WOWA Kitchen x Cafe

Equator Complex, 56 Bayani Rd. cor. A. Luna St., Western Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila

WOWA Kitchen x Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Erika M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Located in an alley behind a gas station along Bayani Road, we found Wowa from the reviews of Dennis O. and Elaine O. of this place here on |. (thanks!) MOO gets his car washed here so often he's on a first name basis with the boys. I guess he's really not much of a foodie that somebody else had to tell me about this place.

I came in here with my daughter to see the place out of curiosity as our car was getting washed. Unfortunately I had dinner plans so I only ordered a drink for me and eggs for my girl.

Malagos Chocolate Smores. 125. Loved the large, roasted marshmallows that topped the cup. I didn’t know if I should enjoy the mallows on its own or mix it in my drink. I ate 2 mallows in small bites then mixed the last one to the drink for a creamier feel. I can't tell how Malagos is different from other cacaos. The drink kinda reminded me of a fancier Swiss Miss where the mallows are tiny. Tastes similar to it too. I was hoping it came in a bigger cup.

My little one is still a picky eater and i got her a 2-egg omelet from the side order list. Yay as its only 50.

Food looks very affordable, ranges from soup for about 100, appetizers at 150, and mains from 200-400. Their lunch special is only around 200. The table beside us ordered something that looked like it could be shared by 1-2 people, so I'm guessing their serving is generous. I’m particularly interested in their truffle sisig and truffle carbonara. truffle-fest.

Contrary to what blogs have been saying about this place, I don’t think this is a hole-in-the-wall place, which definition is being used too liberally nowadays. Hole in the wall to me is some obscure, nondescript place that serves great food at a ridiculously cheap price. Wowa is nicely decorated, with just the right amount of eclecticism, with their vintage records and modern black wall, not overly decorated like your hoarding grandmothers house. I love the vibrant colors the woven place mats bring the tables. Im hoping I can come back here with friends and occupy their long table. I really hope I like their food.

Limited parking is available outside the restaurant.

PS. Came back a few days later, only to find out they're closed on Sundays. Cry. I’ll just have to come back again to try the food.

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

This is one of the loveliest café that I’ve been to, place is small and intimate perfect for those who wants privacy or those who just wants good food. The owners know that good food and great service are not the only factors that make a restaurant stand out from the rest thus they setup a place where people can eat in a pleasant atmosphere and have an Instagram worthy photos. I love the interior and the homey feel of the place.

We had the Angus Beef Tapa and the Truffled Sisig which were so tasty and flavorful.

Angus Beef Tapa 128536128536128536
This is really really good, the beef is so tender and the sweet flavor is not overwhelming.

Truffled Sisig 128077128077
I love the crunchiness of the tofu and the chewy texture of the pig cheeks and ears.

A side note:
Foods are little pricey.

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Gem D.
4.0 Stars

Nice ambiance. Bit pricey for me though.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

1st heard of this place from article. After seeing more 4-5127775|ooloo review, my curiosity peaked and I decided to visit the place. This small cozy resto is located on bayani rd taguig. The not too popular part of taguig. The place is quite hidden you need to turn right after equator complex. Tuck in this dark street is Wowa.

Wowa interior got this warm cozy feel. Place is small and got just 4-5tables. The place got a nostalgic feels from old movie and cd posters to old photos and books. I love the lamp made from faucet and pipe cool!

Wowa name was derived from how the owner call their grandma when they were young. The place is a homage to their grandma who own a landmark karinderia in mandaluyong area.

Their menu is prepared by 2 chef one from the raintree group and the other is from Unit27 Apt. We tried their angus beef tapa (295) which was really good. The tapa was tender and packed with sweet juicy flavor. The vinegar that comes with it was equally good to balance the sweet flavor. We also tried out the Truffled Sisig(325). This one is addicting. Grilled Pig face in black truffled oil cooked sisig style. You customize how much spicy you want. I love the various texture combined in this dish. The smell of the truffle oil made it more appetiziing.

Overall this is a perfect hideaway and good comfort food. For sure gonna comeback for more of that sisig and to try their other dishes.128522128077

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Vina Vanessa G.
5.0 Stars

The place has a very nice ambiance. Good food, good music, fast service. I'll definitely dine here again. Their bestseller Angus Beef Tapa is really good! The Frozen Iced Tea dies not have the usual taste. I think it's houseblend.

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Dana Selina B.
4.0 Stars

A perfect place to chill and relax. I was amazed that I've been living in taguig for about 4yrs now and yet there's a cafe nearby to my place. Their menu was stunning and delicious but a bit pricey maybe because the quality of food that they offered plus their limited space for too many walk-ins can't accomodate all of it. Overall its quite good place to visit.

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Cookie C.
5.0 Stars

Location : Along Bayani Road, along the road where Ayuthaya and TukTuk are.

Staff: Very Friendly and polite. Specially the owners who are very engaging.

Food : We ordered Garlic Spareribs, Angus beef Tapa, Potato Wedges, brewed coffee and french Vanilla.

Price Range : Php 200-400 per person.

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Joyce C.
5.0 Stars

Loving the cafe's interior! The food was awesome!

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