Yellow Fin Seafood and Restaurant

Prime Square Phase III, F. Torres St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Yellow Fin Seafood and Restaurant
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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

Back to basics
Adobo buntot ng tuna- sarap talaga nito ! And accordingly it's their best seller. Tender savory tuna litid . 128165128165128165128165128165
Paksiw na buntot ng tuna - equally good . Kaya lang a little too fishy for those who are not used to it. But I love this too128165128165128165128165.
Lechong kawali - tender , fatty, crisp skin-wala lang lechon sauce. 128165128165128165128165
Kinilaw na tangigue - chilled tuna cubes kinilaw 128165128165128165
Imbao soup lami ! Sarapapap! Fresh simple tasty 128165128165128165128165128165
Altogether a truly nice and filling welcome meal to Davao .
We were full @ P300/pax 128165128165128165128165

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Patty D.
4.0 Stars

For dinner we had Adobong Buntot n Tuna I liked this dish because its a bit on the fatty side 128513 like you're eating the slimy litid of crispy pata.Then we had Steamed Pampano its a steamed fish that tastes like milk so it is really tasty like gindara.Then Sizzling Tuna Bagaybay (sperm sac/gonads)128517 It tastes like ox brain.They also have lots of drinks to choose from and their apple juice is really made fresh.Price is also affordable.

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Kim Marie Y.
4.0 Stars

No pics since we were in a hurry.

Their mango shake is to die for!

We had this big sizzling plate with shrimps, tuna, buttered clams (it was big, relative to what we have in Manila, and so good), squid and a mysterious chunk of meat - we discovered later on that it was tuna roe! For me, it was like ox brain -rich and melts on your mouth. 128525

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Richmond T.
4.0 Stars

Fast, fresh, budget-friendly restaurant in Davao City. Don't forget to try their Adobong Buntot ng Tuna and Imbao soup!

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Mia J.
3.0 Stars

Say hello to one of the tails displayed as you enter one of the branches of Yellow Fin. 128044 Their Adobong Buntot ng Tuna is their best seller, according to the lady server. And true enough, almost all the tables dining that night had the adobong buntot. So we ordered one, along side tuna laing, steamed salmon wrapped in lumpia wrapper and of course our favorite sabaw ng Sinigang. 127858

The adobo was good. And for its price, the serving was just right. However, my boyfriend and I agreed that it doesn't really tastes like adobo. Maybe we are used to having pork or sitaw or chicken for adobo, ad that they have a different way of preparing their famous dish.

The durian shake was ok. I just didn't enjoy the weird after taste. (And the smell of your breath after sipping your drink) haha 128518

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Kristella D.
1.0 Stars


And I don't mean that in a good way.

I've always seen a lot of people dining at Yellow Fin. I also looked it up on looloo and found two 5-star reviews in their other branch. To satisfy my curiosity, I asked my parents if we could have lunch at their F. Torres branch.

From the place, to the service, to the food, everything was horrible. 128534

The place is like a greenhouse. There are big glass windows. But there's no ventilation. And the place isn't soundproofed, so all the voices of the customers bounce and echo.

We were handed their menu, and it was tattered and wrinkled.

We still ordered anyway, but we should have taken that sign and left the place.

Chicken adobo was bland and cold.

Their tuna fin, while not oily and fishy-smelling, was drenched in soy sauce that was mixed with a LOT of water. What the?!

Their halaan was just ok. The mangrove clams (imbaw) were clean, but the soup wasn't very flavorful.

I've never had food this bad. 128560

And I don't get why a lot of people still visit this place.

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John Reiner E.
4.0 Stars

They serve affordable seafood dishes and davao delicacies. Don't forget to order their "Adobong buntot ng tuna" 128513

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