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Most Recent Reviews

Adnad S.
4.0 Stars

Parang nakaka high blood dito 128513

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

I lost count of the times Roby and I planned to eat here, only to think twice about it and end up eating somewhere else. But yesterday, we finally ended up here after I made him randomly pick where we should go for dinner. Haha

Interestingly enough, this is our second unintentional candlelit dinner in a row. The candles definitely made Your Local's industrial interiors look more cozy and intimate.

I ordered the Torched Salmon Donburi (Php 695). Definitely the "blow a hole through the wallet" pricing but I found it very much worth it. Everything was so good and I made the right decision of smothering the toppings on the salmon all over the fish so that I could get a little bit of everything with every bite. The piece of salmon was big too and covered the black rice beneath it.

It's a very filling meal; one that I could not finish. But Roby happily ate everything else.

He ordered the Chicken Rice (Php 405). I got to taste this a few times and I really enjoyed it. Pretty light compared to the Salmon Donburi but all the flavors went well together. We were amused by how the chili sauce was served. We initially thought it was an egg 128518

One negative thing I have to point out with Your Local is the acoustics of the restaurant. It can get pretty noisy and a few times, Roby and I would have to turn our heads closer to each other just so we could hear one another.

Overall, I enjoyed our Your Local experience. Definitely pleased we can finally cross it out of our "must eat in" restaurant list haha

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

Its been awhile since I have eaten in Your Local. So I was really I excited since this is one of my fave resto in Makati. For this visit we ordered our fave Torched Salmon Donburi and Mackerel version of it. We also had a Beef Braised Pasta and Laksa Fettucini. I was surprised that the Mackerel version was a lot better than the salmon. This is the 1st time I ordered it and side by side with the salmon. The Mackerel was so much better. Much much flavorful. For the salmon at almost 700PHP I find it too expensive and quality wise it was good but not worth it. For the pasta I enjoyed the laksa. This is something that I'll try to cook at home. For the beef braised pasta it was good but got that umay factor in it.

Overall I still love your local but with more resto coming out with same good dishes at a lower price, I find it too expensive. Somehow their sister company Hey Handsome is a better option for me if I'll spend the same amount. :)

  • No. of Comments: 9
Will C.
5.0 Stars

Been here 2 years ago and this time went here during lunchtime, i think having lunch time here is better compare to the darkish dinner scene. I heard other items are great here but i wont scrimp and so i went ahead to their bestseller and most expensive main (sans theirs steak) which is the glazed salmon donburi. It was perfectly cooked, the salmon was in the middle of cooked and raw which is the way i like, plus their crunchy salmon skin+ salmon cream + salmon roe + something that look like himalayan pink salt and organic black rice. 128512128512128512

One of the best restaurant in makati that serves quality food

  • No. of Comments: 16
Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

Josh and I can't even remember the last time we went on an actual date -- there were too many things that happened in the last two months, and we never actually got to hang out as much as we wanted to. 128546 But last Saturday, we're finally able to meet, and we felt the urge to splurge a bit. 128586 I decided to visit him in Makati, since he had to work. It's also my excuse so we could go eat at a fancy restaurant in Makati. 128518

Since I-don't-know-when, I have already been eyeing Your Local as our next date place, but we always didn't have the perfect timing to visit. So I thought, maybe now's the time! 128525 We booked our table via Booky, since I've read that the placed gets packed quickly. We got there at around 5PM -- a bit early for our 6PM reservation, and watched some episodes of Steven Universe at Yardstick, which is conveniently located just beside Your Local. (More about that on the next review). When the clock struck 6PM, we proceeded to the restaurant, and were promptly seated. I have read in many reviews that the restaurant has dim lights, but I didn't know it would be THAT dark. 128584 We then proceeded to order the following:

✅ PARMESAN FRIES WITH TRUFFLED KETCHUP (Php 145) - 1108811088110881108811088
I used to hate truffle flavored anything, because I always remember how truffle oil tasted in itself, so strong it leaves a mark on your life. HAHAHA. But now, I have learned to eat truffle flavored food, and enjoy it, too! Simple as this may seem, we loved how the fruity and nutty taste of the parmesan blended well with the fries, plus the flavorful and slightly sour tomato truffle ketchup. We're off to a good start with this! 128521

✅ LAMB RENDANG (Php 595) - 1108811088110881108811088
I was telling Josh that this was one of their bestsellers, but he was initially a bit reluctant to get this. BUT, the sous vide organic egg won him over (I know his weaknesses!) 128513 And I'm glad we got this, because it was really good! Rendang can be considered a variation of the Asian curry -- and Your Local's version is definitely well-thought of. The shredded lamb rendang is quite spicy and flavorful. I appreciated how it didn't have that gamey taste / smell of usual lamb dishes! Truth be told, this is the first time I appreciated a lamb dish. 128517 Make sure to spread some mint jelly on your lamb, if you still find it to be a bit gamey. 128521 The sous vide organic egg is carefully placed atop the red raisin black rice. When you eat all the components in one bite, you'll be amazed at how a spoonful of food can be THAT flavorful -- the flavors dancing on your tongue. It does get a bit cloying if you eat this on your own though. But people who love the spicy Asian flavors will have no problem in devouring this. 128129

✅ TORCHED SALMON DONBURI (Php 695) - 110881108811088110881108811088
To say this Torched Salmon Donburi is delicious would be an understatement. (Look how I subtly added an additional star right there! You didn't notice it, did you?) It's sooo good: aside from the various flavors playing in your mouth, the varying textures of each component plays a huge role too -- and you'll surely be torn about wanting to finish the whole thing and saving the portions to savor slowly. 128525 I'll never look at salmon the same way again. 128156 To be honest, I never really liked cooked salmon, as I prefer salmon sashimi. But this totally changed my mind! Salmon cooked medium is superb. 128525 The shiitake black rice also gave the dish its depth, veering away from the typical Japanese donburi.

The two dishes we got were so different, I was suprised I actually got it from the same restaurant. 128513 Service was really good, too! From the time we arrived up until we left, we were promptly assisted with everything we needed. Since we booked our table through Booky, we also got Php 100 off our meal plus a free dessert:

I never had a dessert this intricately made. 128558 You'll be surprised that the earthy taste of earl grey actually perfectly complements the sweetness of the chocolate. The lime mousse added a welcome tartness, while ths milk crumbs (these are actually polvoron-like HEHE) provided a very much welcome grainy texture to an otherwise smooth textured dessert. It can be a bit sweet, but share this with others and you're good! 128521

Foodies will probably have a hard time especially when dining here during the dinner time, as the poor lighting makes it extremely challenging to take good photos. 128547 At some point, you'll probably be like me: giving up on the chance to take instagrammable photos, and just settling on savoring every bite of the sumptuous food. 128525🤤

If you haven't visited Your Local yet, please do. You won't regret it. No wonder it's been acclaimed to be one of the best restaurants in the world, based on Conde Nast Travellers' List. 128562


  • No. of Comments: 5
Ana Joaquina A.
4.0 Stars

Nice, industrial design. Wasn’t expecting 3/4th of the menu to be alcohol but the food we ordered was definitely unique and interesting. Especially the salmon dish that had layers of flavor and texture. I’d like to come back to try out the other fish dish they have.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

After my nth time here, in a place thats usually an automatic 4 or 5 stars, there's really nothing much left to say 128517 this is a no fail if you want to meet friends over dinner. They've been consistently good each and every time and i hope they stay open for the next 50 years haha l.

In pictures are the laksa, salmon donburi, and pomelo salad.

  • No. of Comments: 1
5.0 Stars

Delicious laksa & chicken rice. The lamb was a bit too spicy but great flavor! The salmon was a burst of creamy and savory flavors, a bit cloying but still amazingly yummy! Love that this is only our second time here but everything was consistent as the first time :)

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Ann Margret E.
5.0 Stars

Torched Salmon Donburi was simply divine.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Anna d.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

"One of the Best Restaurants in the World."

If that line right there doesn't make you want to visit Your Local, I don't know what will. It's not often that restos from the Philippines gets to have that kind of prestige, so the moment a certain restaurant makes the cut, I'm sure you'd definitely be hyped to check it out.

I visited Your Local with my usual food buddies Norman Lester T & Edison A right after attending #ArtFairPH2017 a few weeks back. Didn't get the chance to have a reservation, we just walked in. We were ready to be waitlisted but luckily there was a table available!

I've been around the area a few times already and I was seriously amazed by how "unassuming" and somewhat hidden their location is. And what I'd like to call the secret door that leads you inside the restaurant is really cool! It's like saying "come inside and have the most amazing culinary experience of your life!"

Okay. I'll stop all the babbling and get to the best part, the fooooood!

Mock Mentaiko Fries - 1108811088110881108811088
It's your fave fries with nori and secret sauce. Now I don't know what the hell they put in there but this is the BEST fries I have ever had in my life! 128525 Sobrang sarap, legit! I literally scraped off the sauce left on the plate after we demolished the fries! And I'm not even asahmed to admit that. Hihi. 9996🏻

Lamb Rendang - 1108811088110881108811088
This is legit A-grade lamb meat with sous vide organic egg, sweet soy, mint, cilantro and red raisin black rice. My gosh, I don't even know how to describe the yumminess of this dish! The lamb meat was cooked to perfection, it's a party in your mouth with every bite. I'm not a fan of black rice or brown rice or red rice for that matter, I just always find it not cooked right. But the red raisin black rice that goes with this Lamb Rendang is amaziiiiin'!

Braised Beef Pasta - 11088110881108811088
Minced beef with torched parmesan on fettuccini with red wine. So this one is just okay. I mean it's delicious and all but it didn't wow me like the other dishes did. And it's too maasim. I'm not sure if it's supposed to taste like that but masyadong maasim for me. But the redeeming thing is the fettuccini was al dente! Not "malata", it was firm and I also loved the generous amount of minced beef.

Torched Salmon Donburi - 1108811088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088
Oh, sorry I put too many stars. But I just felt like no amount of stars can justify how seriously scrumptious this dish is! The Norwegian salmon is torched and cooked medium, together with mentaiko, oboro, ebiko, and salmon skin on roast corn goes perfectly with the shitake black rice. Melts in your mouth salmon goodness! It was so deliciously good! 128525128523 Hands down the best salmon dish out there. Every bite is like dying of foodie goodness and going straight to foodie heaven! Like Ate the server who asked us how was our food, I answered that this is my favorite. To which she replied, "It's everybody's favorite."

Your Local definitely deserves the line "One of the Best Restaurants in the World". 10084

  • No. of Comments: 4
Mannix M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

  • No. of Comments: 0
Karissa M.
5.0 Stars

Pardon my photo but this is truly the best!

Tofu steak cheese at its finest!!!!

Will surely be back to try some more 128522

  • No. of Comments: 1
Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Too bad they were out of buns. We were kinda excited to try it out and because of that I was caught off guard and just ordered something on the menu that sounded interesting: "Braised Beef Pasta". It wasn't what I was expecting when it said braised beef. It was just like a typical Bolognese Pasta, nothing fancy. Not bad, but just wasn't what I was expecting. Still a good serving of pasta though.

Wifey had the Chicken Rice, which was their rendition of the classic Singaporean dish of, well, Chicken Rice. 128513 This one, we both enjoyed. I just hope they add more condiments on it as the ones swirled and glazed around the plate just don't cut it. Medyo bitin. But the chicken was very tender 128077128077128077

Still regretting not getting that Torched Salmon Donburi 128557

  • No. of Comments: 6
Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Your Local is definitely one of my favorite restaurants mainly because of their Torched Salmon Donburi. No visit is complete without it. The Norwegian salmon, which is cooked medium, goes perfectly with mentaiko, ebiko, roast corn, and shitake black rice. With its generous amount of serving, this dish can definitely be good for sharing.

During our last visit, we had some friends who are new Your Local diners. We had them try the Torched Salmon Donburi and they loved it.

We also ordered Steak Fried Rice and Laksa Fettuccini. I have already tried both dishes from prior visits and though they are not my favorite dishes, I still liked them. Tastes were exactly the same as the first time I’ve tried them. Your Local’s consistency with quality is just really impressive.

We also decided to order a bottle of red wine to go with our dishes, as suggested by our server. Since I don’t really drink alcohol, it was very much appreciated that what we had was just light.

For dessert, we had Cereal Milk Ice Cream. I actually liked it. There were some bits of cereals which I’m guessing are Fruit Loops and on the side was a spread of mascarpone.

Service, just like their dishes, is consistently great. Despite a busy night and a really dark setting, they were always attentive. The kitchen seems to be very efficient too since dishes are served quickly.

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Larah L.
3.0 Stars

Food was good but not my type. Mej mahal

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

After stuffing ourselves with wagyu cubes and scallops, we went for a walk around Legazpi Village from Little Tokyo. My friend was looking for something sweet and the only place I thought of was Your Local.

We went in at around 7 and said we're just 2 people. We said sitting by the bar counter was no problem. But they also told us that we had to be out by 8PM, since they have the 2-seating set up. That wasn't an issue since we were only looking for dessert.

Last time we visited Your Local with other |ooloo reviewers, we didn't get to try their Cereal Ice Cream. So we got just that. 128514

We loved it! The ice cream was infused with flavors of Froot Loops! Hahaha! 128514 It was so nostalgic! There was also some crushed cereals around the bowl and some mascarpone cheese 128525

Sitting by the counter also gave us a clear view of the kitchen and the food preparation. It was a different experience altogether. I enjoyed watching the chefs carefully plate the dishes like they were all works of art. When they saw I was taking a photo of them working, they immediately looked and smiled. 128514

  • No. of Comments: 2
Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Your Local since time immemorial. I was actually bugging Cindy S and Edison A to accompany me before but our schedules really didn't match. Fast forward to the day I was planning where to eat in Baguio for my ultimate solo North trip, I saw Ruth S's review for Arca's Yard. I asked her many questions regarding the restaurant and just found ourselves talking about Your Local. Thanks for the invite, Ruth! 128541

Midz S reserved a table good for 10+ people. I was the last person to arrive at the restaurant, and they have placed orders already. Good thing for me as I'm sometimes indecisive on what food to order. Anyway, we had the following.


* Beef Rendang Buns - 290php. Beef Rendang, smoked aioli, pickled cucumber, and cilantro in fried mantau. I found this really good. I believe that the mantau was glazed based on how it looked. The beef was tender and really flavorful.

* Chili Crab Buns - 290php. Chili crab, cucumber spears, leeks, cilantro in fried mantau. This was spicy at first, but you'll get used to its taste afterwards. Though I like the Beef Rendang buns better, this was still delicious and perfect if you're looking for something that will tickle your tastebuds.

* Parmesan Fries with Truffled Ketchup - 120php. This is your usual fries with parmesan cheese on top. The serving was sulit for its price.

* Mock Mentaiko Fries - 220php. As per the menu, this has fries with their secret sauce and nori. I liked this better because of mentaiko. The sauce went well with the fries. Really really flavorful!

* Semi Fried Eggplant - 340php. Baby eggplant, mascarpone cream cheese, ponzu, tempura flakes, squid ink crumbs. This was my favorite among the appetizers! All the ingredients are perfect for this dish. It was creamy but not cloying. I generally like grilled eggplant, but I think I now have a new favorite.


* Steak Fried Rice - 680php. Korean spiced Sher Wagyu, sunny side up eggs, fresh herbs on shiitake fried rice. I'm sure I've tried this but I really cannot remember its taste. Maybe it didn't really stand out among all our orders. Well, not really sure if it's just me.

* Braised Beef Pasta - 380php. Minced beef, red wine reduction, torched parmesan cheese on fettuccini. This was a surprise. I never thought that pasta with braised beef can taste so good. I'm used to eating braised beef with rice. You know. Rice is life. The mixture of all the ingredients were just perfect.

* Tofu Steak and Eggs - 390php. Pan seared tofu, fried eggs, shitake mushroom, and black rice. I liked the tofu. It was cooked and seasoned just right.

* Chicken Rice - 390php. Steeped chicken, ginger rice, sweet soy, chili sauce. I'm guessing that this is their version of Hainanese chicken rice. I loved this as the ginger smell was evident. Chicken meat was soft and tender as well. For me, it's best when you dip the meat in the chili sauce.

And of course, my ultimate favorite.

* Torched Salmon Donburi - 595php. Torched Norweigan salmon, mentaiko, oboro, ebiko and salmon skin on roast corn and shitake black rice. Again, my favorite. The salmon was melt-in-your-mouth. It was so good. Not sure why but it's safe to say that all the ingredients were made for each other. I'll probably bring my Mom here as she likes salmon too.


* Chocolate Earl Grey Pudding and Lime Mousse - 290php. I liked this one, tbh. Not too sweet for me! The earl grey taste was dominating but I liked it.

Overall, I loved everything from what we ordered. The service was generally okay but can still be improved. The servers who assisted us was jolly and energetic but it was not all we need when dining, right? We had to call their attention multiple times just for water and tissue refills. However, I can understand this as the restaurant was quite packed when we went. The place has also poor lighting making it hard for foodies to have their best shots. Again, however, I think the place was made to be that way for a more intimate dining experience. Despite these flaws, I'll still give them 4.5 stars because of their damn good food. So yeah, rounded up to 5 stars.

P.S. The food here are all good! No wonder Your Local became one of the best restaurants in the world by Condè Nast Traveler.

Until our next food trip Midz S Unisse C EJ B Christina R Denise A Marti M! 1285179889

  • No. of Comments: 6
Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Because of Ruth S's review of her very first visit to Your Local, Midz S also wanted to try it. I was craving a bit so we said we'd go together. It was still in the "Let's go whenever"-stage so I thought to just put a date on it so it'll become a reality. Hahahaha! But in reality, cravings... 128517

We reserved a table for 12 pax initially because the invite grew. Midz S reserved through Booky for their promo to get P100 off. But after booking the reservation, Your Local called and said we had to pay a deposit of P5000 since we exceeded 10 pax.

On the day itself, our group ended up with only 7 people so we got worried about the deposit. Apparently, it needs to be consumed because it's non-refundable. 128517128547

Because of that, the things we ordered... felt like we ordered the whole menu! Hahahaha!!

Two pieces of fried mantou with beef rendang, smoked aioili, pickled cucumbers and cilantro. What I like about this is their wonderfully fried mantou buns! The beef was alright.

Similar to the beef rendang buns, the fried mantou was absolutely great! I actually like the chili crab more than the beef rendang buns because this has a bit more kick and more flavor.

SEMI FRIED EGGPLANT • Php 340 • 10084
Baby eggplants with mascarpone cream cheese, ponzu, tempura flakes and squid ink crumbs. This dish didn't have the best presentation of what it is because it was served in a black bowl and the sauce was also dark colored. 128517 But it was really good! The sauce was good, the eggplant was good!!

The fries was right, but the ketchup didn't taste like truffled ketchup... at first. We found out only later that the truffle was found at the bottom and you have to mix the ketchup.

MOCK MENTAIKO FRIES • Php 220 • 10084
I liked this one better because of the mentaiko. The sauce went well with the fries. 128513

This Korean spiced Wagyu on shiitake fried rice with sunny side up egg reminds me of a bibimbap. The cook on the steak was alright. It wasn't tough but it wasn't very tender either. I liked having the egg on the rice although the yolk was already broken because the steak was on top of the egg.

BRAISED BEEF PASTA • Php 380 • 10084
It was a simple yet refined pasta dish which reminded me so much of a Bolognese. The minced beef was packed with flavor, the sauce wasn't over powering. I enjoyed this pasta very much!

Pan seared tofu with fried eggs on top of shiitake black rice. This was alright, the rice was well flavored and the egg went well with the tofu. This would probably be good for those who don't like to eat meat. 128517

TORCHED SALMON DONBURI • Php 595 • 1008410084
For me, whenever I hear Your Local, this dish is always the first that comes to mind. With good reason too. Of all my visits to Your Local, this is still my favorite dish. Coming from someone who doesn't like fish very much. 128514 I'm picky with fish because I don't like my fish tasting very fishy 128514(That sounds weird.) The salmon is cooked medium so it's a bit raw in the middle and I actually prefer my salmon this way. The mentaiko and ebiko add more flavor to the dish and everything just goes well with their shiitake black rice.

Steeped chicken with ginger rice, sweet soy and chili sauce. Their rendition of a Hainanese chicken rice was pretty good. Although I'm not a huge fan of Hainanese chicken rice. 128517

MOUSSE • Php 290 • 10084
I really liked this dessert. The chocolate pudding and the lime mousse went well together. The milk crumbs added texture and flavor to the whole dish. It was fun eating this hehe! Mainly cos it's chocolate. 127851

We also got a dessert from Yardstick because the Cereal Milk Ice Cream was not available. But sadly, since we were aiming to reach Php 5,000 with everything we ordered, that waffle we got as suggested by the server was billed separately. 128547 So we had to get 2 Chocolate Earl Grey Pudding. 128514 One free, one paid. 128517 The free one was because of the Booky reservation. Apparently, you can only get either P100 off your bill, or get a free dessert when you answer the feedback form on Booky.

Overall, it was a fun visit. Happy with the table we got because it had the most light in the whole restaurant. It was great seeing |ooloo friends again – Midz S, Denise A, EJ B, Christina R and Norman Lester T and meeting a new | friend, Marti M! Hope to see you all soon!!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

It's no wonder that this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the world. Your Local offers inventive flavors that surely plays with its customers' tastebuds, and we were very excited to have gathered together to try their award-winning dishes.

We initially booked a table for 12 people via an app. The restaurant called shortly after confirming our reservation to ask for a security deposit of P5,000, since we reserved for more than 10 people. This deposit should be made at least 3 days prior to the date of reservation. Unisse C volunteered to pay for it in advance 128522

Sadly, Monday night came and we were down to 7 people because of our friends' schedule change. We asked if we can take back the security deposit since we're now less than 10 in the group, but it was denied. So, our main goal that night was to consume all of the P5,000 that we paid for! 128523

The ambiance of the place was a bit dim, with light coming from just a few, small bulbs in the area and the white light from the kitchen. The cold airconditioning in place, plus the good music in the background ensures the customers' maximum comfort and satisfaction.

We had a hard time ordering since we were trying to compute everything first to make sure that we reach the budget. We then decided to get a bit of almost everything.

127838Beef Rendang Buns P290
The mantou alone was delicious. It was slightly glazed with some sugar. The cilantro added a little sharpness to the dish. The beef rendang was tasty. This was a good start.

127838Chili Crab Buns P290
I'm not good in handling spicy food, and this I found hot, but it was yummy.

127814 Semi Fried Eggplant P340
It might be just "talong", but this dish proved that nothing in this restaurant is to be belittled. It's a dish made of baby eggplant, mascarpone cream cheese, squid ink crumbs, tempura flakes and ponzu. Who knew that a normal talong can taste this good?

127839 Parmesan Fries with Truffled Ketchup P120
Thinly cut fries with truffled ketchup. I honestly didn't taste the truffle, but it's still good. It's fries, duh! 128518

127839Mock Mentaiko Fries P220
Thinly cut fries with secret sauce (I think it has mayonnaise or something like that) and nori. Not a fan of something with loads of mayonnaise but I still liked having pieces of it. I just had to remove some of the sauce.

127859 Steak Fried Rice P680
Korean spiced wagyu, egg, herbs, and shiitake fried rice.

127837 Braised Beef Pasta P380
Minced beef, wine reduction, torched parmesan cheese on fettuccini. This was good. We were able to taste real tomatoes in the sauce of the pasta.

127859 Tofu Steak and Eggs P390
Pan seared tofu, eggs, shiitake mushroom with roast corn and shiitake black rice. I liked this dish. The tofu was cooked and seasoned to perfection, just the way I want it.

128031Torched Salmon Donburi P595
Torched Norwegian salmon (cooked medium), mentaiko, oboro, ebiko, salmon skin on roast corn and shiitake black rice. We ordered two of this since we knew that this will be the star of the night. And as expected, we loved it.

127831 Chicken Rice P390
Steeped chicken, ginger rice, sweet soy, chili sauce. This is similar to a Hainanese chicken rice. It tasted light and delicious.

127851 Chocolate Earl Grey Pudding and Lime Mousse P290
A dessert to test your sense of taste, with a little of sweet, sour and bitter in the mix. The taste of the earl grey was strong and bitter, while the lime mousse was the sour part. The milk crumbs added a little sweetness and crunch to the whole dessert. I tried mixing them together to tone down each element's overpowering taste, and it didn't really work too well in terms of the toning down part but it' still good.

Service was fine, but had some major lapses. Yes, the server managed to exchange some laughs and jokes with us, but she did fail to mention an important item to us: that the waffle she offered from Yardstick will be billed SEPARATELY. We were all blindsided since we included this in our computation. In the end we ordered another dessert from them just to completely consume the P5,000, and added some extra cash for the waffles.

I am thankful as a foodie that a restaurant such as Your Local exists in our country. Imagine, we don't have to get out of the country to get good food! It's something not just for us to enjoy, but also for us to be proud of. Looking forward to visiting this restaurant again. Soon.

It was nice seeing you again EJ B, Denise A, Christina R, Norman Lester T, Unisse C and Marti M! 128522 Next time ulit!

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