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2/F Enrique M. Razon Sports Center, Fidel A. Reyes St., Taft, Manila, Metro Manila

Yoga+ Express
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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." -Wayne Dyer

There's too much negativity around us and the feeling of helplessness gets me frustrated sometimes. And that's why I (try to) practice yoga together with practicing the "art of deadma*."
*(A. Curtis, 2013)

Good thing we have Yoga+ Express in campus. I can just go before or after work, or even during break(s). The studio is really spacious, the staff are courteous, and the teachers are great.

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

Been a member of yoga plus but my 1st time to visit this branch. I was invited by Ruth D last saturday to join her and Lark C and was only able to confirm around 10 am on the same day and the yin class was 1130 am. Was in a bit of a hurry as i wasn't sure where it was specifically located and it is better not to be late so you can join the warm up and do necessary preps prior the class (getting water, lockers, towels etc.) Thanks to uber and waze, i got to yoga plus just in time and Ruth D for waiting for me at the building entrance and guiding me in getting around yoga+'s facilities!

This yoga plus branch is located in one of the school building of la salle. I noticed inside this building mostly are sports /fitness facilities. The building is situated between quirino and vito cruz lrt 1 station. You have to leave your ID to the guard of the building's entrance and log in/out of their logbook when you go in and out.

I was handed 3 cards with bath towel, yoga towel and yoga mat written on it. I didn't have to pay additional cost for the mat and towel rentals as i was enrolled with a regular package. The same with other yoga plus branches, footwear are not allowed inside the facility. Unlike other branches, you have to setup your own mat here. Apparently members of the express branch have to bring their own mats and the classes here are cheaper. They also didn't have free soap and shampoo at the bathing area unlike in other branches (i guess it's because it is cheaper here). Btw this branch is spacious compared to the ortigas/podium branch.

The original class was yin but it was changed to flow hour (60 mins flow class). I have tried longer flow classes and my 1st time actually with a 60 mins flow class. I actually enjoyed this class cause it was shorter yet i was able to sweat and stretch a lot. Also we didn't do inversions which was a yey for me cause i don't like doing the inversions. The class we attended was good for beginners like me.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

We were supposed to practice Yin Yoga this morning but when we arrived, we were told the session would be Flow. 128563 Of course we weren't prepared. Well, I definitely wasn't. Plus, medyo sleep-deprived pa 'ko because of the looloo chatbox session. 128514

This is my 3rd visit but my first Flow yoga so I still had the orientation. Teacher Love explained very well what is done in Flow, and that we should not be pressured to do the poses perfectly. I appreciated that. But that doesn't mean I didn't have a hard time and that I didn't want to just do the child's pose and shavasana all throughout the session. 128513

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I have been looking for a good, convenient, yoga place for months and little did I know that there's Yoga+ Express just an elevator ride (plus a few steps) away from my office. It is located inside one of DLSU's buildings but away from the main campus so, it is still very accessible to the public.

For walk-ins, the price is 500/class. Then you'll have to pay extra for the mat, yoga towel, bath towel, if you don't bring your own. They provide water but you'll have to bring your own water bottle. They have lockers but you'll need to bring your own padlock. There are about 3 shower stalls but you'll have to bring your own toiletries.

Yoga+ Express is actually an "economical" subset of Yoga+. Since their main clients here are students, membership fee is cheaper, there are lesser yoga types (?), and toiletries are not provided.

I attended the Yin Basics class and I think it is perfect for beginners. I went early, about 30 minutes before class, since I read that there was going to be an orientation. Well, it happened about 5 minutes before class and we were just told little about Yin Basics. The teacher, Roxanne, was good. She talks a little fast during class so I wasn't really able to catch the names of the poses done. Other than that, she was great.

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