Wolfgang's Steakhouse

2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Michelin star chefs has been getting attention in our local food scene. Wolfgang’s presence has been anticipated for months and we Filipinos including myself just had to see what they have to offer.

Resorts World takes an upgraded look with their presence. I believe it also paves way to attracting high profile foreigners in the nearby Casino.

Our curiosity and love for food came with a price tag of Php 13k. We were just 4 average eating dudes. I in particular limit my food consumption especially at night.

The service here is impeccable. The wait staff treats you like royalty. For one they distribute the dishes and divide them equally. They pay attention and could’t wait to attend to your needs.

The steak being the star was our first order of business. The 1 kg 50-day aged steak from New York at Php 5500++ was flavor rich, real tender, soft enough and with an appetizing after taste. Almost like a blue cheese touch to it.

What impressed me most is their Seafood Platter. I was surprised that they served the crabs without a shell! It was a fat one too. The sauce that came with it was a welcome compliment to this fresh bunch that included tiger prawns and lobster.

I also loved the Spinach side. It was served with just the leaves in a mushy creamy way. This is how we should all serve it. It was just wow.

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

In the Philippines, the best part about eating out and celebrating birthdays is when it’s not yours.

Thanks to our strange culture where the celebrant libres (lol) their friends, I had a steak meal at Wolfgang’s fo free! I love birthdays!

Got the same steak we got last time when I was with my fams: their Porterhouse + steamed broccoli + steak rice.

The steak rice was as flavorful as I remembered it to be. And tbh, I think you’ll be fine with just ordering the steak rice and some veggies. That alone can get super filling.

But what’s a visit to Wolfgang’s without trying out their steak! Served on a hot plate Peter Luger style (remember: the Wolfgang here is named after the former Peter Luger employee and not Puck), the steak gets cooked some more the longer it sits there so make sure to either get your steak a little undercooked - e.g. medium rare if you like it medium - because it’ll cook a bit more once served.

We got the Porterhouse that’s good for 2 and yet we still weren’t able to finish all of it. (Cause we also ordered their bacon slab which can get pretty filling)


In terms of value for money, I’d say Wolfgang’s is still at the top of my list. Between this, Mamou’s or Grind at Net Plaza, I’d put this at #1 because their sides are ginormous and you get a crap ton of meat.

Place wasn’t packed and I didn’t spot Marvin Agustin this time lol.

No clue how much the bill was - as they say, don’t ask how much the bill was / or even try to look at the bill if you ain’t paying. Heh.

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Tina N.
3.0 Stars

Ordered Porterhouse done medium. Steak was good. Meat was very tender but something was lacking. I was looking for the juiciness of the meat. It wasn't there. All steaks taste the same to me so in steakhouses I usually look for the meat quality, ambiance and quality of service. With the price they have. Not worth it. The ambiance was perfect, wait staff were attentive and nice but man, they don't have a clue about their menu or what they're serving. I was asking about their baked potato if what's in it (if it has bacon, etc.) and the waitress was clueless about it and just told me no bacon bits on it just sour cream and chives and I'm like (???) Doesn't it supposed to have butter, cheese and bacon bits too? She ended up telling me it's not available.🙄 They don't know about the wines too. I asked for Mondavi and Beringer wines and she looked like she doesn't have an idea what I'm talking about and was looking for it in the menu. They were there she just doesn't know where to look for them and ended up not available. C'mon these are good wines and you don't have them?? And you're advertising that you have the finest selection of wines... Their oysters which were supposed to come from France weren't fresh and were so small. We asked it to be baked and it looked like they just put cheese on top and walla! And look at how the key lime pie was presented. What the hell did they do with the whipped cream?? Looked like they just put it there and topped it with a strawberry. Trust me Ruby Jack's is way better.128521

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Karissa M.
5.0 Stars

Certainly the best! ;)

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Jose Ruben A.
3.0 Stars

Come here for the really good ambience and probably on special occasions. The prime rib we ordered was pretty good BUT for the price you're paying? I could probably get something better from Smith and Butcher or even Cru nearby.

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Jasper S.
5.0 Stars

For years I thought House of Wagyu is the best steak resto in town, but not anymore. I'm torn between the two! Good thing this is not like having a relationship with a partner. I don't have to just stick to one! I can have both!! Yumm!! They both belong to the hall of fame of steaks!

They serve USDA Dry Aged Prime Steaks that are the most tender one I have tasted in my life!! Wagyu level of tenderness! Combine every bite with the juices dripping from the freshly cooked meat and you'll be transported to a little piece of heaven on earth! It's that good!

I'm really glad there's now two go to spots in my home country for THE best steak in the world!

P.S. Their menu says that the 1kg porterhouse is for two but they're being conservative! It's enough for a party of four! As an alternative for a smaller party, they have a 450g or 250g of equally delicious filet mignon. It's not as heavenly as the porterhouse but it's still one of the best.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

R never fails to make me fat. He suddenly messaged me that we could have a fancy dinner a few days ago and that I could pick any restaurant. I went with this steakhouse in Resorts World Manila. And so, we braved the weeknight traffic (which was intensified by the sudden heavy rainfall) and got to RW Manila a bit past 8.

Hello, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse!

I was surprised to see the steakhouse packed on a weeknight. There were only a few tables left when we got there.

I was ushered to the table near the washroom and after a few minutes, I felt uncomfortable with people walking past me. I also disliked the creaking sound and movement of the floor every time someone steps on the planks. They have to do something with the terrible flooring installation.

I was then moved to another table nearer the bar area and it addressed my first concern but not the second. It seems like the whole place has uneven flooring.

Anyway, back to steaks.

R and I ordered Porterhouse for Two (PHP4,988 | 1kg) and Filet Mignon (PHP2,958 |450g). We also got Lobster Cocktail (PHP3,688) for appetizer and Jumbo Baked Potato (PHP158) as side dish. I also ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (PHP418) to pair my steak.

While waiting for our meals, we enjoyed the wait basket of warm bread and butter. I loved the soft dinner buns with ham bits.

The lobster cocktail was served next. (Side note: I was quite disappointed with how the server took this order. She was not sure on how much lobster we get per order. I just had to ask as PHP3,688 is pretty steep for an appetizer.) One order comes with one lobster cut in half.

The server assisted us with our first serving and gave us a dollop of sweet and tangy sauce that came with the cocktail.

Sadly, it wasn’t spectacular and quite forgettable. If only I knew, I would have just ordered another steak.

R’s Porterhouse was served next and it was HUGE! It’s good enough for three hungry individuals!

We had it prepared medium so the center was still a bit bloody when it was served. There were a few dry parts and some were a bit overcooked for medium. Some parts were succulent but not outstanding for me to crave for more.

The Filet Mignon was something else though. Also prepared medium (in butterfly cut), it was more succulent and mouthwatering than the Porterhouse steak.

It was also seasoned well with each bite packed with flavor. I didn’t even have to put peppercorn sauce on it for taste. It was good as is. This is the type of steak that deserves your hard earned cash. It was juicy, tender and simply scrumptious!

If you are planning to order a lot of sides, try to hold back as they were not kidding when they say their side dishes are good for two to four. Our jumbo baked potato was gigantic and we couldn’t finish it at all.

I was expecting more from Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. I was prepared to be wowed and be overwhelmed by superb service and impressive dishes. But only one out of three stood out.

I’d definitely go back for the Filet Mignon but I have no plans of going back anytime soon.

Total damage was PHP14,000.

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

I left my phone at this restaurant. You'll never guess what happens next. #8 will surprise you! 128514

But before I tell you about that, let me tell you about our dinner.

Went here with my family and we got their porterhouse steak. It's pretty pricey coming down to almost about 2k per head (including sides and some drinks) but compared to some of the other steak places out there or even degustation restaurants, it's not too bad. Definitely good for special occasions.

Depending on how sensitive your palate is, you'll definitely taste its "dry agedness" (if that's even a word). It has a little bit of that earthy flavor that I remember from when I visited their dry aging room.

They cook it right and when left on the really warm plate, that meat still gets cooked a little bit. For those who have tried Peter Luger in NY, their plates will remind you of that. Or Mamou's hehe.

Aside from the steaks: DO NOT MISS THEIR STEAK RICE. Really really flavorful garlic rice cooked in steak juices and with bits of steak pieces. Pwede rin yun na Lang orderin. Haha.

Also for dessert, their cheesecake is a must try. They used to serve Junior's Cheesecakes flown in from NYC but obviously, that's not very sustainable. I like that they tried to make their own recipe of it instead.

Ok now back to the phone I left here.

We were already outside (and a bit far from) the restaurant when I realized my phone wasn't with me. I quickly (or slowly, I'm not a fast runner or a runner at all haha) ran back to the restaurant to ask if they saw my phone.

Several minutes later, their head server Patrick (he's super awesome btw - ask for him when you visit) comes out and meekly tells me, "I THINK your sister took your phone. Follow me."

With no access to a phone to ask my family about this, I followed him to the back of the restaurant to this computer monitor. I was a little suspicious about this "sister." I was imagining it to be a random woman grabbing my phone pretending to be with our group.

He then showed me the CCTV clip... of my ACTUAL sister taking the phone that I left on the table. It was so clear, I can see her stupid grin as she grabbed my phone. 128529128529128529 Hindi na April Fool's nangpprank pa eh. 128529 She forgot to give it back to me and was in the bathroom who knows where (!!!) while I was frantically trying to remember where I could have left my phone.

Lesson learned: 1: don't leave your phone lol. 2: restaurants have cctv cameras that can prove to be really helpful during failed pranks like this one.

This was originally a 4 star review but because of Patrick's helpfulness, I'm giving it a 5. I was bugging them at 12MN. 128563

Also saw Marvin Agustin there hehe. Was too shy to say hi though. 128517128517128517

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Serena M.
3.0 Stars

Wolfgang by its name was a standout and i have high expectation on this fine dining restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, i can see that it's a full house. So i expected more from it. We ordered soup for our starter. Too bad they only have 1 soup in their menu and we don't have any choice but to order that soup of the night which is garlic cream soup which surprisingly taste good. Then we also ordered fresh oyster and bacon for our appetizer, it tastes good too with its sauce. After the appetizer, we waited for so long... around 45 minutes after the main course was served. We ordered porterhouse, ribeye, fish of the day and onion rings. In fairness, the steaks are soft and tender but taste bland.. I found myself looking for some hot sauce, knorr and steak sauce... I think, the steaks of stonegrill is way better than the steaks here! Too bad I didn't finish my share.. 128543 For the fish, it tastes good also with its sauce. And lastly, i am disappointed with the presentation of their onion rings. It looks like some ordinary onion rings which we can find in other ordinary restaurants. To sum it up, the food is just ok and i don't think that i'll be coming back. Minus 1 for letting us wait for so long and minus 1 again for the bland porterhouse. 128542 By the way, saw Marvin Agustine. He's a part owner of this restaurant too.. 128523 mi

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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated wife's birthday dinner here and I will tell u now... This is the best steak house in Manila PERIOD! Felt like I was back at peter Lugers again!
I'll be honest, it's not cheap but you get what u pay for!
We ordered 1kilo porterhouse medium rare, onion rings, German potatoes and creamed spinach. We downed that with 2011 Sonoma county Zinfandel and 2 Hendricks gin w cucumber.
I will repeat,... This is the best steak house in Manila! Mamou, smiths, Elbert's, I love u guys and you'll have a special place in my belly but the clear winner now is wolfgangs!
My wife loved it so much, we booked a table for this weekend again! Cheers!

TIP: order the one Kilo porterhouse, 3 sides and it will be good for 4 people IMHO. The bill will set u back 8k but that is a small price for the best steak experience ever!

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5.0 Stars

STEAK me to church, I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies! 128541

Reserved my 900th review for this awesome steakhouse! From the ambiance down to the service, everything was on point. And the meat was just epic. Wolfgang has one of the most all around steak houses out there - they have their own huge aging room (which can hold tons of meat and the smell of the room is just divine), their own cocktails and mixes bar, their own whiskey bar, and a wine cellar that's stocked and hand picked by their well-trained sommeliers. How can you not love this place?

Their signature 28 day aged 900g rib-eye was just PERFECT. We had it cooked medium rare and it was just delicious and the meat was just so flavorful. Didn't even use their Gravy, I just sprinkled it with some of their shaved salt. 128076🏼

What's good to note as well is their rib-eye is 900g WHEN COOKED. so it's legit. Some restaurants will claim their meat is 900g but that's the raw weight. When cooked the meat will lose some moisture and the weight will go down a couple of grams. For Wolfgang, the published grammage is the cooked weight itself. This slab fed 3 hungry foodies and everyone was so full after. And for p3,400, this is a steal! 128077🏼

And be sure to save room for their awesome New York Cheesecake with their home made Schlag. BEST CHEESECAKE I have ever tried in the county. OMG. 128525

Definitely a must visit! 128523128523

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 5 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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Jackie G.
4.0 Stars


Porterhouse 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
Ribeye 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
Crab cake 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
Wolfgang salad 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
Shrimp cocktail 128077🏻128077🏻
Oysters half shell 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
Pecan pie 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

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Bel S.
5.0 Stars

If you're craving for Peter Luger, this is the closest you can have it in Manila. There were lots of nice looking items on the menu but we wanted to keep it simple and straightforward so we ordered the crab cake for appetizer and a porterhouse (for 2) with creamed spinach. The crab cake was legit! A bit pricey but not a disappointment. And the steak? Served ala Luger-style, large portions, very tender, very juicy, loooove the crusty outer layer. A bit more pink than what I'm used to but hey, they say steak is best eaten rare. Servers were very attentive and insisted on serving us our portions. Then again, I wonder if they'll be able to keep that up with a full house. Ambience was very pleasant: white tablecloths, waiters decked in white aprons, and an impressive wine cellar enclosed in glass. Overall, two thumbs up!

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Yen D.
5.0 Stars

This broiled rack of lamb from Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was one of the tastiest lambs I have ever eaten! Beautifully cooked medium and with no gamey taste at all. It has a nice brown crusty surface that covers its juicy interior.

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Yen D.
5.0 Stars

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, rated as one of the best steakhouses in New York, is finally open in Manila! They only use USDA Prime Grade Black Angus beef. In fact they have their own Dry Aging Box that housed 12 tons of meat when we were there just a few weeks back.

This is USDA Prime Porterhouse. I prefer having my slice of meat taken from the section that’s close to the bone where it has more flavor. But I also tried the other slices of meat and it was delightfully just as good. Nice medium fat content and swimming in sizzling salted butter that’s just crazy good! If I was at home, I would’ve even smothered my rice with the melted salted butter! Yummmmmmm!

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Angelia B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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