White Island

Mambajao, Camiguin

White Island
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Judy R.
5.0 Stars

White Island in Camiguin is so far one of the best beaches that I've ever been to. Clear and pristine blue waters..fine sand..and the sand bar..one of the best! (Kalanggaman is nice too!)

Just one 15 minute boat ride from one of the famous beach resorts in Camiguin. Back and forth fare only costs 400+ php good for 4-6 peeps. Try to bring beach umbrella since there are no trees there. You can also rent a beach umbrella for 150php.

Unspoiled and peaceful. Considered as one of the virgin islands in the country. If you want to relax and get a tan I highly recommend this island.

Tip: Don't forget to bring water and sunblock too.

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TheMitch M.
5.0 Stars

My last review for everything in Camiguin.

White Island is as beautiful as it is in your dreams.

Turquoise waters, powdery white sand, a stretch long enough to allow you to feel completely alone yet still safe because you can still see other people on the other end of the sandbar.

It is a sandbar by all accounts, sometimes when the tides are high and the ocean is angry, it is gone. Most times, it is right there. Just off to the distance.

When I was there, a German couple and their baby were windsurfing. I did not question the safety of the child because, much like German engineering, they've got it down to pat.

Locals sell sea urchin at 60 a basket. There are small shops where you can buy drinks and snacks (although this part I hope the LGU will abolish because it takes awaw from the beauty of the island).

Don't laugh at the guy running madly into the sea in my second photo. That's you too if you ever get to visit this place.

Hands flailing in the air, legs all jelly, a stupid smile on your face as you splash into the water.

I fell asleep on the far side of the island and woke up a toasty brown (I'm very pale and not the gluta kinda pale but pasty).

Groups can stay for the whole day but when the lifeguards and LGU say it's time to go, it is time to go (that's usually right after sunset so you still have time for an IG sunset shot.

No banyo anywhere so do your serious business on the mainland before heading here.

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Nizhel V.
4.0 Stars

Sandbar in the middle of the sea. It is only visible when low tide. From there you can alreafy see Bohol island.

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5.0 Stars

Another checklist that you should include to your itinerary when you are in Cagayan de Oro is to visit Camiguin Island and have a day or two to explore Camiguin.

You will never missed the White Island of Camiguin when you explore the island. It's one of the famous tourist spot. You need to ride a boat from the main island of Camiguin going to the White Island. It's a 10 minute ride.

While in a boat you will notice the beauty of Camiguin, where the 7 volcanoes lies. As you can see in the picture, fronting the White Island is the most known one, Mt. Hibok-hibok.128507

The White Island have a beautiful sands, it's not fine as powder as Boracay sands but it's okay, it's also fine. The sea water is very clear, as you can see your feet under the water.127754

It also gives you a relaxing background, the color of the sands and the sea, the beautiful view of Mt. Hibok-hibok and of course the sea breeze.9728

One thing for sure, I will definitely going back there again.


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Allyzon Mae S.
5.0 Stars

I've read so much about White Island in Camiguin prior to our Camiguin trip, so I made sure to include this to our itinerary in Camiguin. From afar you can already see the beauty of this island with its white sand and crystal blue water. Imagine how happy and excited we are to enjoy the beach when we step onto the island, we are simply amazed by its natural beauty .
•You must put on sunblock! Be prepared for the scorching heat as there are only two big umbrellas you can shade on.
•You can bring snacks to eat though there are two mini sarisari stores expect the tourist price on their goods that they are selling
•You should take a lot of pictures, snorkle and just enjoy the beach!


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Katrina V.
5.0 Stars

The photo says it all, paradise! White Island is a sandbar that can be reach by a 15-20 mins boat ride. The water was clear, sparkling, and had all shades of blue that complimented so well with the white fine sand. What sets this sandbar apart was the active volcano, Mt. Hibok-Hibok, as your backdrop!128525

There's no cottage at this island but there are tables with chairs and a big umbrella that you can use for a fee. You can do snorkeling but it is best enjoyed while frolicking and swimming. Since we went here during non-peak season, we were able to take a lot of photos without any crowd in the background.128521

I've been to this place many times already and not one moment that it failed to take my breath away!9786

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5.0 Stars

When you visit Camiguin, don't you forget to drop-by in this island. Its one of the best island beach in the Philippines. Its changes its formation everyday. The Mountain in the background is an active volcano, Mt. Hibok-hibok, the famous in Camiguin.

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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

Opted to go here instead of going to the island of sins. 128525

Do I need to say more? Heaven!

Wow just wow. I'm in love with Camiguin. 128525

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Jerry N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Lovely Framie J.
5.0 Stars

Need to say more? Photo speaks itself! : )

White Island is a very small C shaped island that is just composed of white sands. There are about 3 or 4 floating cottages and that's it! Surrounded by just clear waters (sea)!

Views: Camiguin Island and Mantigue Island

I want to go back!!! : )

* Sorry for displaying myself (photo). Hahaha!

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