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Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

Shaved ice! You can choose two types of toppings but I opt to have one - fresh mango. Some mangoes were sour! I could have given this a 5-star rating if the mangoes were sweet. Try this! A perfect alternative to your usual halo-halo.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

I've had the pleasure of having lunch and takeout here on several occasions since its right across the office, and i gotta say that the food here is pretty decent for a local Chinese brand! Reminds me of casual Chinese dining in HK in places like Tsui Wah. Bottomline, the food here is good and the real deal!

Its right smack in the middle of your Chowking's/Hap Chan's and the fancy ones like Gloria Maris et al... in terms of taste and price. Its not cheap Chinese, but it wont burn a hole in your wallet either. And at least you can expect something tastier and of better quality too than most of our Chinese fast food chains. 128077

My favorites off the bat would be their black pepper beef, congee, shrimp & beancurd roll, and the shaved ice dessert! 128076

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Went back to Yumchee recently with the husband in tow.

During this visit, I got Beef Brisket plus veggie fried rice and soup. No drink this time but I got an extra order of Shrimp Dumpling or Hakaw.

My choice of meet was another hit! Chunks of tender beef that were flavorful, salty with each meat strand soaking in the brisket sauce. Also loved the trimmings of fat that made each chunk more tasty! Their Shrimp Dumplings were good too. Perfectly cooked, the wrap had the right thickness and the shrimp inside was succulent and juicy. Didn't feel like fast food dining at all!

Husband got the Salt and Pepper Spareribs which was served with some vinegar. Loved the crunchy breading, the saltiness and the tender meat. He was more than satisfied with his meal. He also paired his meat with veggie fried rice and soup.

Service was fast and the area was overall clean. Staff were friendly as well and if they see that you're lost when ordering, obviously a newbie, they would willingly help you take your pick.

Definitely one of the best fast food places in the Metro providing quality Chinese food at very affordable prices, I will be back Yumchee!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Been seeing Yumchee in BGC stopover but since it’s always Hobing or Starbucks that I target when I go there, I haven’t given it much attention. Until one night, I got so hungry and I didn’t think that Bingsu nor coffee will help. I went to Yumchee. Clueless on what they offer, I needed to check their menu board for a while first before braving the counter.

Yumchee is a Chinese fast food place that has a straight forward menu. For 199 you’ll get to choose your viand plus a side – steamed rice + soup, vegetable fried rice + soup, stir-fried noodles plus soup or seasonal veggies. Add 50php and you’ll get to choose a specialty drink too.

For my first time, I got Orange Chicken with Vegetable Fried Rice and Soup then added Iced Milk Tea as my drink. For 249Php, I got a really good meal!

The serving was just right. Not too little but not a lot as well. What I liked though was the quality of food. You’ll think Chowking if I say Chinese fast food but Yumchee is a far cry. The Orange Chicken was good – chunks of tender chicken fillet coated with a crunchy batter and smothered generously with a thick orange glace sauce. It was Chinese restaurant quality! I also loved the Vegetable Fried Rice since it was like Yangchow without any meat or seafood. The soup was of good quality too. Not the typical clear salted soup that you’ll get for free. It’s thick, tasty and had egg in it. The milk tea tasted like Chowking’s Nai Cha!

Service was fast and the area was overall clean. I shared this experience with the husband and promised to take him here! Will try their Dimsum next time.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

4pm appointment rescheduled to Friday.  Since my mind was programmed to go home a lil late than usual, i decided to swing by Bonifacio Stopover for some grub. 

Then i saw Yumchee.  You know the feeling wherein images start showing up in your head? Dunno the term but I always see this in movies (think Limitless,  after Bradley Cooper takes the magic pills).  I swear,  i saw Abe C 's review in my head. 

An imaginary force pulled my weary feet to Yumchee's direction,  all i remember is that i was standing in front of the counter.  I ordered salt and pepper spareribs with fried rice and soup.  Customers can pick one main dish and one side for php 199,  add php 50 for a medium sized drink.  Reasonably priced,  yes? 

The service was lightning fast.  No wait time at all.  Their fried rice is similar to Yang Chow.  Light yellow hue with scrambled eggs and chopped veggies.  The spareribs is seasoned well,  deep fried and sautéed with chopped chillies.  The meat is tender and flavorful.  The only comment i have about this dish is that - there wasn't enough chillies!  Personal preference as i like spicy food. 

I was satisfied with my meal.  I even ordered some dimsum for takeaway.  I will go back to try some of their noodle dishes.

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4.0 Stars

How to have fun being single on Valentine Weekend? Call a friend and eat. If no friends are available, just eat. Grab a Pork with Century + Salted Egg Congee paired with Fried Breadstick and Oolong Tea 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 at #YumcheeFastfood 127861127865128521 #ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Just ordered their Pork Shrimp Siomai and Shrimp Dumpling (hakaw) over late lunch today. I love my hood. Right, Reich T?

Pork Siomai - solid 4/5. Soft, good size and taste. As expected. 4 pieces

Hakaw - 4.5/5 good size and again, it met my expectations. 3 pieces

At P85@, it ain't bad, quality meets the price. That's always a good intersection for restaurant food.

Will try their other offerings next time. They have set meals for P199, with a choice of main dish and side dish...

8 choices of main dish:
Chicken Chop
Orange Chicken
Sweet & Sour Pork
Chinese Adobo
Salt N Pepper Spareribs, add P20
Beef Brisket, add P20
Fish Fillet with tofu

then you pick the side whether it's rice and soup, fried rice and soup, fried noodles and soup or vegetables. Nice deal.

With congee and noodle soup option for P159

They've got specialty drinks that's also Chinese related and other snacks that also either sweet or savory.

Ambience is clean, modern. Very casual dining. In fact, it's counter order like a typical fast food. Quick snack or meals work here, especially if you love Chinese food like I do.

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Xyberdoc M.
2.0 Stars

Wanton noodles with 2 pcs wanton and complimentary ant = P159. That's a steal right?

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

I wasnt able to finish my order on the first resto that ive visited so i went straight here so a dimsum. Their dimsum are steam to order which makes it taste fresher. Their hakaw was good.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Haidee C.
4.0 Stars

Sulit meal for only Php199 #lunch #fishtofuwithfriednoodleandsoup

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

“While you’re eating, I want you to remember the price of the food.”

I wasn't being admonished to finish my food because some people are dying of hunger in Africa, I was being made aware that the delicious dimsum that I nibbled, that distinctive piece of chicken that I consumed, or that heavenly congee that I savored didn't cost more than 200 pesos. Would you believe if I tell you that these delectable Chinese offerings can actually be found in a fastfood chain? I can hardly believe it myself but people, I’m serious. I found a rookie restaurant of late that has food so good, it would give any fastfood giants a run for their money. Ladies and gents, let us give way to Yumchee, the newest player in the country’s fastfood scene.

By its catchy name itself, you already know that it falls under the fastfood category. Yumchee is a play of words of delicious, “yum” and Chinese, “chee.” It just opened late this year and already, the people behind it are thinking of expanding by building more branches around the city. For now though, you can head to their first branch at the BGC Stopover.

And I already did so I can give you a walkthrough. You know I love you like that! Anyway, the place itself is pleasant, save for the huge poster of a girl in pigtails plastered on the wall, the furniture are kept in neutral colors.

Now let’s get to our favorite part, the food.


There are many to choose from, each dish is only worth 85 bucks. Pretty cheap I must say. Let’s start with one of my all-time favorite snacks, BBQ Pork Bun or in layman’s term, siopao. Admittedly, I still prefer the siopao of the more famous Chinese foodchain, but that’s it. The rest of the food here, in my honest opinion, tastes better.

Fried Wanton is cooked to a crisp but not burned, if you know what I mean. The wrapper has a nice golden color, didn’t break like a fortune cookie.

The Pork Shrimp Siomai is packed and flavorful in such a little piece. Chance is high that I’d be stuffed in no time if I eat this with rice.

In the steamed siomai department though, the Shrimp Dumpling wins my approval. With sauce or not, it’s good!

But the star of all dimsum is the Beancurd Shrimp Roll. It’s rolled in a wrapper that has a caramelized texture to it. Inside reveals shrimp stuffing that is so yummy it gives justice to the name of the place.

Noodle Soup

What is Chinese food without noodles so I tried those too. For only 159 pesos, you can already satiate a person. I tried Beef Brisket and Wanton, of the two I preferred the Wanton because of the chicken flavor. It’s just a preference; I’ve always favored chicken over beef.

Main Dishes

If you’re a rice person, fret not, there are many to choose from. There’s the Beef Brisket Rice

Black Pepper Beef, Sweet and Sour Pork, Chicken Chop, and Chinese Adobo.

God it’s been a long time since I’ve had Orange Chicken, I have a friend who cooks a mean one. Yumchee’s version though is not far behind. In fact, it’s my most favorite out of all the rice dishes that I tried at Yumchee. The zesty flavor of orange complements the tender chicken meat. I highly recommend that you order it.

Another best thing in the menu is their Congee, prompted good memories from my childhood because it’s as delicious and creamy as that famous lugaw that an old Filipino-Chinese man used to cook and sell in our neighborhood.


I wanted hot coffee but it wasn’t available at that time so I had Iced Coffee. It was invigorating and not excessively sweet, just the way I liked it. They also have milktea, but I’ve yet to try it.


Yumchee has snacks too and my favorite would be their Shaved Ice. You can pick two toppings from any of the following: grass jelly, black pearl, mango, strawberry, kiwi, peach and lychee. It’s only 78 pesos, not bad right? I was able to taste the one with strawberries and peach and the one that has kiwi and mango. I liked the kiwi and mango mix better.

After this visit I could only think of one thing, recommend it to friends and to you my readers. No food this cheap should be this good but Yumchee was able to do that. It’s always a pleasant experience to discover a place that offers good food without making you poor. In conclusion, Yumchee is making a bold attempt to change the standard in the fastfood scene and I am certainly not complaining.

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Darlene M.
4.0 Stars

Yumchee is one of the newest restaurants in Bonifacio Stopover, offering affordable but high quality Chinese cuisine. It is a quick service restaurant and its interiors is a testament to that. The menu board is bright and not like the static ones usually found in other quick service restaurants.

For their dimsum offerings, I got to try their Pork Shrimp Siomai, Shrimp Dumpling (Hakaw), Fried Wanton, and Beancurd Shrimp roll. Of the four, the beancurd has to be my favorite. The beancurd wrapper is crispy and flaky, and the filling is very tasty. The dipping sauce for me is just right, not too sweet, not too sour nor too salty. The siomai is definitely of good quality, with no traces of extenders or additives. Hakaw is quite good too and my second favorite among the four. Hakaw is not easy to make so I definitely applaud the chefs for this one. Their dimsum is priced at 85php for each variant.

Their fried breadstick is like a hybrid of churros and croissant. This flaky goodness is cut into 2inch rolls and best eaten with a dip or paired with their congee which we did. I admit I've never had a seafood congee before so I was definitely stoked to try Yumchee's version. Topped with scallions, their congee is made even tastier because of the mixed seafood. I will definitely come back for this one! For 159php, you will get a serving that is even good for 2 persons.

Their noodle soups are the next ones we tried: Beef Brisket and Wanton. Of the two, the beef brisket was the clear winner. I'm not a fan of beef but the meat was just so tender that you'll finish the whole bowl in no time. What made it even more yummy was the hearty and savoury broth, that tasted like it has been simmering for hours. Definitely recommended for cold or rainy weather! One bowl of noodle soup is priced at 159 php each.

For their set meals, we got to try the Chicken Chop, Orange Chicken and Sweet Sour Pork. For every main dish, you can order 1 side dish, all for 199php. We ordered steamed rice + soup, and vegetable fried rice + soup. The Orange Chicken definitely stole the show with its orangey goodness while retaining the crispiness of the chicken. The sweet and tangy sauce is so yummy that you'll be dreaming about it for days. No kidding, this is straight from experience. 128517

The chicken chop (fried boneless chicken) was really good too, but I found that their gravy was slightly salty for my taste. Their Sweet Sour Pork is a good choice too, with the right balance of sweetness and sourness. The meat is tender too and best paired with steaming hot rice. Their egg drop soup is a nice addition, since I prefer to eat with a soup on the side always.

Our tummy was very full but of course we saved space for dessert. Their shaved ice with fruit toppings are simple but a nice way to cleanse your palate and a good way to end your meal. Honestly, I was expecting mango sago or almond jelly in their menu since they are a chinese restaurant, but I really did enjoy the shaved ice dessert. The milk was not too sweet, thus it didnt overpower the sweetness and taste of the fruit toppings. I loved the mango-kiwi combination as well as the strawberry-peach combo. This dessert is at 78php each and you can choose your own 2 toppings from the selection.

Dining in Yumchee means you'll get your favorite Chinese dishes in a very "sulit" package. They definitely didn't sacrifice quality ingredients so it doesn't feel like you're eating in a quick service restaurant. I will definitely be coming back for more.

Thanks to Marjorie G for inviting me to try Yumchee! :)


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Sheila A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Casey D.
4.0 Stars

Love their door. It's a "tap-to-open" kind. Upon entering, whooahhh.. the smell. This is where you enter smelling like a baby and walking out the door smelling like you went through their kitchen. Haha. I ordered their beef brisket noodles for Php149. It's kinda cheap compare to others, though i was disappointed with the presentation as the one in their menu was really appetizing. But taste wise, i loved it. The soup was warm and the noodles used was the thin one. The beef slices were also delicious, i think mine included 5 slices. Totally worth it for the price. I tasted my friend's milk tea with jelly... it was too sweet!! They also practice self-service. Though the condiments like the soysauce was facing the servers so they will also be the one to give us. Hahaha will be back to try their dimsum. I hope they will offer chicken feet soon. 128546

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Chrissie C.
3.0 Stars

Still new. Few waiters to start with. Food is okay. I've had better.

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