Z Hostel Bar & Cafe

G/F, 5660 Don Pedro St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe
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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Is located on the ground floor of Z Hotel Poblacion. Besides coffee and other drinks they offer savory dishes too but I wasn't able to try those cause I was full from lunch.

I ordered cafe latte (Php 90) it's smooth and sweet. I like it. Plus the serving portion was big compare to other cafes. You can pay with cash or RFID tag.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I've been hearing good stuff about Z Hostel.  As per my assessment,  the hip and trendy hang at Z.   I'd like to think that i can still pull off my "cool x grunge x artsy"  demeanor and what better way to practice than to swing by Z.   And yes,  this is not an event that i can pull off alone.  My first ever rendezvooz invite for 2017 was from the looloo fairy herself.  Woo-hoo!  I get to try Sriracha infused grub and check if i still have an iota of cool in my dna.

And yes,  this review is way overdue.  Sorry!  Adulting got in the way.  Anyway,  Z is the first stop of our Sriracha Food Crawl.  We were greeted by warm smiles from the crew.  They shared bits and pieces about Z Hostel's history.  This is one of my favourite parts of the rendezvooz as we get to interact with the people behind the curtain.  It makes the visit personalised and special. 

Apart from the Sriracha infused grub,  our generous host served some of their best sellers too. 

Sriracha Wings.  This is the quintessential sriracha infused grub.  You can get this anywhere.   According to the manager,  this is a permanent item on the menu as guests tend to gravitate toward dem bright orange wings.  The chicken is cooked well and coated with generous amounts of my fave condiment.   Here is the thing though,  it is not spicy.  Not a hint.  I aint complaining as this designed for the ones who doesn't have dragon lady DNA.

Adobo Flakes (chicken and pork).  Another best seller in the café.  I was surprised when they told us that their guests love this (majority of their guests are Caucasian Nomads).   I guess this is proof of how awesome Filipino Food is.  And yes, this has my seal of approval.

Sisig.  A sizzling plate of pork jowl partnered with ice-cold beer is always a good idea...expecially if the sisig comes from the Z Hostel Café Kitchen. 

And you know what makes Z 100x awesome?  Their prices are reasonable.  Good food x good price x cool ambience.  Triple threat,  yeah?

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Sriracha Philippines partnered up with eight restaurants around the Poblacion area to whip up their sriracha inspired dishes. I was so psyched when I received a food crawl rendezvous invite from Peanut D. Yay!

First stop: Z Hostel Cafe and Bar

128681SRIRACHA CHICKEN WINGS [P285] 1108811088
Chicken was on the dry side due to the way it was cooked. It was steamed first then fried. I was expecting at least a bit of heat since it was coated with hot sauce but surprisingly, it wasn't. Plus it's a bit expensive. P285 for 3 pcs of wings (cut in half to make it 6)? I'll have to pass on this next time.
Spice level: 1/10

Aside from the Sriracha wings, they were also very kind to serve us their best sellers:

128681 ADOBO FLAKES | [P180] 1108811088110881108811088
Yummy!! 128069 Adobo flakes had the right texture and flavors. Even though it had a nice crisp, it was also moist. Best paired with garlic rice and salted egg mixed with diced tomatoes on the side. It's perfect for any meal of the day! Unlike the wings, I think this one is priced just right.
FYI, they have two protein choices. Personally, I would go for the pork.

128681 SIZZLING SISIG [P180] 11088110881108811088
I liked how the egg was mixed perfectly with the sisig. Even though the plate was hot, the egg did not get cooked fully which I think is the perfect consistency. I would have given it five stars if the sisig itself was a bit more crispy. But that's just a personal preference 128522

Since the market of Z hostel is targeted mostly at foreign backpackers, the heat level is kept at a minimum. Also, they serve mostly Filipino dishes since backpackers usually want to try local flavors. Wise choice 128077🏻

Service was great. Upon seated, water was immediately served and food arrived at a reasonable amount on time (10 to 20 minutes). Nes, the F&B Manager, was very accommodating. She even toured us to their rooftop bar after dinner. The view, by the way, was beautiful. I think it's a nice place to chill on a Friday night. Plus, they hire different DJs every weekend and the drinks are fairly priced.

128161On the side: Sriracha fun facts
Did you know that there are 15 varieties of Sriracha in the Philippines alone? They all have the same green cap and transparent bottle packaging but the designs are different.

Huy Fong Foods, Inc's is the original. It's the one with a rooster design in the middle. The founder is a Vietnamese Chinese residing in CA, USA. He was actually one of the hundred refugees during the 70s who migrated to the States. Since there was no hot sauce there and Americans generally can't take too much heat, the Orginal Sriracha was intentionally blended with mild spice plus a hint of sweetness. As Gusty would say, it's the "gateway hotsauce". It's perfect even for those who can't manage too much heat.

Gutsy explained that they even conducted a taste test of the different Sriracha brands and concluded that these actually have different flavors. I mean, who knew? All this time I thought there was only one type of Sriracha 128563

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Z Hostel Bar and Cafe is the resto of this nice, fairly new hostel of the same name along Don Pedro St., Poblacion. Located at the 2/F which you access through a stairway at the side of the lobby, it's a cleanly furnished, with nice touches of wood all around, and a well designed cafe. Seems the owner is either a motivation speaker or a lover of sports with all these quotes/lines on the wall.

Segue: This is a sponsored Poblacion food crawl by Sriracha (the original one, by Huy Fong Foods, Inc. of CA, USA), through looloo (hi Peanut D! Thanks for this). Fun times with a friendly faces like EJ B, Bernisse C, Unisse C, Midz S and the usual suspects, Reich T and Ruth S. We tried about 1-2 items on the average per place, and the menu item should contain Sriracha. Sriracha's flagship sauce is slightly sweet and only slightly spicy (about a 3-4 out of 10). Spiciness, like taste, is relative and Sriracha's is great coz it builds up heat at the end. #SrirachaPH

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe, at a Glance:
> Food & Beverage: 4/5 Filipino food, tourist friendly.
> Service (Dine-In): 5/5 friendly, efficient & proactive
> Kitchen Service: 4/5
> Ambience: 4/5 simple, but very well designed, comfy and a place I'd hang out
> Value for Money: 5/5 Food and drinks in the P150 to P250 range. Portions good for the price and tourist plus local friendly. Fits Poblacion to a tee.
Worth a try - Yes if you're checked in or just looking for a chill place; then come upstairs for the roof deck view of Rockwell at Z Hostel Rooftop
Worth a return - Sure, I'd recommend to backpackers. Even the hostel itself looks great

Order their chicken or pork adobo flakes (they have 3 kinds). P180 and awesome, slightly moist but retains a crispy side, good sauce. Their single serve sisig was great (I'd order that again.) Perfect they serve Pinoy food for the tourists.
Parking's a bit of a challenge so park somewhere near like Century Mall and walk over (10 mins) or Uber/cab it.

> VERDICT: Z Hostel is an impressively designed hostel, clean, nicely laid out. The bar and cafe plus their Z Hostel Roofdeck are laid out well, cozy enough to chill, and well priced to enjoy the hours on end. I won't review the hostel and roofdeck separetely but let me just say that I enjoyed my brief time here. The staff are friendly, their marketing, Nes, took us around on a short tour. Very professional. The adobo flakes and sisig were well done, correctly earning best sellers status.

More details:
Their take on Sriracha, one of the food crawl's wings, was too simple for my taste. That can sometimes work, but I have to find pluses in the wings like it was meaty or crunchy or really moist and flavorful. This was just all right for me, about a 3.5/5. The flavors and heat were there, but nothing I'd go back to. I'm glad they let us try their best sellers, which made the experience better than a 3, which I would have given if not for the sisig and adobo flakes.

I think it was perfect that this was our first stop. The lobby was perfect for a modern and hip hostel. 6th and 7th pics, plus Z Roofdeck view of Rockwell and the DJ booth for the 8th and 9th pics.

The hostel has 128 beds and 8 private rooms (the rest are obviously sharing). Like I said perfect for backpackers and those looking for a cheap but nightlife centric, yet good staycation place in Makati (use the private rooms).

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

SRIRACHA FOOD CRAWL 128293128293128293128293

1/8: Z CAFE

FOOD: Sriracha Chicken Wings
TASTE: Since it's our first stop, we were all hoping for something really spicy but sadly, this was not. Chicken was good and was fried well, not oily as well.
LEVEL OF SPICINESS: 0.5/5. Slightest hint of spiciness.

PS: Aside from the wings, they also let us try the Crispy Sisig and Chicken & Pork Adobo Flakes. Both were good. I liked the adobo flakes more because it was crispy, flavorful and I liked the tomatoes + salted egg on the side. I just wish they have an option to add egg!!! 128518127859 Also, prices are very affordable. Perfect for those looking for budget friendly yummy dishes within the area. 128077🏼

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Our first stop for the #SrirachaPH sponsored food crawl was Z Bar and Cafe found in Z Hostel. 128077🏼

Z Hostel's been around for 2 years and it's pretty popular with the backpacker community as far as I can tell from the crowd. It's a pretty nice place to stay at an affordable price. Since it's a hostel, the rooms are dorm type.

But we weren't there for the beds, we were there to get some grub for our bellies!!

Their Sriracha inspired dish was Sriracha chicken wings. On a spice scale of 1-10, we all gave it a 1 because it wasn't very spicy. There's a small hint but it's not the kind that burns your tongue.

Other than the Sriracha dish, they offered us their best selling dishes. The offer mostly Filipino dishes to offer their guests the chance to taste good Filipino food while they're here.

128020 Chicken adobo flakes & 128055 Pork adobo flakes
I love their adobo flakes!! Served with rice and a side of ensalada, it would be the best breakfast, lunch or dinner meal! 128525 The adobo flakes were crunchy and very flavorful! They have a little bit of adobo sauce added too for extra flavor. If only the food crawl didn't comprise of so many stops, I would have had 2 plates all to myself. 128584

128055 Pork sisig
Their sisig was also amazing!! 128077🏼 It's not the super crispy type but the egg on the small sizzling plate of sisig was perfect! 128077🏼 It's a single person sized sisig and it's perfect for those who are craving sisig and don't think can finish a whole regular sizzling plate of it. 128513

After the mini dinner, we were taken up to the roof to the bar. It was a wonderful place to chill and have drinks with the bonus of the Makati skyline. 128525 It's on the 7th floor so it's not way too high but it does have a great view. The rooftop was designed in such a way that people can sit and just chill. 127866 Makes me wanna come back and have some drinks with some friends. 128077🏼

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4.0 Stars

Remember the song of Spice Girls "Spice Up Your Life"? And I did there were lots of spicy food last night! An invitation from P for another Looloo Rendezvoos with 8 participating restaurants for SRIRACHA FESTIVAL. How can I resist? LOL 128514

Z Hostel was our starting point last night. Exactly 7PM we went to their restaurant called Z Hostel Bar & Cafe with their Marketing Manager, Nes. We were seated at the mezzanine of the cafe while waiting for the representative from Huy Fong, Inc's Distributor. We met Gutsy from Magsaysay Group (Sriracha Distributor) as he tell some facts and history of their product "Sriracha". To cut it short... Sriracha is the gateway to spice.

Z Hotel Bar & Cafe served the food while having conversation with Gutsy. The first one to arrive was the Sizzling Sisig followed by their bestsellers Pork and Chicken Adobo Flakes (I thought it just one dish, yun pala yung isa pork at yung isa chicken) 128540. And their dish for Sriracha Festival, Sriracha Chicken Wings.

128050 Sizzling Sisig for Php180.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
"Their version of Pork Sisig was so good. Very flavorful. I like the way they cooked the pork topped with egg mixed with green chili."

128050 Pork Adobo Flakes for Php180.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128050 Chicken Adobo Flakes for Php180.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

"I thought it just one dish. Hinde pala... may pork and chicken. But when it comes to taste, wala silang pinagkaiba. The only difference is the color. The best kainin with garlic rice paired with tomato, onion and salted egg ensalada on the side. Sarap!"

128050 Sriracha Wings for Php285.00 - 110881108811088 3/5
"Their dish of the night for Sriracha Festival. I find the chicken wings dry. Although the spiciness level was manageable. And for the serving, I think it's a little bit pricey for 3 pcs. whole chicken wing cut into two to make it 6 pcs."

After a good talk with Gutsy we checked the Roofdeck Bar of Z Hostel and we were surprised with the big WOW in our faces when we saw the beautiful view of glowing buildings of Rockwell Center.

Now I have a reason to go back to Z Hostel. 128540

The Sriracha Festival event was sponsored and paid by Z Hostel Bar and Cafe, Magsaysay Group and World Wide Food.

Thank you Peanut D! 128153

Nice seeing you again Ruth S, Reich T, Abe C, Unisse C, Bernisse C.

Midz S see you in the next stop. 128540

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Just had some beer and chips here while watching the game. Good ambiance! 128076

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