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Workshop Bespoke Bakery
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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

Workshop’s 17 Layer Chocolate Cake is a bit intimidating because of its size but the server assured me that it was a good cake because it’s not that sweet. She was right; the cake not that sweet because dark chocolate was used. It was also the type of cake where you can eat a lot without worrying that it’ll be too cloying after. But the cake sure is heavy so better to share it with other people if you’re having it for dessert.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Another concept by Chef Miko who has brought unique concepts like Scout’s Honor and Freezer Burn. There are similarities felt with this one- just by entering the store. Beyond the colors of the desserts lies original creations and mysterious combinations.

SM’s Mega Fashion Hall continues to grow a bunch of culinary delights. This and Le Petit Souffle are the newest bunch in the celebrated list. It is located on the second floor, just around the corner.

Its doors attract. More so its displays. However their desserts failed on some parts while some showing potential to being a culinary treat. In defense they do have a lot of creative pieces to offer.

Valrhona Araguani Maldon Sea Salt Cake is an example of disappointment. Its crust had too much bits of salt which destroyed the otherwise creamy chocolate experience. Manchego Cheesecake was delightful for its creamy and smooth texture with spikes of strong cheesy presence. Madeleine with Green Mangoes had an attempt to be a steal deal at Php 35 a piece but remained ordinary.

Now for their Matcha. Their Matcha Ice Cream had a nice signature bitter sweet mix but found too heavy and dense on each spoonful. The Croissant was paste like and nothing spectacular. Dry to its very core.

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Bella J.
4.0 Stars

While my three sisters went to watch Annabelle, the Scardy Twosome that is me and my dad stayed here to wait for them. My dad had his usual brewed coffee while I had the Matcha tea. I found it a bit bitter, which meant that they probably steeped the tea too long.

We also had the Basque Burnt Cheesecake to share since we were still pretty full from lunch. My dad's first comment is that it didn't look like a cheesecake HAHA but he loved it and ended up eating more of it than I did

Just a little reminder to the staff tho: my dad asked for milk with his coffee, which came in this small glass jar. Thing was, the jar wasn't wiped before they served it. So we don't know if it's milk that spilled down or what but the bottle was slippery. It slid from my dad's hand and fell, spilling milk all over the table and chair. But props to our server since she had everything cleaned up right away!

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Finally!!! The "famous" 17-layer chocolate cake. 127856127851🤗

How was the cake? Ocake naman! 128518128517

Shared one slice with Ony and we both loved this thick rich darrrrrrk moist yummy omg chocolate cake!! It's sinful but really good!!!!! 128528128518128563 For almost 300pesos, I can say that it's worth it. Also, it's not that sweet which is a super good thing for me. It will not make you cringe because of too much sweetness. 128521 With a cake this rich and HUGE, you may want to share this with a friend or with someone special haha. And best to pair it with a cup of coffee or tea. 128521💯

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

Aaaaaaaaand Workshop scores another hit with another cake! But this time, it's a cheesecake!

I was here recently with my mom, sisters, and cousin and I got intrigued when I saw the Basque Burnt Cheesecake so I went for that.

When it arrived my first thought was "it's tiny." HAHAHAHA So I didn't expect much from it at first. But boy, I was wrong. IT WAS SO, SO GOOD!

It was soft and fluffy. Bwith every bite, I realized that the serving size was just right. Any more than that would be a tad bit too much. Don't forget to pair it with the caramel + nut sauce it's served with because the combo is 128076🏼

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

Thank you to Peanut D for informing us all that such a cake exists. Haha 127881

Was finally able to try the 17-Layer Chocolate Cake from Workshop! Took me a while to get over the fact that it had 17 laters of yummy chocolate goodness. HAHA

I prepared myself to expect an overwhelmingly sweet chocolatey goodness so I was pleasantly surprised that the cake was light and had just the right sweetness. The bitterness of the chocolate was evident but it wasn't too overpowering either. Pair it with the cream served at the side to cut down the richness of the chocolate even more.

Truly a very delicious cake. Though if you're the type who's not willing to shell out nearly 300 bucks for one slice of cake, this ain't for you. Haha

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Note: Late Review

The visit was a couple of months back. This is right after a we caught ze baddest bird wreaking havoc at Megamall (by way of a |oo|oo RendezvOOz). Our generous host asked us to order our drink of choice and some pastries.

We suggested that they serve any pastry available and we will share. I skipped the drink as i was too full, i settled on hot water #TitaNaAko.

| Calamansi Rose Tart
| Guava Orange Cheesecake
| Valrhona Tart
| Cream Puf
| Matcha & Dark Chocolate Marble
| Guyabano Yogurt Tart

I love the Calamansi Rose Tart as i am such a sucker for anything citrus. I love how the wonderful mixture of sweet and sour notes.

Second honorable mention is the Guyabano Yogurt Tart. Biased opinion as i live Soursop. The natural flavor profile of guyabano compliments the yogurt. This is marriage made in pastry heaven.

It was a fun fun night. Good food and good company.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

As soon as I saw Peanut D 's review of the luscious-looking 17-layer Valrhona dark chocolate cake I knew I had to try it myself, being a fan of dark chocolate.

I'm usually a cheapskate, but I didn't hesitate to shell out ₱285 for a slice of chocolate heaven, with a dollop of cold cream on the side.

And yes, it was goooooood! 128525128525128525

Moist, not too floury, and having a solid dark chocolate taste. As Miss Pea said, it was not the usual cloyingly sweet chocolate cake. It was good for sharing too, but I was not all about sharing at the moment. Hahaha.

I also ordered a cup of cafe Americano (₱110). I liked it. It was strong with a fruity hint. One of the servers recommended their whole blend coffee beans to me, but I told him I still have my ground coffee at home. I'll check it out when I visit the shop again.

I recommend the chocolate cake! Workshop Bespoke Bakery is located inside Le Petit Souffle at Mega Fashion Hall. Unless you're really hungry and you think you can finish the cake alone, take someone with you! This cake is sooooo moist and dense, and as I've said, it's good for sharing. 10084

  • No. of Comments: 9
Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Oh. Em. Chee.

If you love dark chocolate - you CANNOT miss this crazy AF 17-layer Valrhona Guanaja Ganache Cake from Workshop Bakery.

Remember - only if you like dark chocolate! (A quick Google search told me Valrhona Guanaja is 70% dark chocolate! So don’t expect this to be your cloyingly sweet chocolate cake!)

The chocolate cake was so moist HUHU. I shed chocolate tears with every bite. I think it was about Php 200+. Super good with whipped cream!

When I ordered, I had to wait a bit because another person ordered AN ENTIRE CAKE. Not quite sure if these things run out quick but I came in at about 7 and they still had a good number of slices left. :)

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Eboy D.
3.0 Stars

Banking on the name and stature of Chef Miko Aspiras, Workshop has that lovely old world, French patisserie feel in its interiors. I was not able to buy the cakes but I am reviewing the bread I bought. Hoping that the bread was "freshly" baked, I was surprised when I saw them take out the 'squid ink' and 'wheat' bread from the fridge. I was asked if i wanted it warmed up, to which i declined since I am having it to go. I guess the bread does not qualify as "bespoke". The bread was moderately priced at 120 and 80pesos respectively. It may be small in size if you compare it to more established bakeries (Wildflour comes to mind), but priced competitively. Also tried the Lady Fingers not sure what its called, with a thin filling. It was either salted egg or salted caramel (?), which I liked. It was not too sweet, and has a delicate taste. More dense than a macaron, but lighter than lengua de gato. Service was friendly, very accomodating. Recommended, if you can catch the 50% off nightly pastry sale.

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5.0 Stars

After our dinner at Bad Bird, Mr. Charlie Paw invited us to have dessert at Le Petit Souffle/ Workshop Bespoke Bakery at the second level of Mega Fashion Hall. Same building with Bad Bird.

He let us order what drink we want. Some order the Guava Iced Tea of LPS but I prefer the suggested one or recommended by their staff, Iced Horlicks Latte from WBB.

He also wants us to try some pastries from WBB. Mr. Charlie Paw was so generous to offered us various kind of pastries.

Some of the pastries I had during our visit in LPS/WBB:

127850Calamansi Rose Tart - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

127850Guava Orange Cheese Tart - 11088110881108811088 4/5

127850Valrhona Tart - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

127850Cream Puff - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

127850Matcha & Dark Chocolate Marble - 11088110881108811088 4/5

127850Guyabano Yogurt Tart - 11088110881108811088 4/5

"I love their Calamansi Rose Tart... oh! We love the Calamansi Rose Tart. Hahaha! 128514 Everyone's favorite. The infuse flavor of calamansi in the tart was so good. Masarap!"

"Aside from Calamansi Rose Tart, my other favorite was the Cream Puff. The cream compliments with the soft chewable crust of the puff. Did I mentioned it has a merengue on top of it."


Iced Horlicks Latte - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

"Credit to the staff who recommend their new product to us. The Iced Horlicks Latte was so good and refreshing. Ang sarap sarap! Promise! Must try. You will not regret it."

On my next visit I will order that Iced Horlicks Latte. Drools! 🤤 It's already included in my order list. LOL 128514

They have existing promo right now. 50% off on selected pastries after 9PM 'til closing.

Thanks P and |ooloo crew.

The event was paid and sponsored by LPS/WBB.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

After our rendezvoos at Bad Bird, Charlie Paw was very, very gracious enough to insist we head on over to Workshop for some pastries!

Taking in the ambience and after noticing that squid ink ciabatta on display, i immediately had the feels for a Korean bakery/patisserie i've been to called L'atelier Kim:ga (you can Google it). It is THE BEST bakery i've been to from the layout, to the ambience, to the view, to every single beautiful piece of pastry and bread on display that was effin' creative and delicious. I always wondered if we'd get something of that sort here and Workshop is definitely a step in that direction!!! This must be the Japanese influence by Chef Miko at play, as can be seen in the logo.

We had an assortment of treats which were all really good and quite fruity to the taste. I swear, pick anything on display that looks pretty (which is more or else EVERYTHING) and i guarantee you'll enjoy its taste as well. What stood out for me was the matcha and dark chocolate marble. Think of a giant blimp shaped green marble filled with an almost solid dark chocolate pudding, with a block of matcha at the center. All sitting pretty on a brittle pie crust. That was fantastic. And so was the calamnsi rose tart, very citrusy and as can be seen, very pretty too.

And you know what, having a muffin at P80 that tastes good... tastes even better at P40! 128517 Yes! After 9pm pastries are half-off #WildflourFeels. I couldn't help but get an assorted box for takeout. The matcha croissant, the muffins, the calamansi tart, the life-changing brownie (it wasn't really life changing though), were all so yummy. Was a bit let down with the chocolate chip cookie though. I wished it was chewier and had bigger chocolate chunks.

Next time i'll be sure to try the taro croissant after hearing raves from Peanut D and Pam L! As if there weren't enough reasons to come back already 128539

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

After our looloo rendezvoos at Bad Bird, we got a surprise treat from Charlie Paw in the form of pastries and sweets from nearby Workshop Bespoke Bakery, located in Le Petit Souffle!

Of all the pastries I tried, my hands down favorite is the Calamansi Rare Tart! When I had my first bite, the flavor of Calamansi hit right away and all I can do was go 128523128523128523 haha. It wasn't sweet and the tart shell wasn't dry and had a good texture.

I also loved the Guava Orange Cheese Tart. Had a really lovely, silky texture. The flavor of the guava was really evident.

Another one I really enjoyed is the Valrhona Araguani Maldon Salt Tart. Good crust and the chocolate filling was thick and really good.

I liked the subtle flavor of the Guyabano Yogurt Tart. The Guava Cheese Paris Brest was just okay. Couldn't find the flavor of the guava anywhere tho. The Matcha and Dark Chocolate Marble was likewise just okay since for me, the chocolate overpowered the matcha.

I also had some pastries to-go. So far, I've only tried the Confetti Bar. It's good! Soft and moist and the white chocolate wasn't cloying 128523

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

High class desserts are finally here at megamall. Thanks to chef miko for btinging it here

128204128525 matcha and dark chocolate marble @300PhP
This is the smaller version of the mousse cake that sells PhP1900. The green coating is not the matcha that you are fooking for. The real matcha mousse is within the dessert. It's mostly dark chocolate actually, the dark chocolate tastes thickly, it's more likely in its 50% and i do prefer darker. The matcha mousse surprised me. It's a dark tasting matcha similar to the matcha taste at manila creamery.

Price is NOT inclusive of a 10% SC. YEah, getting a less one star cause normal people like me cant have it everyday. Lol.

It's also bakery so they sell some flavored croissants! 50% off on breads 9pm beyond.

  • No. of Comments: 7
Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I have been to a lot of tasting sessions in Freezer Burn and i always listen intently when Chef Miko talks about his upcoming baby - Workshop.  The way he speaks about it is full of enthusiasm.  An indication of the love for the craft and passion to introduce desserts in a brand new light to every Pinoy Foodie.

Fast forward to some weeks ago.   I got dibs on the seankiest bakery before they open their doors to the public.  Yass!  |oo|oo Rendezvooz Baby! 

The gorgeous array of carefully crafted pastries and desserts welcomed me when i entered.  The number of hours spent sitting in traffic is forgotten.  Those lovely pastries are a sight to behold. 

Workshop reminds me of the coffee shop where Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke stayed and talked about the past and the present.
What i am trying to say is,  the interior is very Parisian Chic.

Here are some of the pastries i tried.  Please note that they serve a boatload of em and i dunno what they are called.  Pardon my ignorance.  I will only review the ones i tried. 
Matcha Croissant.  I am guessing you will not be surprised if i say that i absolutely loved this croissant.  My love for matcha knows no boundaries.  The croissant is a perfect 10!  The texture of the pastry is spot on.  The matcha filling is decadent and not overly sweet.  I loved every bite.

Ube Halaya Croissant.  Another pastry i fell in love with.  Well,  ube is simply irresistible!  The purple hue invites you to take a bite.  I am gonna name this The Croissant of all Seasons! 

Thank you Chef Miko for sharing your passion for desserts.  I am certain that everything from Workshop is made with and delivers in the taste department. 

Head on to Workshop for a boulangerie experience!

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April H.
3.0 Stars

While at LPS, we veered away from our usual souffle or parfait dessert and ordered something from Workshop, the new bakery that complemented the brand... Though you are able to enjoy your order while at the restaurant, you have to pay separately when ordering here...

Being greatly influenced by Edwin I, I ordered the guyabano & yogurt tart... Great move on our part... Read his review for a more detailed description please... But each bite was a pleasure-- you will be rewarded by very light yet complex flavor. It was a delicate and delightful way to end the meal... This is definitely a winner for me...

Having enjoyed our tart, we decided to buy several loaves to give out as gifts... My fiance bought the red apple cinnamon crumble for my family, since we were told it was their bestseller... I was leaning towards the lemon vanilla one and I wish I listened to my instincts. I just had a taste of the loaf today and sadly it was dry... The loaf itself didn't do anything in the taste department for me. The whole thing relied on the sweetness of the crumble, which just sat on top. There was some form of jelly in the middle, but it didn't help with the dryness... Plus, we did not appreciate the packaging-- look at the third picture. Their boxes are huge and only comes in one size at the moment. It can comfortably fit two loaves inside... Maybe even three... Problem is that the ill-fit lets the thing bounce around inside, ruining the presentation. Not happy with that, especially since we gave 3 out as gifts to important people. I could just imagine the reaction!128545 For example: once my mom opened the box, she actually thought we already ate the loaf or just bought half... Yikes. Bad trip tbh. I was not too happy with how the other ones looked after walking across the mall and how bulky the whole thing was... We had to go back to the car to set them down. At P550 per piece, they should REALLY REALLY improve the packaging. These are not Scout's Honors' cookies anymore...

The staff were very pushy-- one guy in particular used a hard sell method. I absolutely hate that. Yes, I am obviously going to buy something, so stop talking. I also did not appreciate the red apple suggestion...

So far, I can only recommend the guyabano & yogurt tart... Maybe the caneles and madelines will be a better gift in the future? Honestly, not happy with what we got...128529

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

This bakery is what will welcome and thank you upon your entrance to and exit from Le Petit Souffle, and I am sure you won't resist bringing some of their beautiful babies home.

I wasn't able to try much, but having to try as little is enough to impress anyone.

I loved this one! Its black exterior had a little bit of crunchy texture. It's also amazing how it tasted a bit burnt yet had little or no trace of bitterness. The inside, on the other hand, was a soft and moist custard-like filling.

🔴Oatmeal Cookie
Soft, chewy oatmeal cookie with raisins. It had that strong cinnamon scent and taste. I am not a fan of anything that has too much cinnamon, so this was okay for me.

🔴Chocolate Chunk Cookie
My sister loved this one. It was big and really soft and chewy. I also found it sweeter than how I normally want my cookies, so a piece of this would probably be enough for me 128513

🔴Maldon Salt Araguani (small)
I tried to eat this using my hand and it easily breaks, so I guess this should be properly be eaten using utensils lol 128518 but this was good as well.

🔴Matcha Chocolate Bar
I was able to try just one chocolate bar, and it was the matcha one. Their bars weren't the really crunchy type like most chocolate bars available in the market. It wasn't too sweet as well.

Workshop Bespoke Bakery, from its simplistic interiors, down to the taste of its products, is the face of a master craftsman, and a passionate pastry chef.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

I loved the Guyabano Yoghurt Tart.

It was intriguing how Guyabano would be transformed into a pastry. Thus, I opted to try this seemingly unique sweet treat.

The "minimalist" looking pastry looked "clean" and upped to luxury with a touch of edible gold leaf.

Indulging in this piece of tart was sublime. The Guyabano Yoghurt had a texture of a dense Mousse pastry. Perfectly flavored with the custardy essence of Guyabano and the light tart of Yoghurt all balanced with the right creamy sweetness.

The tart base was a sweet tooth delight. Instead of the usual pie tart crusts, Workshop Bespoke used puff pastry coated with caramelized sugar. The tart crust had that puffy-crunchy-yet subtle crunch spiked with the yummy burnt-sugar sweet taste. It perfectly went well with the creamy-tarty Guyabano -Yoghurt Mousse topping.

A perfect choice for foodies who enjoy a "clean" , not so sweet, creamy sweet ending.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Le Petit Souffle have finally opened yesterday and within that flagship store is Workshop Bespoke Bakery, The latest from the Tasteless Group. Upon entering Le Petit Souffle you will immediately see the wonderfully rustic designed nook. Displayed are various drool worthy pastry. With all those pastry I want to try everything but I have to reserve some space for Le Petit Souffle meal. So here's what I've tasted.

127856Canele - one of my fave french pastry. The soft custard and thick dark caramelized crust was perfect. I got to try both the Ube and Vanilla version. I love both of them. I love the bitter taste of the crust and the sweet custard filling. They do have two more other flavor, the matcha and chocolate. I will get does variant when I visit next time. 128523

127856Spam and Cheese Muffin - this is another unique muffin for me that did great. Spam and cheese in muffin is two thumbs up. 128077128077

127856Chocolate Croissant Cake - a perfect combination of chocolate cake topped with croissant. Picture perfect. This is one of my fave. I love very moist chocolate cake and the croissant on top gave it a unique texture.

127856Valrhona Caramelia Pearls - Once you get to taste this small pearl of chocolates for sure you'll can't stop munching on them. The bitter dark chocolate and crunchiness of the pearl was just perfect. 128525

127856Maple Bacon Egg Puff - One of the must try on their savory pastry Bacon 🥓 and Egg127859.

127856Japanese Cheesecake - for all japanese cheesecake lover this is a must try. I love their take on it. Love the soft fluffy texture.

Overall this is another great addition to Charlie Paw, Chef Miko and Chef Kristine creative bold venture. For sure I'll bring my family here especially my mom who is a fanatics of pastry.

Thanks |ooloo for the invite. Nice meeting finally meeting you Pam L. Ruth D. and Ruth S. While nice seeing you again Reich T..

EJ B. and Midz S. till next foodtrip. 128521

**Event was paid and sponsored by Workshop Bespoke Bakery.**

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5.0 Stars

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery is the new baby and addition to the growing team of Chef Miko, Ms. Kristine and Mr. Charlie, the team behind Le Petit Soufflé, Fowl Bread and Freezer Burn. It is located inside the restaurant of Le Petit Soufflé SM Megamall Branch.

Wow! That's the first word came out in my mouth when I saw the gorgeous breads, pastries and cakes around me. The set-up is an open bakery with lots baked products you can choose.

Baked Products:
127850Croissant/Puff Pastry
127850Sable Breton Cookies
127850Small Tarts
127850Big Tarts

With lots of breads, pastries and cakes around me, I've got to try some of their front liners and Chef Miko told me that they made it freshly baked as always.

127856Ube Halaya Croissant - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Almond Croissant - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Maple Bacon Puff - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Chocolate Canele - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127856Ube Madeleines - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Black Sesame Sable Breton Cookies - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Matcha Sable Breton Cookies - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127856Oatmeal Cookies - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127856Confetti Bars - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127856Oreo Muffin - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Spam and Cheese Muffin - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127856Chocolate Croissant Cake - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127856Valrhona Caramelia Pearls - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

I am drooled with their signature Chocolate Croissant Cake. Amazing and beautiful!

My favorites were Valrhona Caramelia Pearls, Chocolate Croissant Cake and Maple Bacon Puff.

The WORKSHOP Bespoke Bakery will open on December 9, 2016 at the 2nd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

Thank you for having us Chef Miko!

Thank you Peanut, Pam and Looloo Crew for the invitation.

Great to see you again Midz, Reich, Ruth, Dennis and Ruth.

The event was paid and sponsored by The Workshop Bespoke Bakery.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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