Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Shell Station, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Macapagal, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
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Business Hours
Open 24 Hours

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Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱300 - ₱900

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Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
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Most Recent Reviews

Icynth M.
4.0 Stars

Breakfast after work with workmates. Yes, pizza and pasta (again) for breakfast.

It was a late birthday treat from Harris, another workmate of mine. He really wanted pizza so we we went here.

He ordered New York's finest (or was it NY classic? Lol )plus the one with ham(?) and pineapple (was it hawaiian??) combined in one pizza. I only ate the one with sliced bell peppers. Lol.

We added Chicken Alfredo pasta, Charlie Chan chicken pasta, and baked potato wedges. Charlie Chan will always be my favorite in their menu (plus the pizza, of course! Lol). And my new fave, baked potato with garlic ranch!

The service was really good, they even let me charge my phone in their office! Lol!

Yellow Cab will always be one of my fave! 128155128155128155

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Chonna O.
5.0 Stars


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Trixia C.
4.0 Stars

I need you to read this guys. Not for the review but for some help. Thank you!

For the review first. 128513

After repacking and talking lols, we felt really really hungry so we bid a goodbye first to have something to fill our tummy.

Four Season Pizza
• Not really into it. We just ordered it so we won't have arguements what flavor we should order. Or I'm just not in the mood because I saw someone? Lols! Joke lang. 128540128541

Charlie Chan Pasta
10084️ This is the only reason why I still go to Yellowcab 128525 I like how the peanuts blend to its taste. Yummy!!!

For the help I'm talking about. This is a voluntary, okay. 128513

One of our employee in our shop came from Guiuan Samar. She never heard from her family since Yolanda attacked their region but a while ago she learned from her uncle that her family is dead. From her parents down to her kids. No one survived from the people who's living inside their house. All wiped out.

I'm here asking for your help guys. Any help will do. Money or whatever.

She needs money para mapalibing niya yung family niya and makauwi siya sa Guiuan.

If you're thinking na bakit hindi kami ang unang tumulong at bakit ako nanghihingi ng tulong, guys we already did pero hindi kami ganun kayaman para sagutin lahat ng gastos niya. Kung kaya lang namin di kami magdadalawang isip gawin yun.

I'm thanking you guys in advance. Super thank you. 128513

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Shari N.
4.0 Stars

One would not typically go to this place unless you have a schedule with DFA. Coz of that, my friends and I prefer this branch to that in MOA because less people eat here- shorter queues, available sears and faster service.

Typical order: charlie chan pasta and hot wings.

Tried the folded pizza and realized that I cannot finish it on my own. Also, i ordered the pepperoni one and 1/4 of the pizza has no pepperoni. It was only covered in lettuce and tomatoes. So next time, i will just stick to regular pizza.

Carbo overload.

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Denise Q.
4.0 Stars

Okay, I have to rant here. Government offices are too inefficient! After 3 hours or so of waiting, I was super glad that Yellow Cab was just right nearby!

We were dead hungry as it was already past lunchtime. So I called the shots! I finally for the solo size Dear Denise.. I mean, my ever favorite Dear Darla pizza! Cravings - check! ✅127829 (Boyfie coined this term way back, haha!) And note: I always make sure there's arugula available before I order, LOL. #paranoid? 128518

We got the smallest order to share and I even came up with a formula of meal / n, where n is the number of family members present, haha! Thus, we shared this pizza among the 3 of us - as evidenced in my photo haha! 128514

We also got Charlie Chan pasta - I love this even though I'm not into spicy food. Very oriental with the mushroom bits and tasty!

We ordered an additional 14" of Four Seasons pizza because my mom insisted she wants the flavors in it. So we decided to eat some & have it to-go for the leftovers (and share to the rest of the fambam for merienda).

And since I was super hungry, I didn't want to stuff myself with oily food first. Good thing this selected branch offers soups too! I got the Cream of Squash/Pumpkin! Super worth it!!! 128513 I was so happy and excited that I almost burned my tongue from the first sip - sobrang sabik lang! This also included strips of bacon - worth it!

Overall, guess the 3-hour wait made it all worth it with my happy belly from this NY pizza chain. Haha! I am that shallow whenever I'm full already - like a whiny kid hee hee. 128540

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