Yvan Navy

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Yvan Navy
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Jeremy Paul D.
3.0 Stars

it was kinda bit nice since the food is just proportionate to the price. taste's fine. however, place is not recommendable since it is not well ventilated and with no aircon. good thing it was night and only a few customers were there at that time. burger patties were classified under satisfactory ;) no more no less ;)

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Kini B.
1.0 Stars

Burger starts at 50 PHP with cheese sauce, garlic sauce, tomato and onions.

This was trip was due to a recommendation but I ended up being a detractor.

Their patty was terrible. Half of the patty was of tough tendon. I had a hard time chewing it the entire time.

Not going back and not recommending.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

My officemate was hyper in inviting us for a lunch out in Yvan Navy. Yvan navy have already a couple of branches in the north so we were happy finally they have open a branch here in BF. But the bad thing we didn't check what time it was going to open so we waited for 1pm lucky they let at it and wait inside while they prepared everything. When they have completed the preparation I ordered the triple quarter pounder. It was very cheap for the price of 150php. Actually their price is 50 per quarter lb very nice easy pricing method.
I love that triple pounder. Great patty and buns. They toasted the bun to give a little crunch. The patty was delicious and juicy unlike the one you get from other burger joint that has an umay factor to it. The tomato with lots of onion added flavors to the burger. I also like their spicy yogurt sauce and jalapeno mustard to give it a little kick. My friend ordered their kebab. Actually it was more of a burger patty serve ith rice. My friend did like it and use a lot of the spicy yogurt sauce.
Overall this is definitely a game changer in the burger scene in bf that prices the burger a little to pricey. At 150php I think this is really a steal. With lots of burger joint in BF this is a great addition and they are one of the cheapest. This is one is my new go to burger when I'm in budget mode.

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