56B East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

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Reopens: 11:00a - 2:30p


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Most Recent Reviews

Kindred P.
2.0 Stars

Didn't like the cheesy wings. Nothing special about it; it was fried then powdered in cheese.

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5.0 Stars

...tried the sloppy juan, basically a sloppy joe. Really good. Do not attempt to eat with your hands coz its really sloppy. Their home made potato chips were slightly burned so we advised the waitress to tell the chef to go easy on our separate order of chips.

...for the wings, we tried the peppermansi. Surpsrisingly good considering im not fond of calamansi on my food or as sawsawan.

...i like the recycled interior of the place.

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Jona P.
5.0 Stars

chicken wings cravings? Try Wishbone's Srirachamansi @ Kapitolyo, Pasig. 128077nice place and great service 🤓

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Luisa E.
2.0 Stars

Two stars cause the classic cubano sandwich Php200+ was okay and the service was fine too and minus three stars for the un-tasty Luchadore wings Php200+ which was too crunchy due to breading and the underwhelming serving of Louisiana rice for the price of Php50+ and the chili cheese fries were bland.

Go somewhere else for buffalo wing cravings like Frankie's.
I recommend the cubano, it could be better at some other establishments but theirs was okay.
Fries were a waste of money, best I've tried was at Manila Wings.


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Veanney V.
3.0 Stars

I remember my dad used to check all of our fried chicken so he can get the wishbone 128514 Cos yknow you can wish upon a bone HAHA

Anyway, last October 2 (yup super late review but Im doing "most recent" to waaaay overdue reviews. Better late than never right?) I was craving for salted egg chicken wings and Carmen's best butterscotch pecan so my friend Bianx A and I went here to satisfy my wing craving. We were also supposed to go to Puregold to get the carmen's best ice cream but her boyfriend stole her after our dinner so no ice cream for me 128532

I was expecting the place to be jam packed but surprisingly the place was flat out empty. I thought the blogs and articles about it (saw this on spot.ph) would hype this up and bring lots of customers considering it was a Friday night. I even called to reserve so we wouldn't end up waiting for a table. HAHA. Sigurista much? So we both got an order of their best selling salted egg chicken wings. Uhm, I guess it was just okay. It got cold quite easily and the taste I was looking for wasnt their. It had the same starchy texture I was expecting but it didnt have that "wow this is a party in my mouth" flavor that I normally get from eating my favorite Salted Egg Chicken Wings from (the now shutdown) Kwong's Provision @ HITW.

The owners came in and as we requested for a dip (blue cheese dip) I asked if it was free of charge. It wasnt. It was P15 per dip saucer. But the owners were kind enough to give it to us for free since it was our first time to try it here so 1 star for that! Dont expect much from the dip tho it tasted like Kraft's blue cheese dressing unlike the yummy pungent blue cheese sauce from Charlie's dirty fries.

Food was ok but maybe I should try something else if and when I come back. Ambiance is great. Music is awesome. However, overall I think this place is just okay because food plays a big role for me to like the place.

It's good to be back |9786

Woo! Just discovered that there's a new giveaway! How can you not love |ooloo?!

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Katherine Cess A.
5.0 Stars

Salted Wings. That's it.
Oh, you also have to try Sloppy Juan, their version of Sloppy Joe. I wanted to burst in tears in every bite. I am not exagerrating but the food is seriously awesome.
They're on soft opening right now so bear with the unattentive staff but as of the moment, let's just take a moment to appreciate their food. Seats are limited so you might want to consider going on offpeak hours.

Budget: 200-300/pax

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4.0 Stars

Say hello to the newest Resto in Kapitolyo - Wish Bone. Been urging to go ever since I saw their teaser pics of their Chori burger and Cubanos. Luckily I was a bit free last Friday so I headed down there for lunch.

They're still on their soft opening so it's still on an 'only cash basis' and the service can use a bit of work. But I understand that there's a learning curve so no biggie.

Got the Chori Burger and expected something similar to Boracay's Version but what arrived was the love child of an eggs Ben and a burger. 128561 how can you say no to a burger that's a hot mess - meat, cheese, mustard sauce, tomatoes, and a huuuge perfect poached egg on the top. ZOMG 128123128523

For p219 it's a steal! I absolutely loved it and their fried potato chips on the side. Crisplicious!

Didn't know it was that big so I ordered their beef jalapeño fries (which eventually ended up as take out because I was sooooo full). It's fries with jalapeño and fat. Yes, you read that right, FAT. It's so evil... But I liked it. Ihanda and Lipitor! 128565128520

Will be back for their wings and Cubanos. 128521

PS: check my IG (www.instagram.com/chubbyperohappy) for a video of the Chori burger being soaked with the poached egg. Super food porn! 128561

To summarize (like what I do in my IG):
128073🏼Value for Money: 5 yums
128073🏼Taste: 4 yums
128073🏼Ambiance: 3 yums
128073🏼Service: 4 yums
128073🏼Overall happiness: 4 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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Sherwin T.
4.0 Stars

That's one "Sloppy Juan” @wishbonewingsph 128513128077128077 #MNL #Kapitolyo #nomnom

Sorry for not knowing how to take photographs of Sloppy Joe’s. That, and it’s been a minute (like a decade+) since eating one. It always gives flashbacks of elementary school in LA when I hear about it, or bite into one. The Lunch Lady didn’t care how much we get so she always spills her scoop onto the tray haha.

Given, this is the first time I’ve had one served with cheese. As you can tell, I had to attack that front, because who would want to see cheese spilled onto their plate… not this guy =) That BBQ sauce plays well with it, but that first bite for sure was cheesy and overpowered the sauce. But you can be assured that after that, the consistency was maintained throughout in even bites of bun-cheese-ground beef-bun ratio.

It came along with a handful of freshly baked potato chips. Which I used to scoop spilled ground beef from my work place. I just wish there was some dip along with it as I was sad seeing that I still have some more chips, and no more BBQ beef to scoop up near the end haha. Maybe some sort of honey-mustard, or something thereof would do. Other than that, maybe some slices of pickles or strips of celery/carrots to flank the plate with some color, and change the palette a bit between bites or thereafter.

Anyways, this is some good sandwich. I’d make this a backup behind their Chori Burger for sure, if I’m feeling “healthy” haha. Let them know to either go easy on the cheese melt, or none of all if you're not a fan.

How about you, any good Sloppy Joe sighting in the Metro?

Anyways, they're in their soft opening phase. They're located next to Tomahawk; where Kool Kids used to be. I can't wait for their Cubanos too!

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