Xzootic Animal Park

Loay, Bohol

Xzootic Animal Park
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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

went here too during our land tour in bohol..and I met another comedian..which is our gay tour guide, at may dala dala pang kape habang tinutour kami..taray ni ate, pakape-kape lang hehe...my first time to see a phython in person..wew it's huge talaga,
alagad ni galema hahaha...Got the courage to touch him kahit medyo nanginginig kamay ko sa takot at excitement although he is sleeping.. The first one before that died daw kapalit ng pag galing ng owner nya na may malubhang sakit., and the first one's body is still there displayed in the zoo in the open cage..syempre patay na eh, what's the sense of closing..well maliban na lang siguro pag gabi sinasara para di nakawin.. you know ..memories.. sayang nga lang I deleted the photos na..
First time ko lang din dito to see different kinds of snake na buhay talaga,crawling inside the small aquarium..yung iba hawak pa ng ibang bata na anak yata ng mga caretaker... wew, katuwa.. and sobrang amazed ako sa mga bata dahil ang brave nila.. and yes, there's also ice cream store in the zoo ..which I didn't gave a try..di ako makakakain sa sobrang amazement sa zoo..indeed the zoo fits its name kasi exotic naman talaga yung mga nandun..
When you go to bohol, don't forget to visit this for additional review??! Lols..just kidding..
For additional memories 128522..

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Fay Sam N.
5.0 Stars

i don't like the zoo itself .. but after you're done with looking at animals .. there's this small ice cream shop that's outside the zoo .. they serve different ice cream flavors .. so i tried the chili chocolate ice cream on a malunggay made cup and its really good !!

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Erika R.
4.0 Stars

For Php 30 entrance fee, you get to see a small assortment of caged wild animals. From owls, to monkeys, and even our beloved Philippine Eagle. The main event is the huge Python wherein you get to touch and see up close and personal.

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Bechay R.
4.0 Stars

Im adventurous in every travel, I must try something.
Here in Bohol, I had a lot. Took the plunge, did snorkling (I dont like before, because I dont know how to swim), and THIS! 128560128565128561128513128566

I really hate family of lizards and snakes!!!! Whatever type that looks like them and it was indeed a scary,heart stopping, knee shaking and almost fainting experience. 128561128561128561

But still, I was able to conquer thought I'm still scared til now. Its just that I need to prove that one day I will not be afraid of them. Hahaha! Hopefully! 128526128516128540

So overall, I'll give myself I mean the place 3 stars plus 1 for my challenge! 128519128517128523128516

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