Zaan Japanese Tea House

G/F Norifil Foundation Bldg., 16 Mother Ignacia Ave. cor. Don A. Roces Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Zaan Japanese Tea House
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Most Recent Reviews

Agnes B.
4.0 Stars

✔Sukiyaki rice
✔ Cutlet Don
✔ Uji Kintoki Supreme

Yum. Nice and quiet place, you can really feel the japanese vibe. Meals are reasonably priced. Will come back soon to try other dishes. 128522

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

So this time i didnt call them up coz i knew their sunday is till 5pm, theres no customer inside other than us so we get to occupy the traditional table thats reserve for their tea ceremony. Cool 128516

Geez, i missed this place. Order of this visit is a matcha pitcher and it was very authentic. 128154

I went for salmon teriyaki and i like its combination with black and white rice.

Tonkotsu ramen was just ok. Not bad and i think this was the same with the ramen served at takashi.

Matcha surprise was the homemade ice cream with adzuki beans and matcha. Its a must.

Matcha latte was really goood. 128154

Yatsuhashi i remember was very popular at kyoto and i ordered one. Its not as good as good as the one back at japan but its the best you can have at PH.

I love the interiors and the quiet vibe and i hope it would stay that way. Service was good. I lm tempted to give this a 4 stars coz of the matcha powder that we order was quite underweight but then its a small thing.

So were cool again zaan. 128077128516 ive move on from the pangiindian last time.

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Will C.
2.0 Stars

This is just for this visit. Message them last weekend if they are opened on june 26 since we will be bringing a couple of friends for a dine out. Was replied afrer a couple of minutes and even gave them my number.

Disappointing that it was close a little past 8pm, no lights inside and outside the premise, no cars parked, all indication shows that it was closed.

Message them on fb after that and they insist that they are still open and just closing up. And have a couple of customers at 8pm. Weh! No single cars were park and the darkness was like a ghost house.

Ill still be back but its just disappointing to travel all the way here just this. 128529

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Zaan Japanese Tea House is one low profile authentic Japanese restaurants in QC that I barely hear anything about. But the perfect 5 Star score so far it have from the 1st nine review is a statement on how legit the place is.

Zaan doesn't look attractive on the outside but upon entering the place you'll think you are entering a Spa. The place got a zen calm vibe. For their menu it was a small album with some hidden secret menu in the middle of the album. For our visit we mainly focused in trying out their snacks, desserts and tea.

127861Onigiri - a japanese rice ball with different feelings. I got to taste the tuna variant which was yummy. I also liked that they use red rice which made it standout.

127861Crystal Warabimochi - this one is a raindrop crystal jelly covered with soybean powder. I love the taste of this. It reminds me of Korean Injeolmi Bingsu.

127861Shiratama Kinako - this one tasted similar to the warabimochi since they used similar toppings. What made this standout is the chewy mochi like texture of the shiratama.

127861Matcha Surprise - affogato matcha style. Pour the matcha on a Vanilla ice cream and topped it with azuki red bean. Love it! Legit bitter delicious matcha!

127861Genmaicha Teapot - loved their relaxing hot Genmaicha.

Definitely be back to experience their tea ceremony.128522

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

We mostly see authentic Japanese restaurants in makati, but this one in Quezon City is lit, fam.

128204128525 onigiri @180PhP
This three piece onigiri is not your ordinary onigiti brcause this one uses red rice! Each onigiri got a little surprise-- it got seasoned fillings inside. There's tuna, salmon and egg inside.

128204 sukiyaki rice @220PhP
Norman Lester T had this rice meal. It also uses red rice in which if you are not used to eating one, you will most probably not like it. But as for me, i liked it because it's healthy. Sukiyaki beef was okay.

128204128525matcha surprise @120PhP++
Giovan T ordered this. I loved the idea of poring the warm matcha into your frozen vanilla ice cream. There's the adzuki beans at the sides

While we mostly ordered desserts called wagashi

128204128525 crystal warabimochi @80PhP
While we are already familiar with this, thanks to the dessert kitchen, this silicon implant looking dessert tastes nothing. Like walang lasa. But this one got kinako powder (soy bean which is darker in taste as compared to injeolmi powder) and sugar syrup. With those two ingredients, the warabimochi tasted like nata de coco.

128204 shiratama kinako
Dennis O tried this one. ShirAtama or "white balls" is similar to our filipino bilo-bilo. Tasted okay. Not so sweet.

128204128525 yasuhatchi @80PhP
Now this is kyoto's famous treat. It's a mochi wrap powdered by kinako, inside that wrap is sweet adzuki beans.

Simple yet outstanding. I think all of zaan's dishes manifested those.

128204128525 genmaicha @180 a pot
+50 for extra teacup but the kind server gave us a complementary.
+50PhP for another refill

There's wifi here and a really shittable CR. I like the overall authentic ambience but the chairs were so uncomfortable.

Try dropping by look for Ms. Non Iwamoto who offers authentic tea ceremony.

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Raisa E.
5.0 Stars

Back in |ooloo because this place deserves a 5-star review! 9786️ No pictures because we're all engaged in our conversations. Hahahaha!

This place is legit! From appetizers to desserts, down to their drinks.

Iced Matcha drink that comes in a pitcher
Salmon Chazuke
Onigiri and the rice sandwiches! 9786️ We tried the sukiyaki rice sandwich
Tofu Ice Cream

They have a few items on their menu so you won't really miss the food I mentioned above. Few items but made to perfection. Fambam's been to Zaan a few times and they've always loved what they had!

Staff is very courteous so you can always ask them to explain things if you come across unfamiliar dishes. A good place to catch up while enjoying a nice meal.

You'll discover a different side of Japanese cuisine!

Tip: look for the Hidden Menu that's not really hidden 128514 Just turn a few blank pages and you'll get there.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Tea ceremony? Non Iwamoto described the word unfitting for the vast meaning of this ritual. So yeah, it's more than just drinking a matcha tea.

I got lucky to have a discount on the tea ceremony, Iwamoto san also gave me a tutorial as to how the ritual is done. One on one. Before we go deep on that, let me just tell you what i got for lunch. 128513

128204 veggie appetizer
Not in the menu but it was offered to me by Rose, the server. She said it was a complementary. It was a few sticks of carrots, cucumber and jicama (...that's singkamas!). It goes with a peanut-sesame paste to taste.
128204128525cold soba
The soba was infused with tea. I could tell the the leaf taste. The green onions, ginger and wasabi were equal in quantity just enough to flavor the dip.
128204Matcha surprise
This one is inflooenced by Jialing H good thing i read about this prior to going. It's basically an icecream freezed in a cup. Then it goes with a warm concentrated matcha.. You know... Japanese affogatto style and i really love it.

After that was a session with the host of the ritual. Iwamoto san told me that this ritual originated from the Buddhism. This ceremony is suppose to set apart yourself from the whole world and just think of nothing. So it is expected during a tea ceremony, bawal ang maingay 128586 (like... Yay! 128588)
She mentioned, that to your right, most important person should sit. Bawal ang mayabang din kasi this ritual also encompasses respect for others and humility.

The table will be taken away during the ceremony, and you will have to sit the japanese style.

1. The sweets will be offered to you. You need to bow down to the host after the host bows to you. (yes there is a correct posture for that)

2. Then if you have companions, you need to ask permission first before getting yours (this is done again by bowing to each other).

3. Then in just three steps, use the common chopsticks to get your sweets and place it on paper provided to you. (It's actually an envelop with clean paper and a wooden pick inside for the sweets)

4. After that, in three steps again, place your chopsticks back then pass to your left. (make sure you give it presentable and kust enough to respect your companion's personal space)

5. Enjoy your sweets while the host is prepping your tea.

6. Once your bowl of tea arrives (yes, bowl! But there are only a few ounces of tea inside) you need to bow to each other again.

7. In three steps, you draw the bowl near to you. Rotate it using your right hand such a way that you will be drinking from the side of the bowl (yes!! They respect even bowls not to drink from front or back of it!)

8. Finish your tea cleanly. Make loud slurps. 3 huge slurpings will do 128519

9. Return the bowl in three steps. Then bow.

The host shall do this one by one to all its visitors. And only advisable for a group of 4. (just in case you are more than 4, everyone else will have to sit back and watch the ceremony.

The ambiance is no doubt very japanese! Music too is really authentic japanese. Chef is japanese. What else? It's japan in philippines! Check IG account for some pics.

Iwamoto san also sells (makes) pili nuts covered chocolates cause it's a good gift for japanese (since pili nuts cannot be found in japan)

It's an experience you should try if you want to try tea ceremony. Iwamoto sa told me that she only taught me the basics. (wow) food is great here but tge experience is unforgettable.
Parking has at least 5 slots in that area, Gwen I they're open until 8pm, but they can extend if you have reservations (they have the facebook to do that). Credit cards check as well!

You will never be dissapointed if you visit.

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Just finished my lunch/snacks here. Recommended are the ice cream matcha, matcha hot tea and udon with meat. 128522128522128522

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Betty U.
5.0 Stars

It's very homey and warm and they serve good comfort food:)

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Prixie C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Meldy F.
5.0 Stars

Very affordable authentic japanese food and drinks

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Meldy F.
5.0 Stars

Authentic Japanese food at very affordable prices. Love the chazuki salmon and matcha ice cream. Yummmmy!!!!

  • No. of Comments: 2
Elyse Janina P.
5.0 Stars

Authentic dishes and desserts cooked up by an interesting Japanese chef! Try the Salmon Chazuke and Frozen Matcha Surprise.

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Gary C.
5.0 Stars

The tea ceremony is something to look forward to. And the food is very nice too! :)

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Jialing H.
5.0 Stars

Super love this place! You'll feel like you're in Japan. They don't serve dishes like sashimi sushi or tonkatsu, but some dish like onigiri and udon. In the photo was the Matcha Surprise, their own vanilla ice cream with Matcha sauce. This was the BEST MATCHA ICE CREAM for me. 128523

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