White Space Wellness Studio

6/F Regis Center, Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

White Space Wellness Studio
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5.0 Stars

For someone who hasn't undergone legit yoga classes, it was very nice to walk up to a place that has serene and cozy interiors, and it gave out a non-intimidating vibe. So relaxing! I believe this is very conducive for the yoga classes. The receptionist was also sooooo friendly :)

I signed up for the Hatha Yoga class under Lloyd. He probably noticed that I'm a newbie as he started a chat with me (which was super great. I'm so shy around people I haven't met and he really did let me loosen up a bit). Lloyd also encouraged me to just go as far as my body would go, and not really exert too much effort as I might feel dizzy or whatever...

And I almost fainted in class 128557128557128557 goes to show how unfit I am these days! Normally I could've followed the stretches perfectly but I guess I'm just too fat these days to bend over and reach for my toes. SO SAD 128557 haha! Thank goodness Lloyd and the people in my class weren't judgmental and even asked how I was doing after the class.

I'll definitely go back to White Space and get back in shape. Baby steps for the road to fitness!

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Aza A.
5.0 Stars

Sorry for my phone's fail focus, but the place is actually quite brighter 128556

I love the interior, the ambiane, and of course the teachers!

They're so friendly and approachable. They smile and give you this welcoming feeling inside. And I love the way they teach yoga and tai chi. It's just so different from my PE teachers' (Though I'm not saying my profs are "walang kwenta" They're great as well! Haha). They make sure you understand the purpose of the positions. And the way they guide you with their oh-so-calming voice makes you a lot more comfortable and confident 128524

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