Yakski Barbecue

Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City, Cebu

Yakski Barbecue
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Anthony M.
4.0 Stars

Back again .. as plenty of over times to this lysaght covered style out door ,Filipino BBQ restaurant
Great tasting BBQ in the heart of IT Park Cebu City
Even better price

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Anthony M.
4.0 Stars

Good Filipino BBQ

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Meat is freshly grilled on a per order basis so do allow 20 to 30 minutes before food is served.

128055 PORK BELLY [P90] 1108811088110881108811088
Perfectly grilled! The pork belly was flavorful and juicy even without their special sauce.

128036 CHICKEN BREAST [P75] 11088110881108811088
The size and taste of the chicken breast is comparable to those from Mang Inasal. Same quality for a cheaper price! I liked how they semi-sliced the chicken to bite size pieces for easier deboning. I think it's very considerate to the customers. 

128031 TUNA BELLY [P300 for approximately 400g] 1108811088110881108811088
Nicely charred on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. Marinate was on point as well.

All our orders were cooked and served satisfactorily. Their special sauce is on the sweeter side - something I'm not used to when eating grilled dishes. Nonetheless, it was a great dinner. I'd choose Yakski over Mang Inasal on any day.

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

YAKSKI is the place to be!

I was craving for barbecue.

This is a new place for me. My first time to eat here. Thanks to my friend!

We ordered "petso" chicken, chorizo, and pork bbq. By far, this is the best tasting barbecue I ever had especially their chorizo. Their sauce and spicy dip is on point. The best!

This is way better than the Larsians, a famous barbecue place in Cebu. It is clean and well-lighted, and they have a better and more secured location.

Highly recommended! 128077128077

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Right after the "chaos" that is Sinulog (Street Party), and before heading home, we had our late dinner slash midnight snack first here at Yakski. 127842 I think that this is the perfect time to try this BBQ place since (1) BBQ at this time of the day (or this late at night) is the best! I think I can eat a lot because.. Tired + Hungry!! And (2) it's an open area so how we look is acceptable (covered with paint and akdjsisoanff! 128529).

My aunt knows the owner of this place and we're lucky to meet them during our visit here. The couple (owners) are both doctors and they're very nice. Very hands on. Despite being busy with managing the place, they still spared some of their time to talk and chat with us. They asked about our Sinulog experience and they even suggested other places I should visit and try. They even shared some stories about Yakski. And really "bragged" about how clean and "safe" their meals are here. Which I totally agree with! The place, though packed and always full, is maintained, the area is clean and bright, and you really see that the sanitary and cleanliness of the place is a priority. You're really sure to enjoy good and "clean" food! 128521128076🏼

So we tried a lot but for me, I specifically ordered the Pork BBQ, Hotdog, Chorizo, and Chicken. Of course, this wouldn't be complete without rice!! It's so hard not to eat rice. One cup of rice, please?!! 128518

With so much expectations, I was excited to try everything I ordered. 128563 The pork BBQ was good but nothing extraordinary. It was also small for the price but the meat was tender and tasty. The grilled chicken was big enough and flavorful. But again, nothing really special. The hotdog was your usual grilled hotdog. And lastly, my favorite -- the chorizo! Ahhhh, really really good!!! Not a fan of Cebu lechon (in general) but their chorizo is something I always look and ask for and I'm crazy about it!!! And the grilled well done version of this chorizo is good, definitely a must! First time trying this and wow! Sarap!!!! 128076🏼

Their bbq sticks are already okay on it's own but they have their "special sauce" to make it even better. They have two kinds of dipping sauce, the regular and spicy. The spicy sauce is not that hot so if you want, you can ask for sili for the extra spicy kick. But if you're just a regular average human being, it is suggested that you mix both sauce together. For the slight slight hint of spiciness. 128521

Service was good. You just have to wait a bit longer because they grill it on the spot but it's worth the wait. 128521128077🏼

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Pol Y.
3.0 Stars

For a self-confessed barbeque lover, this restaurant is within the median range. Compared to my favorite barbeque house, the is way behind when it comes to taste and price.
The location is good. The place is fresh and comfy.

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