture, and the strawberry and matcha flavored ice cream matched well with each other. The wansoy also gave a distinct flavor to the ice cream lumpia! One of a kind, and very affordable desserts kiosk. 128521 The staff was super friendly, too! Definitely recommending this to my friends. 128513 The concept is very nice and interesting!


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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Have you ever tried eating a fresh lumpia with icecream inside instead of the usual ubod inside. My sister was hyping me with this place in UP Town that serve this Peanut Ice Cream roll that she tried when she was in Taiwan. So I was excited to finally be able try it.
Originated from Yilan Taiwan, Wasai Peanut Ice Cream opens its first of its kind here in UP Town Mall. Their menu is direct to the point how many scoops of icecream you want to be in your lumpia. 60PHP for 2scoops and 80PHP for 3scoops. For their ice cream they have Vanilla, Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Taro and Matcha Flavors. So I went for the 3 scoop with Matcha, Vanilla and Taro as its flavor.

I excitedly watch as ate prepared my order. 1st she set the lumpia like wrapper and then start shaving this big block of peanut brittle. She topped the bed of shaved peanut with the ice cream and finished it off with a leaf of wansuy. It is optional if you’re not a fan of the strong flavor of this leaf.

The result it was good. While eating did I realize it was like an Asian version of crepe with a different kind of wrapper texture. This one got a bit of rice like mocha texture which I really liked. For the icecream it was not too overwhelmingly good but it was good and the peanut gave it a nice texture. The wansuy was like an equalizer.

Overall it is very unique and really good. A dessert that is perfect for the Filipino taste and Philippine weather. Looking forward to try the other flavor.

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

What a discovery! A new dessert i actually enjoyed. Wasai rolled peanut ice cream is three scoops of ice cream with shaved sweet peanuts wrapped in a 'lumpia' wrapper. The peanuts and ice cream were great, and i wouldve given them a higher score if not for the wrapper-it was a little bit tough to chew. Fun concept tho and would definitely come back.

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Anne K.
4.0 Stars

My sister was very happy when we chanced upon a stall of rolled ice cream in U.P. Town Center last Friday. She wanted to try rolled ice cream for a few months now.

Wasai offered three options for t
he ice cream:

Mini Ice Cream Roll (2 flavors) - P 60.00

Regular Ice Cream Roll (3 flavors) - P 80.00

Wasai Ice Cream - P 50.00

Wasai serves Taiwanese ice cream with a Filipino twist. Their ice cream is homemade, lightly flavored, similar to the Filipino sorbetes. They offered the following flavors: taro, strawberry, vanilla, salted caramel, matcha, and java chip. Their bestseller is the taro ice cream, so all of us had at least a scoop of taro ice cream in our roll.

We ordered a mini ice cream roll (P60.00). I ordered vanilla and taro. P had taro and matcha. B had taro and salted caramel.

The process of making the ice cream roll:

First, they lay out a crepe-like spring roll wrapper.

Then, they bring out a huge peanut brittle block and shave it.

Scoops of ice cream are placed on top of the wrapper and topped with the peanut brittle shavings.

Last, but not the least, the wansuy. Yes, you heard it right, wansuy with ice cream. The flavor may not be palatable to all but the vendor will ask you if you want to add wansuy to your ice cream roll.

We all ordered different ice cream flavors but only my sister and I opted to add the wansuy. My other sister hates wansuy so she decided not to put wansuy in her ice cream roll.

At first bite, the wrapper of the ice cream was a little tough. However, it becomes softer on the next few bites. (according to my sister, she has braces and has a hard time biting food)

I liked the wrapper too. It was like biting a soft, thin spring roll/mochi wrapper.

My sister and I loved the addition of wansuy to the ice cream roll. The salty sweet peanut brittle shavings and wansuy complemented the light flavor of the ice cream. The burst of flavors was perfect.

Price: 3.5/5

Quality: 3.5/5

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

Wanting to treat myself after a long exam, I walked from UP to UP Town to finally try Wasai! It was really hot when I got out of class so I was more than ready to have some ice cream!

Wasai serves peanut ice cream roll, which apparently is a cold treat from Taiwan! The regular size costs Php80 and comes with three scoops of ice cream. I went for the vanilla, java chip, and salted caramel. There are three other flavors; matcha, strawberry, and taro. All these ice creams are homemade too!

So this peanut ice cream roll starts off with the wrapper, which reminded me of lump is 128518 But the texture is closer to paper thin mochi. Next, shaved peanut brittle is piled in the middle. The block of peanut brittle on the counter is huge and the lady serving was pretty generous with the shavings!

Then, the three scoops of ice cream were put on top of the peanut brittle. They're each topped with wansuy before the whole thing is rolled like, well, lumpia.

I really, really enjoyed this ice cream roll, especially it's such a hot afternoon! The ice cream, thankfully, did not melt so I was spared from a messy eating experience while walking around the mall. The shaved peanut brittle added some texture to the treat even though it's more like grainy powder in your mouth. The flavor of the peanut brittle went well with my choice of ice cream.

My favorite is the wansuy because it cut through the sweetness and had this refreshing taste in my mouth. I wish there was more wansuy in my ice cream roll!

Will definitely have another one soon, especially since it's bound to get warmer in the coming weeks (boo academic calendar shift lol) and it's a nice change from the usual ice cream in a cup or cone! 128523

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars


This apparently holds the same meaning as "wow" in English, and is an expression commonly used in Taiwan.

Another common thing in Taiwan are these peanut ice cream rolls, and this stall at UP Town is one of the first to offer them in the country! 128588

On the menu:
128156 Regular peanut ice cream roll (3 flavors) - P80
128156 Mini peanut ice cream roll (2 flavors) - P60
128156 Wasai in a cup (2 flavors) - P50

So what exactly is a peanut ice cream roll? I decided to get the regular one and basically you start out with a crepe-like wrapper laid out. Next, a huge block of peanut brittle is shaved (this is not a drill! THERE IS A LITERAL HUGE BLOCK OF PEANUT BRITTLE) and the nutty bits sprinkled on top. Scoops of ice cream come next (you could choose from a variety of flavors they have on offer like matcha, taro, vanilla, strawberry, etc.) and then it's all topped with...cilantro! 128561

Finally, everything is all wrapped like a burrito and ready for consumption! 128539 So this was actually great! I'd describe it as creamy, nutty, chewy yet grainy and sweet all at the same time with a sudden hit of cilantro at the end. I quite enjoyed the three-layer texture complexity and the medley of flavors in my mouth!

Wasai, indeed! 128514

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