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ID Bldg., 2100 Chino Roces Ave. Ext., Chino Roces, Makati, Metro Manila

YDG Coffee
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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

After our sumptuous yakiniku dinner at Urameshi-ya,  we decided to brave Makati Traffic for a cup of joe.  I was the instigator,  i wanted to try YDG.  The group happily obliged. 

YDG aint easy to find.  We had to cross two rivers,  fight trolls to reach the pot of gold (the leprechaun is out this time around). I ain't gonna give directions,  good things are hard to find. 

Your Daily Grind is a quaint third wave shop coffee shop that is strategically hidden behind an faux edifice along Pasong Tamo Extension.  The place is small, we were seven in the group,  four won the Trip to Jerusalem whilst the others had no choice but to stand.  The interior reminds me a college dorm room where a geek and an Arts Major lives.  The decor is a  lil eclectic,  albeit the mish-mash,  it looks cohesive in a way.

Parlor Games aside,  everyone in the group ordered coffee.  I,  on the other hand picked Iced Chocolate so i can meet the Sandman at home. 

I tool a sip of @Jairus Vietnam /War of the Roses coffee (yes,  i made that up.  I think he ordered Flat White,  double the espresso)  Coffee is strong with a lil sweetness on the side, you savvy?  He seems satisfied with the coffee, i liked it sans the sweetness.  

My Iced Chocolate is reminiscent of my grade school days.  When the "Manong"  delivers Magnolia Chocolate Milk at our doorstep early in the morning.  Suffice to say that I liked it.  Some of the local chocolate milk brands doesn't taste like the vintage Magnolia in the glass bottle.

We had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners - Miguel and the awesome twosome - Seth and Summer.  Miguel briefly discussed the history of YDG,  the joint is relatively young,  two months old.  The type of beans they use (Single Origin - sourced from Ethiopia,  Panama and Brazil).  He said that our country is capable of producing quality beans as soon as we change the farming practices.  The countries where they source the coffee has the same climate as ours.  Somewhere along the way they found out that we were bloggers of some sort.  Our ever reliable Community Ambassadors introduced them to the |oo|oo community,  our passion for food and how our passion brings the community together.

I find it impressive when the owners mingle with the customers as it shows how passionate they are of what they do.  And yes,  the nice and friendly demeanor is legit as they were accommodating even before they knew that we're from looloo.

To sum it all up,  we had a great time at YDG last night.  It was worth the rain and traffic.

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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

Your Daily Grind is quite a hidden coffee shop behind an office building across GSK on P Tamo (or Chino Roces) extension. It's quite small and can only seat about 7 to 8 people comfortably. We met one of their owners today and he and his two passionate baristas were kond enough to welcome us even if they were supposed to close up. We kinda braved the rain and rush hour traffic to have coffee here post our lamon session at Urameshi-ya two hours earlier.

It's really tiny, but well decorated. With some personal items from the owners, a few pictures and, a caricature featured in the main photo. They do have coffee beans from local farmers, and I admire the passion that the owner has for coffee and their aim to elevate or to help elevate the farming standards of our coffee growers. Admirable vision. Kudos to you, sir.

The iced Americano I ordered was quite good, well balanced, and not too acidic. I did not get to ask them what beans and region they used, so something to consider next time. The owner also made us try his cold brew coffee which i took a sip of and liked, since it was well balanced and not too citrusy as the one I tried in Luna, BGC. Most of the group ordered Ice White (latte that's served cold), while Reich T tried their chocolate and Clarissa and Raymond went with hot Americanos I believe.

They're still just 2 months old, but it's got some promise. They built it from a stall in bazaars to this rented space. I figure they've got a captured market anyway, so it's challenging they picked this spot but since their coffees are not exaggeratedly priced at P100 to P150 (with the exception of their combination of two coffee blends worth P200), I think it's a gamble that may pay off.

Thanks for the company Raymond P & Clarissa P, Roy T, Mary Love S, Jairus d, and Reich T!

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Not a big fan of coffee because I was advised to avoid them. This night, I forgot about that and tried this new hole in the wall third wave coffee. More of hole in the stairs? Haha kidd! #insidejoke

I got the Iced White and liked it! I don't actually know how to describe coffee so I'll just stop to my "i like" comment. 128541

The place is really small. Not all of us were able to have a sit while enjoying our drinks. Locating the place was also quite a challenge. It's beside Basil which is at the back of this establishment, I forgot the name, but I'm sure it starts with an R. The way going in is dark and only a tarp (not lighted) was the signage that YDG is inside.

What made our experience really memorable, aside from the fun company of friends (naks!), was the friendly staff. We were able to meet one of the owners and his barista friends. 128077🏻

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

After a delectable dinner at Urameshi-ya, my favorite people and I decided to head to Writer's Block for coffee. But the sudden heavy rainfall caused carmaggedon so we decided to visit Your Daily Grind (or YDG) along Pasong Tamo instead.

Hello, YDG!

The place was hard to find as it is located behind Roche Bobois office, beside the hidden Basil Makati branch.

It's a super small café on the ground floor of ID building. It could accommodate around 10 customers maximum with a bit of sardines effect.

They have a few drink options and a handful of desserts. I opted to get Iced White (PHP150) while others went with Iced Chocolate (PHP140) and Classic Duet (PHP200). The Classic Duet offers the best deal as it comes with espresso/americano and piccolo/mocha. Two drinks for just PHP200!

Customer service was amazing! I went in asking for ice for my injured shin (from falling in a manhole/deep hole) and the owners quickly gave me some and asked how I was. Good job there!

Our drinks were prepared within the 10 minute mark and we got our drinks one by one.

My Iced White was pretty good. I liked the espresso + milk combination. Since it was a blend of 95% milk and 5% espresso, it was not strong at all. It only had a faint bitter taste from the espresso. It's great for those who are slowly trying to veer away from sugar.

The others loved their drinks too and Reich T even had a Ratatouille moment with the Iced Chocolate. (Jairus d pointed out though that the shop uses Selecta for its Cookie ala Mode.)

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The owners didn't shoo us away when the clock hit 8 pm, the café's closing time. They even chatted with us and we found out that they have been really passionate with coffee and when the space where they are located now became available for lease, they took the opportunity. There were a few more info shared but I spaced out. Food coma. 128517

With their superb customer service, I'll definitely drop by when I'm around the area. 128518

Fun night guys! Clarissa P Raymond P Roy T Abe C

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