Yakal St. cor. Talisay St., San Antonio Village, Makati, Metro Manila

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Most Recent Reviews

Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

Para sa mahilig sa lechon. Ito ang lugar para sa inyo. Halina at tikman ang lechon mula sa Cebu na asa Manila na. Malasa. Malutong. Masarap. May ibang putahe pa. Hay...tagalog pa. 1285229786

  • No. of Comments: 5
Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Ohhh lechon!!!! Celebrated the birthday of my meat loving slash fan of all things meaty and fatty uncle here one evening. This was really the perfect place to celebrate his special day because HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH LECHON? CEBU LECHON TO BE EXACT!!! It's the best tasting lechon imho and we like that you don't need sarsa anymore to make it taste better because it's already yummy and tasty on it's own. We always always buy Cebu lechon whenever we visit Cebu or we would ask our friends to bring at least a kilo for us! 128518128069 So when we found out that they finally opened a branch here in Manila, we were all so happy. Haha legit, happiness! 128055128055

It was already late and we were starving! Had to wait for at least 15-20 minutes to get a table. 128563🤐 When we finally got a table, we ordered right a way.


The lechon was YUMMY! It was salty, fatty, and oily but SO DAMN GOOD!! It was very very tasty and tender. So flavorful and sinful at the same time. 128563128539128540 We all enjoyed this one. Wasn't able to try the skin anymore but according to Ony, it was crispy! 128588🏼

Lechon was good but the other dishes were frustrating... 128557

*Sinigang na Hipon - meh, nothing special, too sour you can't enjoy it anymore. 🤐
*Baked Scallops - too small, cheesy but TOO SALTY.
Bangus Sisig and Pancit Canton - usual, nothing extraordinary and TOO SALTY.
Pinakbet - I love veggies so I got super sad that this was, just like the other dishes, TOO SALTY. 128557☹️

SERVICE was bad. Super slow and the servers were all too busy that we had a hard time calling them. 128530

Still giving them 3 stars because LECHON was GOOD!!!!! 🙄128523

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Warren T.
2.0 Stars

To be honest it was a bit disappointing actually, the lechon does not translate to actual lechon, its like eating lechon macau. it was like broiled pig with criapy skin. it was a let down. did anthony bourdain really enjoy their lechon?

i love the other food they have in their menu, forgot to take a picture of sinigang hipon, sadly their shrimp is not fresh (you can tell by looking at the head of the shrimp, it was black and crushed) it was not a pretty sight).

we split the lechon into 2 kinds, regular and the other on a sizzling plate and made it spicy. it was so so.
dinuguan was okay, squid stuffed with sisig is a 128077!
ensaladang kamatis, itlog na maalat at tinapang bangus is double 128077128077 because of the spicy vinegar mixed. and the ensaladang eggplant was the same.

in conclusion if you really know what real lechon taste like, it is pretty far from it. not to brag but i have tasted better lechon in mindanao and its not even "sikat". it was a shame that lechon; their main dish was a let down.

if i have time next year im going to the provinces in mindanao and make a review for lechon.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Best pig ever indeed. A Cebu mainstay glad to have this in M. Manila.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Kimberly C.
4.0 Stars

Complementary appetizer: peanuts with konting chicharon
Was super hungry so ang saya ko dahil may mani na may konti (sobrang konting chicharon)

Chicharon bits super konti at medyo lasang luma but ok lang kasi gutom na gutom na ko. 128517


1. Zubuchon original spicy- 4 stars kasi yung ibang balat, hndi malutong. Medyo makunat at soggy. Flavor is good.128055

My 5 stars lechon still for elarz lechon

2. Chili shrimp- 5 stars super sarap. Recommended ito! 128076🏼

3 rice platter- good for 2 128107

4 lemon grass lemonde- wont order again kasi wla ako nalasahan na lemongrass. Ang asim. Too acidic for my tastebuds and throat.

Staffs are attentive and friendly.

Will come back again and bring dad and mom. :)

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