Where's Marcel?

GF & Partners Bldg., 139 HV Dela Costa St., Makati, Metro Manila

Where's Marcel?
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Jairus d.
3.0 Stars

If I had to eat here for the rest of my life, I'll probably avoid what I ordered today.

A cancelled meeting & a traffic violation lead me to Where's Marcel?. Most of the reviews were hyping about their Dirty Chai and so I got the largest cup.. Iced.

I liked the amount of creaminess and coffee kick pero ganto ba talaga to? There's an aftertaste ng tubig na naiwan sa fridge na madaming lamang ulam128517 My guess is probably because of the chai. Me not likey. 128528

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

And their Almond Fudge Brownie was fudgy indeed! Too fudgy actually for my liking. I would liken its consistency more to that of a lava cake where the inside just bursts out of chocolatey goodness. It may be cloyingly sweet at the end so it’s best to pair it with some coffee. Plus points though on the size for it was huge.

As much as I wanted to try Marcel’s Dirty Chai, I was more intrigued of their Bulletproof Coffee. I’ve always wanted to try that coffee type and feel its rush. Their version had some organic butter and medium chain coconut oil mixed in their espresso. Did I feel that rush? I definitely did. I felt full too hours later compared to drinking other coffee. Or maybe that was just all in my mind…

For that day, I thought I would only be having their coffee and brownie. But little did I know that there would be part two. This was after an event that I attended. The interview portion was held, oh where, at this cafe. Hahaha. As much as I wanted to try a different coffee, I was surprisingly still full. I had my cup at around 3:30pm, and were served the dishes above at around 6pm. I was only able to take a few bites of their Cheese and Pico de Gallo Quesadilla which I find to be enjoyable. It was slightly sweet with all that filling.

I wouldn’t need to wonder where this cafe is. I’m just glad it opened its doors here in Makati. They do serve up some delicious eats and of course, good coffee too. Their selections for that day were quite few but I bet they’ll be packing that stock up in the coming months.

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

There are coffee shops and there are really special coffee shops. Where's Marcel? definitely belongs to the latter.

After a long walk from our area at Legazpi Village, we're finally here. The cozy ambiance greeted us and the view of coffee drip flasks (or whatever you call it) welcomed us. Leigh, the barista, was so kind to introduce Where's Marcel? to us. Of Australian origin, there are only two branches here in the country- the other branch in Pearl Drive, Ortigas.

I'm a coffee lover but definitely not a coffee expert. And I wouldn't dig into the technicalities that go into my cup. But the baristas here sure know what they're doing. If I heard it right from Leigh, the baristas have trained at CCA, who also offers classes in this very same building. The place, by the way, is a few steps across Ateneo Graduate School building in Dela Costa.

Leigh mentioned that they didn't have most of the pastries but she offered us the fruit loop cake, which I was looking forward to trying, being a lover of fruit loops! We also got the brownies which really look very full and moist. Yum!

And our coffee? Leigh recommended that we try Marcel's Dirty Chai... weird name for a coffee, but I think it's very Aussie. Coffee was great of course! It had a hint of coconut (probably their secret ingredient), and tea! Can't wait to try the other coffee (and pastries) very soon!

And yes, I would definitely recommend this place for your Valentine's Day date tonight. Come early though as there are only a number of seats available.

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Allen M.
3.0 Stars

It's a good place for meetings or quick coffee breaks. Since it's still new, the menu is not that extensive yet. We tried their green tea latte and some sweets (smores, brownie, and revel bar). They have generous servings for the price. The location is also quite ideal since it's neatly tucked in a quiet area but still accessible from the nearby offices.

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

Left BGC at 5:30, arrived at Makati at around 7PM. Damn. But as they always say, better late than never. The guys of Where's Marcel were still nice enough to accomodate us that night for a special coffee session with them! Yaay!

It was such a great way to learn about coffee and how Where's Marcel serves not just coffee but also the whole customer experience when you walk inside their stores. Andre, their coffee specialist from Melbourne, quickly gave us an overview of how Where's Marcel started out as a joke but then became the name of the Australian coffee brand.

He also explained that they currently have two blends: Culture and Evolve. We were able to try their Culture blend, which is a mild roast with a smooth finish.

The best part was we were able to be baristas for a few minutes, doing our own latte art. Joey, Kirk and the other baristas were very patient enough to teach us and even let us try multiple times. We were like kids in a field trip!

Overall, it was a great experience. I have already visited their Ortigas branch and probably the next time I visit their Makati Branch, I would get torn between ordering their Dirty Chai and Flat White! 9749

Thank you, Maui M!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Finally my favorite coffee chain have opened a branch in Makati. No more hassle of going to Ortigas for my fave Dirty Chai. Last Monday, Where's Marcel officially opened their branch in Makati. Located in HV Dela Costa St. They launch with a bang! By offering free coffee! For their frequent customer and other coffee lover they invited us to have a coffee session with them. Me, Elaine O. , Roland O., Jayson J., Christina R. and Kristin A. decided to attend the coffee session last Wednesday.

It was a fun experience to learn more about Where's Marcel and more about coffee. The friendly baristas gave us also a try with the espresso machine and try making some awesome latte art! Got mine with a cute little heart. 128149 Not bad for 1st timer. Hehe. For the pastries I love the Chocolate smores brookie. The sweetness is a perfect combination for the latte. Andre, one of the franchise owner, also gave us a simple idea about the different tea that they use. I also learned a lot about the different kind of chai tea leaves that they have. From the one they use for chai tea, powder chai for the dity chai and a sticky chai leaves for the Sticky Chai. Amazing!

Didn't notice if they have wifi, but they do have power outlet but I think only on one side of the store. Washroom need a little bit of air conditioning.

Overall another great option for coffee lover in Makati! While for the non-coffee drinker try the Sticky Chai! BTW Thanks Maui M.!

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

I'm glad third wave is going to Makati cause I cannot seem to find time and effort to go to their original places. Where Marcel is another new offering at Makati, this time at Salcedo's side. Located very closely with Ateneo Business School along HV Dela Costa St. They're still on soft opening so the place is still peaceful.

Went here for a quick grab of my caffeine dose. Skipping my usual Flat White though my friend ordered it still, I tried "Magic". It's double ristretto base coffee filtering the sweet texture of the coffee instead to top off with some milk and latte art. Current size is only 8oz maybe because of the nature of ristretto itself. I like its smooth blend and how it's not sweet but neither bitter either. No need for sugar, just the right texture for your daily caffeine fix.

I also like their grilled cheese sandwich. For once, a good grilled cheese that's below Php 150! Perfect! They use rye bread making it chewy, and a lot of parmesan on top. The grilled cheese is gooey but I would prefer it for more cheese. It's actually premade so maybe that explains why they gooeyness kinda lacks. But still not bad.

The good thing about them is that their pastries are cheap. Some dessert bars are only Php 55 like that of fruit loops while the sandwiches are Php 125++. I like the idea of having a good coffee with pastry for less than Php 200.

The place is cozy, for now it's like your hidden place at Salcedo. I think people usually come in during late hours so be sure to check them early. They're open as early as 7am and closes at 10pm. There are still no wifi connection yet but a really nice place for coffee, catch up and just some chill time.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Where's Marcel is finally at Makati! (Huhu but still we were not able to find him there)

Tonight was a special night as where's marcel hosted a coffee session and invited coffee--not to forget mentioning--chai addicts to attend and learn more about it. It just sucks that i was late (like 1 hour late) and i almost did not make it. Thank goodness the baristas were super warm and shared some insights on the highlight (for me) of the event.

I only get to catch the "smelling" of the freshly brewed teas that they also sell. I really like the chai, mint, and chamomile teas. Speaking of chai, thanks to Dennis O he also imparted some knowledge from tonight's event:
Where's marcel has made their chai, really special ever since they have opened. And if you have not tried it yet, better go and visit either one of their stores!

128204128525 Chai tea leaf
This is what they use in their brew (cold or hot) teas. These are rather fresh and direct to the taste. It's not processed or anything. It might help to smell it first before tasting it if you are not into chai. It's very fragrant.

128204 processed chai leaves (sticky chai latte)
This is used with their sticky chai lattes. These are for "hardcore" chai latte drinkers.

128204128525 powdered chai (dirty chai)
These are the types of chai that's infused in your dirty chai or chai with espresso. This is as well my favorite as i like both coffee and chai. Also, if you like latte arts, you should get this as this is the only chai drink that has latte art. Good to see barista mac (from ortigas branch) was there to show me how it was done.

128204 dark chocolate smores
Also, i get to try these lovely smores. All time favorite as it tastes very classic. Good for teatimes as well.

Yes, the highlight was teaching us do a latte art. I had a nice one on one session with barista kirk. But unfortunately my latte art was a fluke. I did not know until now that making a latteart could be that difficult! 128556128517 so cheers to all baristas who can make different latte arts!

Thanks Maui M for all the love.

The place is near two pay parking areas. But street parking is advisable especially after working hours. There's no wifi at the moment as it has just opened this Monday. The separate CRs are now functional but are still in the "construction phase" (its hallway)

But fir me, i still love the ambience at ortigas, pearl drive. However, because it really was a very enjoyable experience (especially meeting new people) i'd give this experience a high 4!

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