Zavoy Steakhouse

Kalayaan Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Zavoy Steakhouse
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Monique A.
3.0 Stars

old rυѕтιc eleganт cнarм , pacĸed wιтн ғoreιgnerѕ . ι've нeard a loт oғ good тнιngѕ aвoυт тнιѕ place ѕo ι нv нιgн eхpecтaтιonѕ & ιт'ѕ Moira D вday вaѕн .. yay127881127881

we нave one oғ тнoѕe нιgн тaвleѕ on тop oғ 2 ѕтoυт вarrelѕ , тнereѕ nowнere тo place мy legѕ υnder тнe тaвle or тυcĸ nιcely ѕoмeнow all oғ мy 5'8" ғraмe128530 ... eιтнer ι ѕιт мy legѕ ѕpread eagle нυggιng тнe вarrel 128514, ѕιт ѕιdewayѕ wнιcн мaĸeѕ eaтιng very υncoмғorтaвle , or ѕιт ѕтandιng wιтн only a qυarтer oғ мy вυтт on тнe ѕтool 128561. ѕo ғυnny тo ѕee all мy ғrιendѕ ѕнιғтιng aroυnd ғιndιng a good тwιѕтed poѕιтιon ғor oυr predιcaмenт ... нaнa128541

ѕeттlιng down... тнe мenυ looĸѕ proмιѕιng

prawn вιѕqυe нaѕ тнιѕ deep тoaѕтed ѕeaғood ғlavor тнaт вυrѕт wιтн rιcнneѕѕ wнen тoυcнeѕ υr тongυe , ѕмooтнneѕѕ down мy тнroaт, мaĸιng мe cravιng ғor мore wιтн eacн ѕpoonғυl

wιll мυѕнrooм ѕoυp, мy ғrιendѕ enjoyed тнιѕ тoo very мυcн .. one oғ тнe вeѕт ιn тown ι'м тold.

ѕeaғood plaттer, a ѕυмpтυoυѕ вιg plaттer oғ plυмp gaмвaѕ perғecтly ѕpιced , lυѕcιoυѕ wнιтe creaмed тender мυѕѕelѕ , crυncнy ғreѕн calaмarι , вιg ѕervιng oғ вreaded oн ѕo ғreѕн ғιѕн ғιlleт тнaт'ѕ crιѕpѕ on тнe oυтѕιde & мoιѕт on тнe ιnѕιde alмoѕт мelтѕ ιn υr тongυe goodneѕѕ .. nιcely мιхed oғ weт & dry ѕeaғood prep & wonderғυl play oғ ғlavoυrѕ .. a мυѕт тry

вeeғ wellιngтon nιcely тeхтυred ѕoғт тenderloιn ѕтeaĸѕ вaĸed wιтн мυѕнrooм dυхelleѕ ιnѕιde pυғғ paѕтry lιĸe a pιe crυѕт тнaт'ѕ noт ғlaĸy , мore denѕe & very ғιllιng ѕerved wιтн ѕpιnacн cнoran ѕaυce & вιg вaĸed poтaтo deғιnιтely ғor ѕнarιng

grιlled cнιlean ѕea вaѕѕ, eхcellenтly grιlled, ѕeaѕoned perғecтly wιтн jυѕт ѕalт ,
ιт вrιngѕ oυт тнe мoιѕт ғaттy тeхтυre & тaѕтe ιnнerenт oғ ғreѕн ѕea вaѕѕ тнaт мaĸeѕ eacн вιтe an ιnvιтaтιon тo тaĸe one мore ( ι'м нoneѕтly ѕo ғυll aт тнιѕ poιnт)

2" porĸcнop ιѕn'т really 2", мore lιĸe a lιттle over an ιncн , нard, over cooĸed & вland , a very ѕad dιѕappoιnтιng dιѕн , ιт waѕ leғт υnтoυcнed

вraιѕed oхтaιl 3 нoυrѕ oғ вraιѕιng reѕυlтѕ ιn a мeaтy ғorĸ тender coмғorт ғood delιgнт ,
ѕerved wιтн нerв creaмed poтaтoeѕ

wιld тrυғғle paѕтa... oмg тoo ѕтυғғ ι dιd тry a ѕтrand and ιт'ѕ вland, нad ιт ғιх & тaѕтed вeттer , вυт we jυѕт deeмed тo нave ιт pacĸed тo go

cerтιғιed angυѕ rιвeye all 500g grιlled perғecтly тo oυr мedιυм well lιĸιng wιтн grιlled cнerry тoмaтoeѕ & υr cнoιce oғ ѕaυce , ιғ only we're noт all тoo ѕтυғғ ι coυld ιмagιne нow мυcн мore we coυld нv enjoyed тнιѕ dιѕн. we нoneѕтly dιdn'т ĸnow ѕervιngѕ woυld all вe тнaт вιg

тнe wιne we нad waѕ dιѕтιncтly dry, мιldly ѕweeт & мaĸeѕ тнe dιѕн we нad тaѕтe вeттer 127863127863127863

ѕerver waѕ ѕo nιce and ғrιendly , тнere we're a loт oғ тнeм aroυnd вυт мayвe oғ вad coordιnaтιon , ѕervιce waѕ тerrιвle ... we ended υp geттιng oυr own waтer goвleтѕ ғroм тaвleѕ вeѕιde υѕ , ac waѕn'т worĸιng тoo ѕo ιт'ѕ нoт & we're тнιrѕтy , waтer needѕ loтѕ oғ ғollow υpѕ , ғood тooĸ ѕo long & ιт'ѕ draιnιng wιтн тнe нeaт, plυѕ we're noт ѕeaтed coмғorтaвly

ғood ιѕ a 5 -1 ғor тнe very вad porĸcнop & very υncoмғorтaвle poѕιтιon , anoтнer -1 ғor тнe вad ѕervιce & вad ac , -1 мore ғor ѕlow ғood ѕervιce мaĸιng ιт a 211088️.. wнy a 2 11088️ raтιng can'т gιve credιтѕ тo ғrιendѕ нere ιn looloo ι can'т coмpreнend .. ѕo ι'м ғorce тo вe nιcer & gv a 311088128541...

recoммendaтιonѕ : donт тaĸe тнe нιgн тaвleѕ, reѕerved earlιer & тaвleѕ ѕнoυld вe rιgнт ιn ғronт oғ an ac, вear wιтн тнe ѕervιce , мayвe тнe ĸιтcнen waѕ нavιng a вad day тнυѕ тнe long waιт ғor oυr ғood

нv a вleѕѕed relaхιng weeĸend all128139

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Ellaine U.
5.0 Stars

Lamb shank cooked to perfection! Coming back again this weekend!

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Mika S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Sheila Marie M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Erika M.
5.0 Stars

I highly recommend the Wellington steak 128076

Love coming here for quiet intimate dinners and will be returning for date night soon. Ahem Enzo M

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Hein O.
4.0 Stars

Steaks are nice and tender. Wine is decent. Escargots were not bad. I would go again.

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Rodney H.
5.0 Stars

This is the re styled SAVOY restaurant - now Zavoy Steakhouse
In a nutshell
try it you will not be disappointed

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