Yukino Hana

Ignacia Bldg., 33 Timog Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Yukino Hana
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Reopens: 5:30p - 3:00a


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Most Recent Reviews

Crizel D.
4.0 Stars

Me and my officemate are craving for a Korean food near Timog Ave. last night and we spotted this cozy restaurant with a combination of Korean and Japanese dish.. But what we want to eat is not on the menu 128532 so we asked why they don't have a bibimbap knowing that this food is a signature Korean dish. Luckily, the Korean owner is there and tell us that she will cook bibimbap for us (Yay!) OkOk! The food is so tasty! 128069 We really LIKE it!128076🏼128076🏼 Oh by the way, the restaurant's name now is YUKAINA.. 128521 as per ate (waitress) because of the change of ownership.. (O dba!) lol

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Gerald T.
2.0 Stars

Sucky now bec of the new owner

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3.0 Stars

Can eat, but nothing special.

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Margon L.
3.0 Stars

Japanese-Korean fusion 🇯🇵🇰🇷

While making my way to Behrouz 128077for a late night meal I happened to notice this brightly lit place in timog!.

The ambiance is great and i thought that this was a modern japanese izakaya restaurant. But upon checking the menu and to my surprise the place was a modern korean-japanese restaurant. Seeing that it was late at night and I was the only customer until two japanese couple walked in (based on the clothes) so the staff were extra attentive to our needs.

Made my way to the menu and ordered half of their salmon sashimi plate (345) and some kkanpunggi (490) which is simply a korean sweet and sour chicken and some tantanmen (290) spicy salt based ramen.

I was excited regarding the concept of the korean-japnese fusion and was passing time appreciating the PSY (dude from gangnamstyle) water pitcher they served me.

And then the food came!

First up was free appetizers of sizzling corn and some Qing he gu (korean egg appetizer) yum! Loved it with pepper! 128523

Then I was served the salmon sashimi. The waitress said that there would be 12 slices so I was pretty excited! But to my dismay it was served with very thin slices! The taste was ok but they shouldn't have murdered the salmon with very thin slices! I have no issues for paying the same amount with fewer number of slices but i have never eaten sashimi that way in my life! 128531 ( I do not recommend ordering this)

Next up was the tantanmen ramen! First i checked the ingredients. Salted pork, egg, leek, noodles and nori. Texture of the noodles was good! Soft but firm! The pork was ok has some salty flavor but could be much more! But the letdown of this meal was the broth. Taste was bland. The only time I can taste something was when I get those chopped chili pepper! (Ramen's soul should be in the broth)128078

Last but not least the kkanpunggi! Seeing that this was the priciest of them all and that the waitress said that this was good for sharing, i have never expected that it was a meal good for 4! I mean the serving was plenty and the taste was great 128077since we are familiar on how sweet and sour meals are, this was by far one of the tastiest! this meal was the saving grace! And I 100% recommend this! 128077128077128077

Bottom line

The deal here is that this absolutely not for solo diners but can be great for dates or a group dinner since the servings are generous! Try their soju and asahi beers! I couldn't drink that time but i can myself enjoying a few cold ones!

Do: order their korean specialties! servings are generous! Ask for the wifi password! Dine at the second floor

Dont: order their japanese foods, seeing that the owner is korean maybe they are just in the dark relating to their japanese cuisine. Dont forget to take their cute bill as a souvenir!

3/5 mu choices for the night were terrible .


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