Winnie's Restaurant

Coron National Highway, Coron, Palawan

Winnie's Restaurant
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Xy P.
5.0 Stars

Crab Meat curry... Made fresh from the stove.

Scrumptious. Flavorful. Rich in taste.

Went back another night to have a taste of it again.

Affordable and good for sharing.

No wonder it was written under the specials board.

Unforgettably delicious.

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

The place deserves even more than 5 stars.

We were supposed to dine-in in Lolo nonoy's for our second night but something disappointing happened. (Review will be posted after this)

Good thing, winnies was third on our list. So we head to the place which was just a few walks from the former place.

The owner was a german and he was very hands-on with entertaining the customers. Friendly staffs was also an add-on to the best dining experience we had that night.

Serving time depends on how many customers are left to be served as they cook per table. But good thing they serve this tasty home made vegetarian breads and roasted garlic peanuts.

What we ordered:

1. Octopus salad, boiled to tenderness and dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It was so good that one foreigner had to get up to the kitchen and thanks the staffs for a wonderful entrée. He said he had a lot of versions from different hotels but whinnies version was the best. In my opinion, it could be as the freshness of the octopus was preserved, you can feel the exotic taste the specie could give and is more enhanced by the subtle seduction of the dressing.

2. Lapulapu on a lime garlic sauce. Oooh! Spot on!!! Just imagine eating moist, flaky, fresh fish on its simple form enhanced with by the lime sauce. The lime is so modest that you can hardly take note that it was their, just like lobster kings's version but this time even better!

3. Steamed Slipper lobster. I'll leave this one for you to judge. Buuuut! i can't just keep you on a hang. Just a short one, better than lobster king.

This place is truly a must when you head to coron!!! I think, this is another reason why I plan on going back.

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Zinia A.
5.0 Stars

Yummy Steamed rock lobsters at 400 for half kilo. Ordered the shrimp sinigang as well and really like how sour it is :) good home cooked food.

The swiss owner is very hands on and makes sure that he serves each of te guests well. The whole time we were there, he had to decline a lot of guests lining up because he can't serve a lot all at the same time. Doesn't matter if its lost revenue for him but each guest gets quality service.

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Alex O.
4.0 Stars

It is still not easy to find good food in Coron. The choices are few. But this hole in the wall restaurant is probably a few of the good ones. The owner is a Swiss guy who seems snooty, but warms up once you know him. He is married to a pinay, and use to cook at Kookie restaurant near the market. That restaurant has gone down hill since he opened up his own. Order the crab curry, and the steamed fish with lime garlic sauce, which was really fresh and aromatic. It serves home cooked Thai inspired cuisine. We ended our meal with leche flan and Italian mokka coffee, and a free kirsch from the Swiss guy. Dinner is always full, so reserve in advance.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

The owner is a European dude with a local pinay wife. They do a tandem where one cooks and the other helps in the preparation.

It's an open kitchen so you can smell everything they're cooking and you can see what how they're preparing the food.

The one on the picture is the octopus salad with balsamic vinegar mixed with other things. It was delicious!

Had tiger prawns also, and a whole steamed lapu lapu with lemon garlic sauce.

For a 2 main dishes, rice, appetizer, drinks - and it costs Php890. From the size of the prawns and the lapu lapu which is more than 1kg.

Highly recommended when in Coron!

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