Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen

Lot 3 Blk. 2 Mission Hills Blvd., San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I usually allocate Sundays to visit locations that are farther. Today, together with a co-foodie, we took a trip to Antipolo! Before reaching this much talked about cafe in this town, we took a ‘tour’ at the local tourist spot, Antipolo Church.

Yellow Bird boasts an attractive look from the outside to its interiors. This place has all glass with festive lights, greens and adorable Christmas decorations.

They got packed quite fast while my friend and I were here for two hours. We had a couple of beverages and two mains to share. Yellow Bird serves mostly Filipino but they also have Italian, Japanese and American offerings.

We loved their concoction of Macadamia Hazelnut Latte. It was bold but not too sweet, creamy and served at the right temperature. Their Pinky Promise, however was too artificial for my liking as they use powder to put this drink together.

For savory meals, their Boneless Tinapa tasted as expected, smoky with a strong taste. The downside, it was greasy and serving was too small. We also had Sinampalukang Manok, expensive for its very lean native chicken servings, but its soup was delicious, as it gave us soothing sour feel in every slurp.

Is it worth traveling to? I say yes. We might have just ordered some wrong pieces. At the very least, you will enjoy its ambiance and their friendly staff.

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Denise J.
5.0 Stars

There are so many hidden gems in Antipolo and I’m so happy I stumbled upon another great find!

Yellow Bird Cafe is quite the looker from the outside so it wasn’t surprising to see how chic it was on the inside. They’ve got artificial grass on the walls (I know that sounds weird but I swear it looks really pretty—refer to my picture if you can’t visualize it 128514), patterned tiles, and metal stools. It’s everything I want my future kitchen to look like!

As for their food, I guess you could say it’s the normal stuff you see in other cafes. They’ve got rice meals, pastas, sandwiches, desserts, etc. But I find their prices more reasonable so I’ll give them that.

I ordered the spam breakfast meal (P115) which came with garlic rice and 2 eggs. I liked it! They made it feel like a gourmet meal even though it probably just came from a can lol. The spam was slightly crunchy on the outside which was a nice touch, the rice was flavorful and not buhaghag, and the eggs were perfectly cooked. Great deal!

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Pat S.
5.0 Stars

Will definitely come back. Good food and especially nice place 128556 Also loved their Coffee with Coconut Milk

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Patty D.
5.0 Stars

I love the location and the design of this restaurant (instagrammable) and most of all everything we ordered taste good. I ordered Pork hamonado and the servings is good for 2. Their nachos and crispy okoy are both tasty and yes they are really crispy.Price is also reasonable.Good service and they also accept reservations. I'd love to try their cakes and steaks next time. 128522 Its better to go there in the morning or afternoon for better pics. 128522 They serve breakfast at 7am i think.

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Ghe L.
4.0 Stars

My husband and I celebrated our church wedding anniversary yesterday, Dec. 12 and his birthday as well. But i have a gestational diabetes so I can't eat as much as I want to.
I've been craving for cheesecake for days and we're looking for a cheap place but with delicious food but preferably with a cheesecake in their menu. 128512
We chose this place since it is near to our place because we can't stay out for long because our grade 1 student will be out by 5pm.
We get there by 2 pm, there were only 4 sets of customers including us. They assisted us as soon as we enter the resto. We ordered seafood arabiata, club sandwich, salted caramel flavored coffee, salad with smoked salmon for take out, pistachio butter cream cake and the yummy matcha cheesecake! (I posted the receipt for the prices and your reference). Our orders arrived 5 to 10 mins.
The club sandwich is for me since I can't eat pasta (will trigger my sugar). But I also tasted a little of the pasta and I could say it's good. If you ordered this kind of pasta in other cafe's or restaurant, it will probably cost you 200 to 300+. It's not dry and it is tasty.
The club sandwich is good too, the cheese they use has a different taste. It complements the chicken and lettuce on the sandwich.
I also tasted the pistachio cake, it's not too sweet but its not fluffy, the chiffon of the cake. It's kinda dry because the chiffon is siksik not fluffy and soft.
The salted caramel flavored iced coffee is also fine with me because you wont taste the sugar in it. I mean it is not too sweet which is good for me.
The main event for me is the cheesecake which I ate first because of my cravings. I couldn't resist the taste, the creamy, the matcha green tea, little bit of sweet and sour, the taste of crashed graham underneath. Perfect! 128522
We will surely be back to taste the other food on the menu.

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Maj C.
5.0 Stars

Everybody should give this place a try!128512

So we decided to check out restaurants in Antipolo which aren't overrated. Upon checking the place online, we were ok to give it a try. The place looks cute! The interiors are so refreshing to the eyes so we had a positive impression.

On the table:
1. Tbone steak- It was flavorful!
2. Lamb chop- If tbone is good, this is waaaaaaay better. For less than 300 pesos, you'll surely love this dish. No need for the sauce because the lamb alone is too good 128525
3. Lychee tea- Good but lacks the lychee taste
4. Coconut latte- great also as per the boyfriend!
5. Green tea cheesecake- ahhh love this too!!!

Certainly, we'll be back!128512

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Pilar M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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