Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Zoocobia Fun Zoo
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Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

Zoocobia is not your ordinary zoo. Here, you can do a lot more activities than just strolling around the zoo watching and taking photos of all the animals you see.

We bought a package for 280php ata? Can't exactly remember. I think it includes a Zooc Ride and Zing ride.

We are told to wait for our tour guide, so while we were waiting we entered a small museum about animal bones and skin. Didn't find it amusing at all.

Our first stop was the Birds of Thrill. Here, we entered a gigantic cage full of love birds. I panicked at first because I don't want any kind of animal to get close to me physically. I am scared of them, but I had no choice. We were given some bird food on our palms and kuya tour guide (forgot his name huhu) said to just raise it near the birds and wait until they get close and eat it. It was fun! I loved the feeling and now I'm not scared of them at all 128514

Second stop was the Birds of Paradise. Here, were educated about different kinds of birds such as eagles, owls and parrots.

Third stop was the Garden Maze. Kuya tour guide said that we had to find our way out and he'll meet us on the other end to continue our tour. It was just a small maze and as you find your way out, you get to see different animal topiaries.

Fourth stop was the Philippines Pride. Here we saw some wild animals. We were given a chance to have a close encounter with a Bearcat (Binturong in Tagalog) and was able to feed them bananas! And did you know that they smell like buttered popcorn? Kuya tour guide said that it means they're telling other bearcats that the place is occupied. We also saw a porcupine and a civet cat which according to kuya tour guide their poop is made into coffee!

Fifth stop was The Barn. Yay for animal feeding! We fed different farm animals here such as camels, donkeys, horses, goats, deers to name a few. It was actually fun feeding them! You can't do it in some ordinary zoos. We fed them until nagsawa na kami 128514 Unlimited food for them. Just ask kuya tour guide and he'll provide you more food for the animals.

Then for our last stop, the Zooc Ride! This was the most enjoyable one! You get to ride a gravity car and finish the 400 meter track while racing with your friends. But be careful with the loops! 128514 We asked kuya if we can just replace the Zing Ride with another Zooc ride because we really enjoyed it and luckily, he allowed us. The Zing ride by the way is a combination of swing and zipline.

We didn't even pay additional fees for all the food during animal feeding. You can feed them as long as you want! 128514 They don't mind. Haha!

This trip was so worth it! The bonus was there were no customers aside from us, so we had the zoo all to ourselves. And our tour guide was really really nice!!! He took a lot of photos of us. Every stop, he would initiate to take a photo of us. Just give him the camera 128077🏼

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Tan M.
5.0 Stars

Had lots of fun feeding the animals especially the ostrich and camel plus you can pet them!! Loved it!10084

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

Got the chance to take a glance and a photo of this cutie animals during our tour when we went to the 19th Philippine International Hot air Balloons in Clarkfield Pampanga..it's actually my first time to attend this event... and luckily able to see this rare animals.. I also saw some different kind of birds .. I didn't had the chance to see all the animals that's in this may have more but for sure they are all beautiful creature... Anyone here , pet/animal lovers?!..for sure you'll like it here :) 128054128017128017128017128018128052128017

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