Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

National Highway, Subic, Zambales

Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel
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Most Recent Reviews

Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

trick or treat!!!
oooops! i mean, relaxing on the beach!
one of the subic's finest, (a bit expensive too) so me and my friends spend a day here 128524
the place is awesome, with great crew and activities too! swim or stay anywhere with the waters as the view 128526 and splashing waves as the 127911 ooooooooh!!!
and lotsa instagrammable stuffs too!

smile!!! 📸 click!

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Jah P.
5.0 Stars

Just wanna share a bit of my summer.

So our company decided our Summer Event to be in Whiterock and it was brill!

The food wasn't quite delish yet the place was epic! We owned and pwned the Infinity Pool and did a bit of Kayaking and enjoyed the night over booze.

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Rose C.
3.0 Stars

We spend our company outing here and it was really a wrong timing since it's already rainy season.
So, we had our overnight stay with the rain with us... :'(
I always look forward for a sunset every time I go to the beach., so I was really disappointed not seeing it.

Im not a swimming pool fan and even the slides wont attract me at all., so I had to look for diff things to enjoy the place.

Good thing they have beach volleyball and I had my ball with me., had my sporty officemates and had fun under the rain! It was kinda harder to play but the experience was awesome!

The beach is really not nice! The sand is actually gray (cause naturally subic bay has gray sand, its up to bataan!).... Pinatungan lang nila ng white sand yung beach front soo it would look white... (Duh??!)

There were even white rocks all over the place. Rocks painted with white paint. The painting was great cause from afar you'll think its a natural sand stone., may nakabaliktad lang na isa kaya nalaman naming fake cia. Hahahah
Soo ridiculous!

Anyway, the accommodation was good. Clean rooms, newly renovated, secured and safe... Just a bit of mothball smell the first time you enter the room... Nyahahaha!

I know white rock has been operating for a long time... Elementary palang ako white rock na sia...
Good thing they maintain the bldgs., they continue renovating and adding more and more pools.. The bad thing is the wasted beauty of the beach... And i soo hate that "green washing" thing! adding white
Sand to the beach front is such a pretentious advertising trick!

The food??? Nahhh,
Buffet style at their common resto eating together with other company and some families...

Ok lang samin cause kami yung marami... i wonder how it sucks for those private groups eating with us... Nyahahha!

Good thing everything is paid by the

I wont spend my money here for a comeback!
Stars for the accommodation, the friendly staff and the fun experience I had with my officemates!
No stars for the beach
And the food!

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Diane S.
5.0 Stars

since it's the 21st let me do some throwback reviews128584

Went here with high school friends, actually lovie's elem-highschool barkada.
this is a post birthday celebration 128045128516

we really enjoyed the slides here specially the funnel one 128514 it's scary but it's fun!128077128516
also the privacy it gave us, i guess we were lucky that when we came here few people are checked in 128522
loved the beach!128525

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Min E.
4.0 Stars

I enjoyed all the slides especially the see saw one! But the wave pool was my favorite. We went near where the wave comes from and held on the rope for more intensity. That was really fun. (Fun to be slapped by waves on the face, hell yeah)

The restrooms werent good tho. It was hard to change to fresh clothes because the shower rooms were too little, there were just not enough dry space after you shower.

The beach was a mess. Kind of gross. There were plastic bottles, tetrapacks etc :s

But the pools were perfectly fine. And not crowded at all when we came so yey!

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Summer time!!! 127774127774127774

My cousins and I planned to go out of town for 2 days last week. But, the original 2-days vacation (Fri-Sat) was changed to a single day vacation since we all attended our lola's birthday last Friday. So, we pushed this one-day trip to White Rock Subic last Saturday.

We came at around 8:30 in the morning from a 4 hour-trip from Makati to the resort itself. The staff warmly welcomed us and put our stuff on this trolly and escort us to the lobby. Since we'll be here just for a day, we just decided to get a big cottage near the beach area, for about 4,000 or 6,000 if i recall correctly.

The place was really nice, lots of pool and some cool attractions. You could also do lot of activities like Bowling, Kayak, Jet skiing, Banana boats, Basketball, Ping pong, Frisbee, Wild river, Rappelling, Zip-line and a lot more. They also have lots of pools inside the resort including the Waves pool ala 8-waves. They also had this mini jacuzzis exclusively for those who were staying at their villas.

We all enjoyed our stay here although we felt like we wanted more time to spend our vacation here. For more info about the prices, accomodations and FAQs, kindly visit their webpage at: www.whiterock.com.ph.

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