Xiao Chun Yuan

823 Ongpin St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, Metro Manila

Xiao Chun Yuan
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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

My (nonexistent) diet vanishes every time my parents are here to visit. Since my dad's here for two days, we usually go around malls, shop and of course, food will never be out of the picture. 128076🏻

Since Christmas is fast approaching, one of our traditions at work is gift giving, both to our colleagues and kids/patients since I work as a pediatric occupational therapist. Anyways, I scheduled this day for a trip to Divisoria or look around 168 or wherever... A trip there will always have a side trip to one of my favorite food places...Ongpin or Binondo.

Since my dad grew up in the area, he always misses authentic Chinese food served there.. 小村园 in English, Xiao Chun Yuan (should be Xiao Cun Yuan if you go OC about it 128514), is considered one of those Chinese 'lutong-bahay' where you get to enjoy food similar to what you're used to eating back at home, or for this case, in your province in China. According to my dad, they serve Fukien type of Chinese food. I don't really know much of the differences among types of their cooking styles or whatsoever though. 128514

Oh and seeing this place packed with Mainlanders and some Pinoys and Chinoys (ehem) at 1pm will surely give you an idea that they serve good food right??

They serve a variety of Chinese food very similar to the big Chinese restaurants except for dimsum. They have noodles, fried rice, fish, pork, chicken, and beef dishes, exotic food like turtle soup, pork heart/kidney soup, and more.. You can choose serving size according to how big your group is. They have small, medium, and large. We were only three so we had small for all orders.

We got the following...

OYSTER CAKE 3.5-411088️ 150php (small)
My dad really likes this because it for him is legit. I'm not a big fan of oysters cooked this way so it was not really something I usually crave for. There were some shells mixed though, adding a bit more texture...a disturbing one. This is lutong bahay anyway so who am I to complain :))

PORK SEAWEED SOUP 211088️ 100php (small)
Nah, the pork meat had some weird after taste. The soup lacked salt but the seaweed was good. Just your clear broth soup plus pork loin and seaweeds.

POLONCHAY 4.511088️ 150php (small)
I love polonchay and they cooked it nicely!!! My dad complained it's quite salty but I didn't mind. You know a chef sautéed your veggies well when they're crispy, not soggy, and they just look fresh! 128077🏻

FISH FILLET TAUSI 4.511088️ 150php (small)
Liked this dish also! Loved that they did not use cream dory. My tastebuds know them too well. When i asked the server what fish they used, they did not know. 128517

SALT PEPPER SPARERIBS 3.5-411088️180php (small)
Oh they arrived last! Wow naman. We had to follow it up again and again. Tasted good though a bit in the saltier side. They put lots of spring onions and some chili on top making it yummier. Not the best but good enough128523

Overall a good second visit at Xiao Chun Yuan. It's fairly clean, but don't be shocked when you see the fresh vegetables stacked on the refrigerator top. Some people may find it unsanitary. Ganyan talaga. 128527128527

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Mc S.
4.0 Stars

Since we are celebrating a Birthday of our Chinese friend Dulce Baluyot, why not have it at an Authentic Chinese Restaurant. Xiao Chun Yuen. We had Oyster Omelette (One of their Best tasting Delicacy), Spare Ribs(A must try), Black Chicken Soup(I find it weird as regards the taste, i don't know if its just me) & Stir Fried Vegetables(Yummy too). Service is good, Place is Ok. Well Ventilated.


Ya que estamos celebrando un cumpleaños de nuestro amigo chino Dulce Baluyot, por qué no tenerlo en un restaurante chino auténtico. Xiao Chun Yuen. Teníamos ostra tortilla (uno de sus mejores degustación de manjar), repuesto Ribs(A must try), negro pollo Soup(I find it weird as regards the taste, i don't know if its just me) & Stir Fried Vegetables(Yummy too). Servicio es bueno, el lugar está bien. Bien ventilado.

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