Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Mabini St., Cebu City, Cebu

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
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Most Recent Reviews

Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Another historical gem in the Parian District. This house dates back to the 16th or 17th century. Now, it is considered as the oldest residential house in the Philippines. Original owners were Don Juan Yap who was married to Doña Maria Florido.

In the 1880’s, their oldest daughter, Maria F. Yap married the Cabeza de Barangay of Parian District, a native of Bulacan, namely Don Mariano San Diego. Thus, this ancestral home was renowned as The Yap-SanDiego Ancestral House. 128521

As of the moment, the house is being oversight by one of their great great grandson, Val Sandiego. When we visited the ancestral house, he was in the vicinity, sitting in a wooden lounge chair facing the stairs as he munched on a bowl of halo halo 128522.

Each tour comes with a guide. They will briefly explain the history of the house, but unfortunately on our tour, the tour guide had more jokes than history 128531. At the start of the tour, fans are being handed out as the entire house is air cooled, of which you return by the end of the tour.

The makeup of the house were coral stones glued with egg whites. The roof is made of Tisa clay and the frames were made of four different kinds of wood. (To name a few wooden materials are molave, narra..)

The house has two levels. The ground floor is your typical house which features, a foyer, dining area, a garden place with a deep well, an area where all the antique relics and ornaments are displayed. The second level is where the living room is with another dining room where special guests are likely welcomed. The bedroom is also located here. The second floor displays different antiques and saints collection. There are lots of sizes and materials of the Sto. Niño and religious ornaments.

Though the house is old, Val and his wife, still resides in the house and sleeps and eats in the upper chamber. With so much history going on, this house is truly a facet of the Philippines and of the province of Cebu. Devout Catholics and historical buffs must visit this place 128521 128077🏻

• Entrance fee: 50php; Senior/PWD: 45php; Students with student ID also gets a discount but I forgot how much it was

• Open Daily from 9am to 12midnight (however this operation time changes over time, better check again should it change again)

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Anthony M.
3.0 Stars

Very interesting & old
Entrance fee - 50 PHP each
Not air-conditioned
Enjoyed the heritage

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

I love history. One of the most interesting thing in Philippine culture is the rich history of every place. That is why, I am always curious of the events that happened on the past. I have this thing for old structures, old houses, paintings, history channels, etc. Cebu is one of the most historical places here in the country that has a lot of story to tell.

Just like the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in the Parian District, this one was built around 17th century by a Chinese merchant. The house is passed from generations to generations.

We took a cab to get here.

P50 - Entrance Fee

After we visited the famous Magellan's Cross, we went straight to Yap-Sandiego House because it is one of the must-see spots in cebu City. The smell of the house is like an old-rotten wood. It was scary that it might fall down.

On the ground level/reception, a lady who is dressed in Filipiana let us paid for the entrance fee. Then we proceeded to roam around the ancestral house. We went outside to see the small garden with sungkaan and old displays. The tables inside are really old especially the furnitures and kitchen wares. There are also old statues of the saints.

After walking around the ground floor, we went to the second floor. The staff asked us to wear shoe covers to protect the flooring of the wood. Infairness, the floor is well maintained and so shiny. On this area, there is the 'banggerahan' for cups and pot for water container. I remembered using this term when I lived with my lola because her house also had banggerahan. There's also the dining area with different old wares. We went inside to the bedroom to see how it looked like. The room was hot and really old. There are beds, statues, crib, mirrors, and interesting stuff inside.

We also checked out the veranda where you can see the street in Parian. The air was cold and relaxing. You can seat on the 'tumba-tumba' or rocking chair.

It was good to see such an amazing home with so much history. Despite the modernization in Cebu, there is still a simple house that witness how time changes everything. I hope that this one will survive for more years so other people can also explore one of the old houses in the Philippines.

Yap-Sandiego House is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm


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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Btw, the name of the place is YAP-SANDIEGO Ancestral House 128513
Our taxi driver/tour guide brought us here as it really is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) house in cebu. It is from the 1700's and the furnishings inside are from that era on.
Entrance fee of 50pesos but it includes a commentary and your personal photographer haha. He'll even ask you to do these special poses around the house, mejo creepy hahaa 128540
Speaking of creepy, takot na takot talaga Ako inside! Lol! But still pretty cool to see all the furnishings and decorations. The original owners still sleep there during the weekends as not to 'abandon' the house if you know what I mean 128123
There's also a small garden outside where you can see the original boat they used in the olden days to cross over to mactan (in picture).
Suggested stop if you're planning a cebu city itinerary ü

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

wow meron pa pla nito ngayon :) would you believe this home is more than a 100 years yta.. Kumbaga ba eh antique na..pati mga gamit they are still there from the moment they are bought yta and maayos pa.. and to your complete amazement the new ancestors of this house is still staying here always like weekly yta..

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