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Wooden Spoon
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Most Recent Reviews

Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

After walking the entire length of rockwell resto strip, finally decided to dine here.
First sign you would notice "cash only". Hais.
We ordered :

Garlic rice, serving size good for 3. Generous amount of garlic.
Pork humba : tender pork with banana flowers and saba. A bit salty for me.
Tortang talong : torta is too dry, nothing special very ordinary
Boneless crispy chicken : chix fillet with mashed potatoes and corn with gravy. Crispy and big portion size too.

Service was okey. Serving time was average. We had to take out some of our food and was very happy that it was packed nicely and they even include the dipping sauce.

Over all it was an ok dining experience.

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Raffy G.
5.0 Stars

Sinampalulang manok is super along with adoring kangkong with chicharon. Sinigang na Baboy is too salty.

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Jen C.
5.0 Stars

I was skeptical since I am very picky about Filipino food. However, these dishes were super yummy! I will definitely come back when I feel like some good, home-grown Filipino food.

Dishes that stood out were:

1. Shrimp Pampango (Php270)
2. Dinuguan na Bagnet (Php245)
3. Tortang Talong (Php150)

Shrimp was super good. Perfect for snacking, and doubles as a viand as well.

Dinuguan na Bagnet was my fave viand. What an awesome twist to a classic dish!

Tortang Talong is the normal torta - but I love torta so it is on my list. Hahaha.

All these with white rice. Best enjoyed in the company of family and friends. 128525

PS Sorry no photos - we ate them all before I could get a decent pic. When I come back, I'll try to remember to take pics. :)

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

Wooden Spoon is our go-to restaurant whenever we're in PowerPlant. The last time we dined, owner Sandy Daza actually passed by so it was pretty cool 128516

We had the Dinakdakan, which is one of my dad's favorites. For the chicken dish, we got the Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken. The menu says that it's Wooden Spoon's version of Korean chicken and it really is!

We ordered the Stuffed Pechay because I've been reading good reviews here about it. It made me really happy that it didn't disappoint! HAHAHA. That sauce is really, really good! Drizzle it over your rice when you order this!

Sandy's Beef Curry was also really yummy and not spicy, which is a plus for me since I don't like spicy dishes.

But if I have to pick my favorite dish, it has to be the Breaded Fish Fillet with Wansoy Sauce. It may seem like a very simple dish but that's what it makes awesome. I can finish an entire order on my own... and chances are I'll ask my parents for a second one. HAHAHA. I can't get enough of the dipping sauce too!

One thing we forgot to order is the Crab Pancit, which we really love. I remember the first time we ordered this. It didn't look like much and it seemed pretty dry. But once we finally tried it, my sisters (I have three haha) and I were arguing about who gets the last serving! 128523

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Anna d.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mc S.
5.0 Stars

Wooden Spoon

My Friend went home for a vacation and she was so Famished and was craving for Pork, anything about Pork. I suggested we eat at Wooden Spoon. I was not able to review the first time i had my tummy filled in this resto. Anyway, we had ordered Dinakdakan na Lechon (Which is so Great! You'll definitely crave for more, not oily though), Bistek Tagalog (The Sweet-Sour-Salty just makes your taste buds wow!), Binagoongan (One of their Best sellers and it is a must try), Fiesta Rice, Wooden Spoon Iced Tea and for Dessert Pandan Crepe.


Mi amigo se fue a casa para unas vacaciones y ella estaba tan hambriento y tenía ansias de cerdo, nada de carne de cerdo. Sugerí que comíamos en cuchara de madera. No pude revisar la primera vez que tuve mi barriga llena en este resto. ¡ de todos modos, habíamos ordenado Dinakdakan na lechon (que es tan grande!) ¡ usted definitivamente anhelan más, no aceitoso aunque!, Steak Tagalo (la dulce agria-salado sólo hace que sus papilas gustativas WoW)), Binagoongan (uno de sus mejores vendedores y es imprescindible probar), fiesta Rice, cuchara de madera té helado y para postre Pandan crepe.

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Ellaine D.
5.0 Stars

I rarely go out to eat Filipino food, but when you get to taste their food it feels like home. Food presentation was simple, but the taste left me speechless. I commend their staff for being so friendly and attentive.

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Tei A.
2.0 Stars

Came here for Sunday lunch. Ordered Humba and Grilled Tuna Belly. The Humba was sweet, my Dad didnt like it. The Tuna Belly was small (as seen on the photo), I think it's overpriced for the serving size.

Service needs improvement. Hard to get their attention!

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Maan M.
3.0 Stars

Went to The Powerplant Mall on my birthday and we were checking out other restaurants, wherein we haven't eaten yet, and decided to try Wooden Spoon this time. The name sounds familiar and I remembered that it was featured on a morning TV show.

While we were reading thru their menu, we were surprised on how affordable the prices were. Their menu consists of Filipino dishes with a twist and believe me, you'll have a hard time deciding what to order so better get what you're craving for, or just be adventurous and try other dishes.

Our orders consists of:
• Tinapa Fried Rice
• Shrimp Pampango
• Lechon Kawali with KBL (Kamatis, Bagoong and Lasona)
• Fresh Mango Shake
• Wooden Spoon Iced Tea

Our orders arrived within 10-20 minutes after our orders were taken. A bit disappointed on how simple the dishes were presented and the serving proportions too. And the food was not warm enough to tell that it was a newly cooked meal. There was nothing special about the taste either.

Maybe I'll visit this place again, can be on this branch or other branches that they have and try their other dishes. For now, I'll rate my dining experience to Average close to Good. 128521

#WoodenSpoon #WhenInManila #MaansTravelDiaries #Foodtrip

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

Craving for some Pinoy food aftwr a long morning, we opted for Wooden Spoon.

The wansuy shrimp nuggets was good though I never tasted wansuy in the mix.

The beef sinigang in bayabas was superb. I loved the tender beef and the sweet savory guava flavoring in the broth.

The pan grilled tuna belly was poor substitute to the fish crispy pata (which was unfortunately out of stock). The serving was small for its price and it tasred plain and boring

It still give it high marks on account of my past visits.

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Sas R.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

We are regulars at their Katipunan branch, but it was our first time here. It just so happened that my parents were in the same mall as hubby and I and they invited us for early dinner. Although we were still full from lunch, we jumped at the chance to eat at Wooden Spoon and to see the parentals as well.

On the table

Lumpiang Sotanghon - this doesn't look like much but it was sure packed with flavor. An interesting combination of crunchy spring rolls stuffed with sotanghon noodles. Added this to our list of favorites from Wooden Spoon.

Shrimp Pampango - Crispy shrimps with Taba ng Talangka sauce. Need I say more? We absolutely love this.

Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken - Sorry not a fan of their version of Korean Fried Chicken or any Korean Fried Chicken in general.

Stuffed Pechay - one of our regular orders. We just love how everything works together - the meat, tinapa and the spicy gata. A vegetable dish bursting with flavors.

Tostadong Adobo - I would have enjoyed this more if the pieces were smaller. I was expecting very crunchy small slices of meat or even shreds of meat.

Wooden Spoon remains in our list of go to restaurants. We'll always grab the chance to dine here.

*Cash basis only

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Evelyn B.
4.0 Stars

As usual were in a hurry for lunch looking for a place to dine coz were hungry we went to rockwell and ate at wooden spoon we have to wait for a seats coz its full of people. Whle waiting for our seats we order our foods such as pansit with crab meat sauce,kare-kare,dinakdakan,bicol express,tuna bellyand chicken cutlets food is delucious and service is good too.this my second time in this resto.

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Nins A.
5.0 Stars

I love their kare-kare. I like the combination of meats 128536

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Always been passing by their branch at Katips but my family and I ended up here instead: at their Powerplant Mall branch. 128517 Well, this is closer to ours and we literally just pass by the other one. Hihihi

So I have to highlight this exquisite yet simple appetizer: Crab Pancit. This Michelin combo is just really simple yet packs on that fluffy crab flavor. It was mixed in front of us which is a good thing. I don't think I'll mix it right away. I'll just stare at it 128563 (yes, I find it to be a pretty good plating 128513). Still got to take a photo before it got mixed and satisfied our grumbling tummies 128523

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Jay N.
4.0 Stars

Must try: siniguelas thing, the crispy hipon, and the crispy pata tuna.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

we were lucky when we got here. line was not so long and people were on their way out. so we were seated quickly.

kare kare 128077128077128077128077
boneless crispy chicken 128077128077128077128077
adobong kangkong 128077128077128077128077
sitaw sa gata 128077128077128077128077
tinapa fried rice 128077128077128077128077128077

affordable food for four

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Mickey S.
4.0 Stars

This is one of my favorite Filipino restaurants and that's saying a lot because I don't normally go out for Filipino Food because I still think that home cooked Pinoy meals are the best.

Whenever we go to Wooden Spoon, our usual orders are the stuffed Pechay, Lechon Kawali with three kinds of dipping sauces, the baby squid with mushrooms, and Beef Caldereta. These, in my opinion, are the best and most innovative dishes on the menu. What makes Wooden Spoon special is that they serve Filipino Food with a twist; Food that you can't easily imitate in your home kitchen.

Look to pay about Php300 per person here which is not bad at all considering the quality of food you get. I haven't tried the rest of the menu but I'm willing to bet that all dishes are above-average.

Tables can get full during peak hours but it's usually easy to snag a seat here. Usually you'd stay away feom Filipino Food that you could easily cook at home, but Wooden Spoon is one of the few exceptions that makes you crave to eat out!


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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I've heard of Wooden Spoon from my great friend N and from my colleague M. I still remember how M described one of the dishes... "Tilapia that tastes like Crispy Pata” to which we all reacted... “Really now?” Yes, we were pessimistic foodies then.

My favorite Dragon Lady and I celebrated Children’s Day last May and planned on having a kiddie lunch as well.

Unfortunately, most of the restaurants in Rockwell do not really offer much variety for kids except for the usual Jollibee and McDonald’s. While on the lookout, we spotted Wooden Spoon and I remembered M’s happiness when he shared his find, “Crispy Pata Fish”. I admit, I was really curious with that so I asked T if we could have lunch there instead and she agreed.

The place wasn’t packed given it was 3 p.m. when we got there. We noticed though that the crowd seemed to be a bit... more mature.

Ordering was a breeze as we were famished. We decided to go with Crispy Pata Fish (PHP245, small), Shrimp Pampango (PHP239), Garlic Rice (PHP125), Reyna Blanca (PHP75) and Iced Tea (PHP55).

The Crispy Pata Fish did not disappoint. It looked like your usual fish but the texture was totally different. It had the crispy yet slightly chewy skin. The flesh was tender and flavorful. It tasted just like your usual crispy pata but healthier.

The Shrimp Pampango with crab fat was yet another amazing dish. Crispy fried shrimps you can eat whole and dipped in flavorful taba ng talangka was just too yummy! I had a hard time stopping.

And even the rice was great! It went well with our orders. And look at that very generous serving!

The dessert was not as superb as the other dishes but it was good enough to end our meal. It was not that sweet which makes it perfect for those who are not fond of sweets.

Wooden Spoon, you had me at Crispy Pata Fish and affordable prices! I will be back for more!!!


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Cette D.
4.0 Stars


After doing some errands, we ate here at wooden spoon. Haven't heard much of it tho, and we're not really hanging around in rockwell. We tried it anyway.

There were a couple of customers lining up, waiting to be called for their table and yes, we were too. After five to ten minutes we got a table.

We ordered right away. We had kare-kare, boneless chicken sinampalukan, squid with chili and mushroom, fiesta rice, something with salmon or fish soup and panda crepe and halo-halo for dessert.

Kare-kare was a family's favorite. We all agreed that it's goooood! 128525 The sauce was very fine and it doesn't taste too much of peanut. It was hefty with vegetables and ox tail. Great pair with bagoong too. 128077🏻 Highly recommended!

I prefer the boneless chicken sinampalukan over the salmon or fish soup. The fish was overpowering. I could taste the lansa of the fish. 128567128567128567 And I didn't enjoyed it. But everyone loved it. The sinampalukan was just perfect for me. I love it's sourness. And the chicken was tender! Thumbs up! 128077🏻

I was the one who ordered the squid with chili and mushroom. Thinking it would be a break from all the filipino dishes we had. It was good too! 128513 I love that the squid wasn't rubbery meaning it was cooked perfectly. Applaud to that. And the sauce was balanced. Both sweet and spicy.

The fiesta was delicious too. I thought that it'll taste too salty because of the ingredients on it. But fortunately, it was perfect especially with the food that we ordered.

And ofcourse, my meal is not complete without dessert. 128514 Always saving room for dessert. I was browsing and carefully going through the menu to look for the one that's on the other table. lol. 128514128517 I was curious and I wanted to try different dessert. What got my attention was their panda crepe. The one on the picture. Having been meticulous on my dessert choice, I got disappointed tho. 128542 The crepe itself was rubbery. It felt like I'm eating paper. Sorry! But it was a thumbs down. There were ice cream and pinipig. And sadly I'm not fond of pinipig. There were nothing special with the ice cream too. 128542 My parents on the other hand enjoyed the halo-halo they got. But it was hard not to compare it tho with razon's. It was fine with me.

The interiors were good. They have wooden spoon on their ceiling as decorations. Well service was fine. They attended quick to our needs. Value for money was excellent!

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