Yoki Ice Cafe

G/F SM Light Mall, EDSA cor. Madison St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Yoki Ice Cafe
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Reopens: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Charles Q.
5.0 Stars

-directly connected to MRT-3 Boni Avenue Station, at SM Light Mall below Light Residences EDSA, near Boni Avenue North Bound. Ground floor near BDO. They don't have WiFi but the mall itself does :)

-2 cashiers, very short lines on a payday Thursday, attentive cutie personnel, swift transaction. Suggests what to order. Bring small bills, they even put a sign in large font, they badly need them obviously, still i paid P500. :) Not sure if they accept cards.

-Order is served within 5 minutes! (Super plus points) The stress from commute made me hungry, i thought it takes them longer to serve. That's why lines are short. They are a blessing to my tummy.

Carbonara: off white firm spaghetti noodles a little bit tougher than that of Jollibee but not that tough, leaning towards the dry side but it's done just right. It has a large heaping of parmesan like cheese mixture on top with bacon, mushroom, herbs in the middle and cream mix at the bottom. It works. Cream in taste, not too creamy, not too cheesy, not salty, it does taste like carbonara, warm and soft on spices. Not too flavorful, just right. I wish for more sauce though.

Pan Grilled Chicken 128020: the main highlight of the night! Bird flu aside, it's warm, soft, super flavorful, works well with the pasta, works very WELL with the pasta!! (Should i repeat it again?) no Burns. Cooked perfectly!

Blue Lemonade: the plastic cups are that of kiddie parties or something you'd see on team buildings in Pansol, Laguna. Cheap side but it's loaded with crushed ice! Surely cold from the bottom to top, it tastes like it's from powder but it's convincing, refreshing and good.

All for less than P200, nice dinner. The store colors is like that of Brownies and Goldilocks, and it's located near the entrance so you can't hide here, everyone can see you and how you eat, but if that doesn't matter then the meal is great! Will try their coffee sometime soon!

I'll rate this 4.5 if i can because the ambiance is not cozy enough but since i cannot rate them a 4, that's too low. Ill go with 5/5!

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Jonathan R.
3.0 Stars

Too sweet for me. 128513

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

It was my first time in SM Light Mall and I was surprised that there are a bunch of restaurants and other establishments here that you hardly see in other malls or places. Yoki Ice Café is one of those shops.

Hello, Yoki!

To be honest, I have never heard of this place before. I didn’t see it on any social media platform or anywhere else. Curious and since our dinner left a lasting taste, we figured that having dessert here was the way to go.

I was surprised with the price points of Yoki. Its Belgian chocolate ice cream swirl only costs PHP29. Not bad for a dessert place inside a mall. I was tempted to order a cup of Cappuccino too as it only costs PHP38! The frappes too are very pocket friendly at PHP89!

Just when I was about to order a cup of cappuccino, I spotted a Nescafe machine. Apparently, your caffeine fix will come from those small Nespresso looking vending machines. I then realized that it is actually expensive at PHP38 as it only costs PHP25 in convenience stores. (But hey, the café has to earn too right?)

Disappointed with what I thought to be a great deal, I settled with a Belgian chocolate ice cream swirl.

They drizzled my twirl with chocolate syrup which turned solid as soon as my cone was handed to me.

I took one big bite and… the chocolate taste was quite faint and it tasted familiar. I took another bite or two and that’s when it hit me. It tasted like Milo ice cream.

It’s not exactly bad but thinking that I ordered Belgian chocolate ice cream, I was expecting something thicker and richer. Unless they meant Belgian cone?

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Annechile S.
3.0 Stars

Been passing by this cafe whenever I do my groceries in SM Light, so yesterday I decided to give it a try. Their menu is simple, ice cream, juices, pastas, and coffee.

I had:

| Pesto Pasta (89php) addtl grilled chicken (159php) ✅✅✅ I am a big pesto pasta fan, and this one is not the one that I will go back for at the cafe. I had the addtl grilled chicken and guess what when it was served, it was fried and so oily.128553 The pasta was cooked al dente, but that's the only good part of the dish.

| Cucumber Juice (39php) ✅✅✅ This one was too sweet for me.

| Vanilla mini cup with 2 toppings (39php) ✅✅✅ Chose the nuts and sprinkles for the toppings. Given that, I would've appreciated if the server asked me if I wanted chocolate syrup instead of just putting right away. 128543 Super sweet that my throat will suffer if I finish the cup.

And they don't have water, ugh even bottled ones. I hope they'll improve as their space is nice, good for reading. 128515

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Claudz M.
4.0 Stars

tried a choco truffle frappe at 89php. i liked it but it is too sweet for me. ^^;;;;

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