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Ice Cream
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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Had the pleasure of trying out XOXO Ice Cream a few days after its opening. Centrally located at Greenbelt 3, they have a prime spot for families en route to watch a movie or play at Timezone, and the barkada crowd out for a fun Fright night out. Although, the concept of Rolled or "Fried" Ice Cream is not new to my ears, I am amazed at the dedication of the team who brought the concept all the way from Bali, Indonesia. They have spent all their time and energy in perfecting the recipes, concept and ensuring that what their customers get is of high quality. I tried the Strawberry with Pavlova and it was creamy and tasted heavenly. The added whole strawberry and the merengue gave it a beautiful look. As expected, the ice cream melted quickly, so better snap those photos quick. The Manny's Fruit Punch is a unique item for the Philippine market, named after our Boxing Senator, Manny Pacquiao, this ice cream had fresh pomelo for that sweet, citrusy finish. Overall, it was a good dessert but priced at a premium 200pesos. Try to get flavors, which you think adds value to your peso like the ones with chocolate. Recommended.

Disclaimer: Sponsored dining by XOXO. A looloo rendezvoos.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

After months of being MIA, I am finally back and happy to be with my |ooloo family again! 128571 The hiatus actually did me well cause I missed them. 128568

I’ve been seeing XOXO being built in Greenbelt 3 for a while now, so I was excited to find out our #rendezvoos was here. XOXO is another venture from our friends who brought us Three Guys and a Grill. A franchise from Bali, this ice cream shop is not the usual as they take pride in creating rolled ice cream only from the best local ingredients. I need not say more because they had me at freshly made ice cream. 128568

Before we talk about the taste, you don’t have to fuzz about the price because all of their creations are priced at PHP 200. Every flavor is packed with toppings and I am just utterly impressed by their very well trained staff because consistency is manifested with their food.

We got to try a number of flavors and I loved all of them, but my favorite was the one I ordered. 128571 I really liked that their ice cream was not too sweet so it was great! 128568

I got The Full Minty. I wasn’t smart or witty enough to understand where the name came from, but it sure tasted great! I watched how they crushed a generous helping of dark chocolate and fresh mint leaves before the silky cream was poured. And then the magic happened. The very skillful staff carefully crafted my cup and it was glorious. It was a generous serving of sheer love especially for the choco-mint fanatic just like me. Every spoonful was bursting with fresh mint contrasted by the dark chocolate chips and perfectly enveloped by their milky ice cream. Saying that I loved it is obviously an understatement. 128571

I will definitely come back for more. Their local flavors are custom made just for Manila so I’m so up for that. After all, they’re just a stone throw away from where I work. 1285699996🏼

***Note: The event is sponsored by XOXO in partnership with |ooloo.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

XOXO Ice Cream originally started in Bali. Where it is loved buy local and tourist a like but I wasn’t able to try it out when I visited Bali. I was excited to try it out here in manila. From the same group who brought us Three Guys and A Grill, they are the ones who brought this ice cream venture in Metro Manila.

Their first branch is in Greenbelt 3 then will be opening a second branch in NAIA Terminal 3 Departure Area and their third branch in BGC before the year ends. Sooo watch out for those!

This mash and rolled up ice cream is an entertainment on its own. Once they get your order they’ll prepare it right in-front of you, mashing all the ingredients all together and flattening it into a thin sheet then roll it up. They have to do it fast for it freezes quickly.

The base is everything according to the owner for they just mix the flavoring into it. This vanilla base is made by expert food chemist with the right balance of sweetness and consistency so it wouldn’t overpower other ingredients.

I’m such a boring person when it comes to ice cream, I just ordered their Lala Land which is vanilla base topped with salted caramel sauce and vanilla chocolate. I like that their vanilla sauce wasn’t as sweet for it complimented the toppings well. I really don’t like it when some desserts become overly sweet that I feel when I pee there will be a trail of ants. (Sorry ang graphic ba? Haha)

All of their flavors are priced at Php 200 each. I found it a bit pricey though so I suggest to order flavors that have more toppings like their Nuts About You, Mabuhay Fiesta or The Godfather. Those flavors were also delicious. 128588🏼

Thanks Jessica G for having me 🧡

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Ice cream is something really close to my heart. And I’m ecstatic that XOXO recently opened its first branch here in Greenbelt 3, just walking distance from where I work!

I’ll save the history lesson on the latter part and dive right into the review of flavors first! Currently, there are 12 items in the menu and everything is priced at Php200 each.

Top 3 picks:

128525 Manny’s Fruit Punch
When foreigners hear the word Philippines, they think the beach, tropics and Manny Pacquio. This is exactly that. Ripe mango and sweet pomelo mixed in a light cream base for a refreshing punch. I love this. It's very simple but clean and delicious.

128525 Mabuhay Fiesta
We can't miss halo-halo. It's one of the best Filipino desserts! Mabuhay Fiesta was inspired with the humble halo-halo's ube, leche flan, langka and other classic ingredients. It's richer than your normal halo halo because there's no ice water to dilute it. I love how I can still enjoy this even when it's melted!

128525 Matcha Lychee
Gluten Free matcha ice cream topped with white chocolate sauce and Japanese puffed rice. I am a fan of anything matcha and lychee so this easily won my heart. The lychee flavor is much stronger but it doesn't overpower as you get hints of matcha afterwards. I love how they added a sprinkle of brown sugar to give it more texture too.

Honorable mentions
128077The Godfather
To all chocolate lovers, the Godfather is calling you. Triple chocolate sprinkled with a combination of crushed maltesers, milk chocolate chips, and tim tam - what's not to love? Even though this is drowning in chocolate, I'm surprised that it tasted more dark than sweet. Perfect!

128077Lala Land
Heavenly white chocolate mixed in with salted caramel. Can't. Say. No. To. Salted. Caramel. This is a classic but it can make you feel 'umay' if you finish the whole cup by yourself. Nonetheless, it still deserves a spot here.

128077 The Full Minty
Think mint chocolate chips but really fresh. Yes, they used fresh mint leaves! Looking for a sweet yet fresh taste after a heavy meal? Go full minty.

Nutty gooey frozen snicker bar. Ugh. Sold!

128172 Quick history background:
XOXO may seem like your average ice cream stall but it is far from that. Like all others, great things start with a good foundation and XOXO sticks to that theme. A good, delicious cream base is used for all their ice cream flavors which was carefully developed by Michelin-star chef Samuel Wilkes and his wife, Joana De Oliveira Wilkes. They made sure they found the right balance of sweetness and richness and nailed it. From there, any flavor you add in would be delightful.

XOXO started its quest in Bali, Indonesia, quickly growing with several branches there and now, it's here in the Philippines. Unlike in Bali where tourists order ice creams and eat them on the go, Filipinos prefer sitting down and enjoying the dining experience which is why Duncan Gates, the Founder & Partner, revised its concept with bar tables and stools instead.

As explained by Gates, people value both food and service, thus they made it revolve around the experience their customers would gain, rather than just focusing on the goods itself. I love how each order is made from scratch – you know yours is freshly crafted. XOXO uses frozen plates to solidify the liquids (base + chosen flavors) into ice cream. Think hot teppanyaki grill and delicious meat but this time, it’s cold and sweet. So much more exciting than just watching people scooping it to a cup, wouldn’t you agree?

A quick shout out to the staff who were energetic executing their craft. That definitely needed some rigorous training and muscle work.

128678Soon to open branches alert!
(1) NAIA Terminal 3
(2) BGC Highstreet

Fun fact: They crafted Manny's Fruit Punch, Mabuhay Fiesta and I Am What I Yam just for their Philippine branches.

Thank you Jessica G for the last minute invite for this |oo|oo rendezvoos and seeing everyone again 128149

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

It may not be my first time to have a "fried" and rolled-up ice cream. But when Jessica G sent me an invite to try XOXO's offering, I didn't hesitate to say yes! Who doesn't love ice cream, anyway? 128513

XOXO was first established in Bali, Indonesia in 2017 and since then its freshly made handcrafted ice creams have become a food sensation. It already has a number of branches in Bali alone.

XOXO was even ranked #1 in Bali by Tripadvisor, but they didn't stop there. Now they seem poised to take their phenomenal ice cream flavors outside of Indonesia.

Good thing that the same group who has brought Three Guys and a Grill wisely decided to bring XOXO here in the Philippines. XOXO has a different take, deviating from the usual ice cream parlor concept.

Instead, it is designed to look and feel like a drinking bar where people sit on stools while baristas concoct their ordered drinks. Only there's no liquor, but ice cream! 128522 And yes, kids, everyone -- are still welcome at XOXO!

XOXO offers "fried" ice cream. The ice cream base and flavoring are poured on a frozen plate, and mixed repeatedly in a "stir-fry" manner until it reaches its solid state. It is then laid out evenly and rolled up. The rolled ice cream is then transferred to a cup and added with toppings. If I weren't mistaken, this ice cream trend originated in Thailand and since then it has become popular in other parts of the world.

I wasn't able to have a heavy meal yesterday so I took the liberty (128513) of ordering not one but two flavors.

I would have ordered Matcha Lychee, because I love matcha but I otherwise hate lychee.

Instead, I managed to try two variants for myself.

🔸Mabuhay Fiesta
Being XOXO's first Philippine branch, the store added a couple of flavors that will definitely appeal to the Filipino palate -- Mabuhay Fiesta and Manny's Fruit Punch. I chose the Mabuhay Fiesta as I love halo-halo.

The ice cream itself was a bit too sweet for me but I loved the richness because of the ube flavoring. It is topped with classic halo-halo ingredients like nata de coco, ube halaya, red monggo beans and caramelized jackfruit. It was really heavy on the belly.

🔸OMG 128077
Despite the filling Mabuhay Fiesta, I decided to try OMG partly by curiosity. It is the only gluten-free option in the menu, and it also consists of chocolate sauce and honeycombs.

Gluten-free foodstuffs have been suffering a bit of bad rap for being unpleasant to the palate -- reportedly, they are said to taste metallic. That's why I wanted to try this flavor and besides, I like honeycombs too.

I was surprised to find it good. In fact, it was so good! To me, this ice cream didn't taste metallic or anything like that. The ice cream base itself wasn't too sweet, luckily. It was harmoniously complemented by the crunch and the deep, floral sweetness and some saltiness of the honeycomb. Oh my!!! I loved loved this flavor. Truly OMG! 128561 The best ice cream I tried that night. 128077128077128077 To those who are suffering from Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity but are craving for sweet treats, XOXO has the OMG for you. 128522

I was also able to sample Dennis O 's order, the Godfather which is one of XOXO's bestsellers. It wasn't too sweet as well.

All ice cream options are priced at ₱200 each. To me, it is a bit too steep for an ice cream. Maybe they should try to lower the price point to the other flavors that have lesser ingredients.

This is so far the shortest and fastest |ooloo rendezvoos that I have attended -- as fast as the melting ice cream lol jk. 128513

Thank you looloo and XOXO (to founder and owner Mr. Duncan Gates, thank you!!! 128591128522128591) for the sweet treat that definitely drove away the usual Monday blues. 128522

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Roby L.
3.0 Stars

My girlfriend Bella wanted to check out the looloo event for XOXO last night so we passed by just to take a look, but it was a very warm and welcome surprise that Jessica G was so accommodating that I even got to meet the owner and I was given their best seller, the Godfather (I swear. The theme started playing in my head).

Sally, I wasn't able to take a photo, but the small stall near the movie cinema of Greenbelt was really cool. Despite the idea of ice cream being for children, XOXO gives ice cream a different vibe where the set up looks like a bar. It felt like a place an adult can enjoy ice cream! However, the seats and table are not too visible because they're at the back. Maybe there could be seats in the front too to make them look accommodating and keeping their customers there while they prepare the ice cream in front of them.

The ice cream was prepared like teppanyaki on a cold platter. The last time my ice cream was prepared that way, I didn't like it, but XOXO did a fine job. With all the mixed chocolate, the best part about it was that it wasn't contradicting the flavor. It enhanced it. Overall, it was good, but since they're still new, I'm hoping for them to take it to the next level to turn my 3 stars into 5.

Reasonably priced at 200 for the amount and quality of ice cream, I'll probably go back to try their cookies and cream because I'm a sucker for that ice cream flavor. If you're looking for an ice cream place where you can just relax as if you were at a bar (or you just want to look cool while eating ice cream, whichever way you roll), this could be the place for you.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

|ooloo rendezvoos alert!

XOXO is a new ice cream concept store that originated from Bali, Indonesia. It was brought here to the Philippines by the same group that gave us Three Guys and a Grill! Duncan Gates, the Founder & Partner of the company, explained that this concept store is more of an adult take on a classic ice cream shop. Families and children are still welcome but the store is more of an ice cream bar where people can sit on bar stools and enjoy their ice cream over music.

The whole concept is also about the experience! Each order is hand crafted upon order and the crafter will sometimes play it up a bit and really make a show out of it. The staff who work here are quite energetic and you can tell that they went through difficult training to be able to make the ice cream as quick as they possibly could.

The process is quite fun to watch and the concept of making the ice cream feels like a science lab experiment of sorts! XOXO has stainless steel frozen plates on which if you pour water over, it would almost instantaneously freeze!

All their ice cream flavors share the same base cream which was carefully developed by Michelin-star chef Samuel Wilkes and his wife, Joana De Oliveira Wilkes. What differs are the flavors added to the cream base.

It starts of by placing the main ingredient on the plate (chocolate, ube, matcha, strawberry, etc). They try to grind it to small bits so when they pour the cream base over over, they can start mixing. The process feels like when you see those chefs cooking teppanyaki fried rice or mongolian fried rice! They mix and grind and mix again. Once everything's well incorporated, they lay it out evenly on the plate and let it sit for a few seconds before they start scraping. Once they've scraped all of the ice cream off, they put it in the cup and finish it off with the toppings.

All of their ice cream are priced at PHP 200.

My favorite from the flavors I tried that night was the Matcha Lychee. I love both matcha and lychee so it really is a good blend for me. It tastes more of lychee at first but you get the hints of matcha afterwards.

The best flavor which you can probably get the most out of your money's worth is Mabuhay Fiesta which is their halo-halo inspired flavor. With ube ice cream as its base, it's topped off with the different ingredients from the classic halo-halo - including the leche flan!

Another one that I liked - which is also popular with tourists and foreigners is the Manny's Fruit Punch. It basically is a mango flavored ice cream topped with mango bits and pomelo and a creamy sauce.

One last flavor I really enjoyed too was the The Full Minty which is their mint chocolate chip variation. What I loved the most was the fresh mint leaves that got chopped up and mixed into the ice cream!!!

I enjoyed the experience and the flavors.

They’re opening up two more branches soon - one at NAIA and one in BGC. 10084

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Last night got invited by Jessica G for a #looloorendezvoos at XOXO ice cream at Greenbelt 3 near the cinema area in front if Sumo Sam. This brand came all the way from Bali by the same people behind 3 Guys and a Grill. Wow. I've tried quite a few rolled ice cream but this one was quite unique. As Duncan explained to us XOXO is 50% taste of the ice cream and 50% the overall experience. The look of the place is more like a bar with lively music. Nice. The staff were also very lively. Greeting people passing by the area and showing fun vibes while making the rolled ice cream.

For their rolled ice cream, everything is priced at a ffix price of 200PHP. I got the God Father. This is their bestseller and its chocolatey good. Triple chocolate sprinkled with a combination of crushed maltesers, milk choc chips and a tim tam. Nice! I love this and really enjoy the quality of their ice cream. Another fave of mine is the lychee matcha flavor. This is quite unique and the lychee/matcha blend well. The lychee got a more prominent flavor with the after taste of matcha. Love it. Another hit is the full minty. Refreshing good minty flavor. Other flavor that I'd recommed is the Manny's Punch (Mango/Pomelo) and Nuts about you (snicker bar flavor)

Overall love and enjoyed the overall experience. Quality ice cream. But as we all agreef hope they can have a lower pricing for menu item that got a lesser ingredient. All in all I'm definitely going to be back for more. Another snack option while watching a movie.

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