Yogiyo Chicken

Holy Spirit Drive cor. Don Renato St., Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Yogiyo Chicken
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Fried Chicken

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Jaymee C.
4.0 Stars

Half spicy, half sweet chicken 16pcs for 550 pesos 128077

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Krystle C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Alyssa Denise M.
4.0 Stars

Our usual order is sweet and spicy chicken. It's covered with their sweet and spicy sauce, which we usually have for mild since I'm not good with spicy food. We always ask for it for boneless so it seems more compared to when they normally serve it as with bones (which makes most of the chicken). It can feed 2-3 people without rice and 3-4 people with rice. It's also only 270 and it's a full plate of chicken. They also serve it with a side dish of radish and small cabbage salad. No rice for the whole or half chicken options but they have rice meals too.

We've tried their soy chicken once. It is dry and fried compared to the saucy sweet and spicy. It's still good though but we still prefer the latter. It's one of the only two Korean restaurants near our subdivision. I'm glad this has existed and their chicken is worth it.

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Kara G.
5.0 Stars

So this is a suer backlogged review. Had to wait for the place to be added in the database 9786

A couple of weeks ago, after I bought groceries and food for myself and my dog, I decided to try this place out as I was sick and tired of McDo and Jollibee. Hee!

The place was empty when I placed an order to go but they were getting lots of takeout calls so I guess ayaw lng lumabas ng mga tao? The Korean owner was sweet. She cooked the chicken herself. I got the 2-pc sweet and spicy meal, leg and thigh pa. Yay! It was soooo good! Better than BonChon IMO. The spiciness was not overpowering and mixed well with the sweet sauce that the chicken was coated with. And they were big pieces, hindi ung parang galing sa sisiw. 128516

The rice serving was huge. And it was the kind of rice I liked, malata. 127831127830127834

For 180, it was worth it. Can't wait to try the other items on their menu 128556

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