Wings & Dips

4/F The Peak, Gaisano Mall Davao, JP Laurel Ave., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Wings & Dips
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Charlene C.
4.0 Stars

Cravings cravings!

Hiiiiii fooood! Haha.
Long time no wings and dip. :)
I really miss their chicken & pesto with gambas. 128557

Anyways you still must try their "combo a. Which had a 4 pcs chicken w/ combination sauce of honey BBQ + blue cheese w/ a side dish of carrots & corns! Yay! Sadly it was fries the last time I ate, but the fries was not available so they had to give me another side dish anyways. I really had a heavy lunch today. ;)) pig out. Ha-ha.

But, sadly one last thing the waiters and cashier are not so very friendly :( pffft. They don't entertain customers that much zz. But still the food still good though! You must try it. Hihi. 128522128079128150128536127830127835

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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

When I entered the place, I felt melancholy and nostalgia.



Because the place was packed with Atenistas in their uniforms! 128084 I remember that it was Prelim week, so they were all talking about their upcoming exams.

Sniff. I miss Ateneo. I miss being a student! Oh I miss college life! 128546

Ok, enough with the emo talk. 128518

I ordered their beef burrito with two chicken wings in honey barbeque sauce. The burrito, which was already sliced in half, was pretty big. It took me QUITE a while to finish it! I liked the well-cooked rice and subtle kick of heat in it. 128523 But the beef was a bit overcooked and a little on the thin side. 128528 It was passable though.

The chicken flaps were great, as they were served fresh and hot. The skin was really crispy and the meat was tender. And I just love the sauce I chose to go with it. 10084

The place is self-service, but the crew is pretty friendly. The place and the CR was clean and well-maintained too.

I think I paid just PHP180 for my meal. Their price range caters to students (if that wasn't obvious yet). 128540 They also have special student-priced meals every 12-3 PM, if I remember correctly.

Got my money's worth, for sure. 128516

I should hang out here more often! Who knows, I might meet my lowerclassmen again here! 128513

If you want to know more about the extensive menu they have, my previous review on this place was more elaborate. 128516

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Charlene C.
4.0 Stars

They awesome buffalo wings, with a honey BBQ sauce paired pesto with gambas. Nomnom. Must try!:)

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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

As the opening of classes draws nearer, I thought I'd do a review on a place that's friendly on a student's budget. In fact, this place is pretty popular with students here in Davao City.

I've been a happy returning customer to Wings & Dips ever since it opened when I was in college. It's one of those places that keeps you coming back.

As suggested by its name, their specialty is their buffalo wings. 128020 But you don't just get any ordinary flaps. You can choose the amount of heat, type of sauce it's cooked in, and the type of dip that goes with it. There are four heat intensity levels and about 6 types of sauces and dips. Just imagine the combinations! Buffalo wings cooked just the way you like it. 128076

But their innovation doesn't stop there. You can also create your own combo meals. Choose from burgers, baby back ribs, pasta, lasagna, burritos, tacos, and fries among others. (Sorry I forgot the others 'cause there are a whole lot of 'em! 128562) Prices of their combos range from PHP70-300, depending on the number of flaps that goes with them. Talk about sulit! 128077

Now don't be fooled by the price range. Flaps are crispy, juicy, and flavorful. I also had their burritos and the heat was intense! 128293 But that's a good thing. The heat brought out the flavors of the other ingredients. And it didn't taste cheap, like it was just slapped on the wrap and rolled up. It was what you'd expect of a burrito. (I hope that makes sense. Haha) And never mind their cheap-o style of putting the burritos in an aluminum foil. It's the inside that counts! Pretty understandable since their target market are students. And thumbs up for not skimping on the ingredients, considering the price! 128077

It's self-service here, but I must add that the staff is really friendly and patient. They understand that you WILL get lost on deciding what to order! 128514

Lately they've also been introducing new items to their menu. So that's something to look forward to!

The place is also clean and has this minimalistic interior style. It's simplicity with just a bit of class. 127926

Great value for money at Wings & Dips. They don't disappoint. I'd eat here any day over those fast food joints. 128516

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