Yang Chow

Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Yang Chow
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Jackie S.
2.0 Stars

Tried their Spareribs Rice Toppings.

They serve their food hot which is good and quantity is a lot. However, the taste and quality of their Spareribs isn't good so I ended up just eating the rice.

Nothing beats Hap Chan's Spareribs.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Dont you find it odd that a resto that sports the name Yang Show doesn't have the famous fried rice in their menu.

Sunday afternoon.  After my failed attempt to have dinner at The Gourmand Market,  i went straight to Plant to grab a bite.  Cafe Med is full,  same with the deli.  I was starting to lose hope when i saw one unoccupied table at Yang Chow. 

It's Chinese then.  I said while i was claiming my territory.  The menu is limited to dimsum,  rice meals and noodles.  I got an order of Honey Roast Pork Rice ans Shrimp Siomai.  I wasn't expecting anything extravagant since the joint is really small and my goal is to alleviate my hunger.

Then the food was served.  I was pleasantly surprised,  the rice meal is aesthetically appealing.  Claypot rice meal thingy.  The roast pork was strategically placed on the right side,  the rice peaking on the left and a veggie placed on the upper portion. 

The taste.  This is one of those moments wherein i am glad that my expectations were not met.  The honey roast pork is delicious.  The meat is semi sweet and really tender.   The meat and rice proportion is spot on.  Drizzle em with soy sauce x chili sauce x calamansi concoction and we got ourselves a good deal,  ladies and gentleman.

The Shrimp Siomai is equally good.  Full of mouth watering siomai goodness,  best dipped in soy sauce.  They served this fresh of the steamer.  I can eat 'em all day.

Yang Chow doesn't need the popular fried rice dish on their menu.  What they have is good enough to satisfy Chinese Cuisine servings.

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Wennifer C.
2.0 Stars

If you're after rice w soy sauce, this is the place for you. We ordered spareribs rice and it was a few tiny pieces of meat, two thinly sliced chinese sausage and tons of rice. Not worth it.

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Quick and light on the pocket Chinese food option at Powerplant Mall. This one is the Honey Roast Pork. Rice used for the toppings was of good quality and pork cuts was tender, the serving size was more than enough for one. Good value for money. The beef wanton mami was still as good as I've known it.

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