Wawa Dam

MH Del Pilar St., Rodriguez, Rizal

Wawa Dam
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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

Why did i gave this place a 5 star rating?
Because it was definitely worth it 10084️ So after a tiring and exhausting hike in Mt. Binacayan we decided to visit Wawa dam just 30mins walk from the registration you don't need a guide to go there just ask some locals for the directions.

Wawa Dam is situated in Brgy. Wawa Montalban, Rizal. This place is good for relaxation. You can either enjoy the flowing cold water while sitting on the slope of the dam. Or you could bring food for family picnic because they have "kubos" for rent for only Php 150.00 128076🏻

For me the best experience is not on how much money you've cost for a trip, it is on the beauty of the place that just cost a little but definitely worth it.

128681How to get there?
From Cubao ride a fx going to Montalban, Rizal. The fare cost Php 50.00/person then ride either a jeepney or tricycle (Php 10/8). Registration fee is Php 50.00 128184


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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

If you love the outdoors, you will certainly enjoy the sights and side trips that you will see and experience if you will go and climb mountains.

Montalban, Rizal is one of the areas near my place where there are a lot of mountains to check out, climb and fully experience.

Our group, J Hikers and Friends, has visited a lot of mountains in the area including Mount Pamitinan, Sipit Ulang, and Batolusong as the most recent. In all our hikes going here, we've come to see the beauty of the Wawa Dam.

Wawa Dam is a gravity dam constructed over the Marikina River in the municipality of Rizal. Most of the jump-off points towards the start of a trek is located here at Wawa Dam.

During the summer season, the Wawa Dam looks really beautiful with the bright sun highlighting its water and all the greens and browns around it.

Its very long stretch of water gives that picturesque view of nature's simple beauty where you can have nice photo of yourself along with your friends and hiking buddies.

To experience Wawa Dam's to its utmost beauty, you can hire a raft to move around the whole water stretch, take beautiful photos, swim with your friends and just rest, relax and chill as you're away from all the business in the city.

Just keep in mind to stay away from the dam whenever it's rainy because it can get too muddy, slippery, and there's a tendency for the water to overflow so better be safe than sorry, right?

Wawa Dam is actually a beautiful sight to see in Rizal and it's worth experiencing most especially during the summer season.

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Lovely P.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Michelle E.
3.0 Stars

My first time to go here when it's actually 5 minutes away from our house. My parents are so strict when it comes to places involving water 128532 even though i took swimming lessons when i was a kid.

Oh well, after 8 years of staying here in Montalban, i finally saw this beauty. I didn't go swimming, though. A lot of people drowned in here and I remembered what my parents said about Bernardo Carpio stuff. (But the truth is, i feel sore and my knees were too weak that time. Haha!)

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Jona P.
3.0 Stars

Try to take a different route of your weekend at Wawa Dam in Rodriguez Rizal. Some locals were selling suman (with latik) and don't forget to capture the scenic view of two mountains just alongside of the dam ;)

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Jackie M.
4.0 Stars

This was an unexpected visit. Trekking ng di oras.128554128166128162 whew!
After spending the night in a resort in San Mateo with my former officemates--mini reunion--we go straight here in Wawa Dam to maximize our trip since its just a jeep away (isang tambling na lang).

Eventhough its freaking hot and we had no sleep from the overnight swimming we had-- the great view, great destination, great nature tripping and great people along pays all the pagod and puyat away. 128074128077128561128514
Take note there was no fee at all till you get a kubo which was 150 I think but still such a cheap getaway! 128507

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Kia S.
5.0 Stars

What a perfect cheap day trip adventure! It's very easy to locate. We passed by the payatas road via commonwealth then we just went straight until we reached the end. When you see Mercury drug in Montalban, just turn left then go straight again. Upon reaching the end you will see an Arc and that's the entrance to Wawa Dam.

From the parking lot, it's just a 5-10min walk to the dam. You have to go down to the rocky part and the make-shift bamboo bridges in order to reach the Dam itself. No entrance fee to pay but there's parking fee. Around 10-30pesos.

Along the path on the way to the dam are stores by locals. You can buy cooked food or opt to buy fresh wherein you can cook at the cottages near the Dam. Most people we saw when we went there were families and most of them were carrying equipments for cooking.

Another cool thing is that their cottages are at the foot of the dam so your feet will be touching the water from the dam also you can rent karaoke machines if you want to.

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

Just an hour away from the busy Metro, Wawa Dam is not bad if you want an escape and fresher air. And if you like meeting new people, it maybe just the right place for you for it's surrounded with houses where locals live their simple lives.

From the parking lot, the dam is about 5 to 10-minute walk. Locals are everywhere and are really friendly so don't be shy to ask for the right path. Going down to the dam can be a challenge for some, though, because you'll have to make use of what looks like big rocks unevenly piled up to form like stairs. And although there are bamboos tied for you to hold upon, some rocks are traitor and can be really loose so take care on where you step on.

Before you reach the dam, you'll have to cross a creaking bamboo bridge with a 3-peso fee per person. And there you are! Swimming is allowed but you have to be careful for it's pretty mossy and can be really slippery.

There are cottages around the dam that can be rented for 150php for the whole day. But overnight is stay not allowed.

You can also visit the Pamitinan Cave. Like the way to the dam, you'll be needing to climb up and down rocky path and cross bamboo bridge to reach the cave, this time for about 20-30 minutes depending on your phase. There is a 5php entrance fee to the cave plus you need to rent a helmet and flashlight for 50php for safety. Also, you can't go in without a guide which comes with another fee, but it's really up to you how much you'd give.

The cave is muddy, it maybe is not as grand compared to the other caves you've been to but stalactites and stalagmites are pretty amazing too and is rich in history.

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